Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend Recap

Weekends are really hit or miss around here.  I never know if my husband will have to head into work for a little bit until the last minute, so planning is left to the birds.  We have been spending less time at camp and are settling back into our regular weekends around town.  Saturday had me scrambling to figure out what we would do.  Nick went to work for a quick visit, Leavitt and I did laundry and picked up the bedrooms.  I made breakfast and lunch at home, so after we went swimming the husband treated us to dinner.  

Sunday had me hoping I could make it to church for the first time this summer since we have been mostly at camp.  We got lunch as a family, each eating our fair share of salsa and guac, and got groceries in the obnoxious race car shopping cart.  While perusing the magazine aisle I spotted the Real Maine Weddings magazine that happens to feature my precious first born and our wedding cake.  I know, I already shared that on my personal Facebook, but seeing it on newsstands will never get old.  I had to snag a couple more copies just to make sure none of the grandmas were left without one.  

Leavitt totally stole the show at our wedding.  His precious obsession with my veil and dress, coupled with his adorable suspenders and bow tie made him the most darling guest of honor.  Our wedding photographer happens to be a dear friend and is used to his antics, but I don't think even she could have predicted his show stopping high jinks.  In true Danielle fashion she caught every last moment.  When she called to tell me she was dropping something off first thing in the morning I was bewildered mostly because she is not a morning person so her excitement had me wondering what it could possibly be.  Of course our show stopping toddler got a whole page just for himself, with me hand on hip in the background.  I remember this moment perfectly.  I had just gotten to the ceremony site and was feeling super emotional.  Leavitt distracted everyone playing under my veil, while his mama gained her composure.  He always finds a way to put me at ease. 

(right page)

Our cake also graced to pages of the magazine; which to no ones surprise included a nod to who else? Our Toy Story loving tot.  Our cake topper says "To Infinity & Beyond".  I am thrilled that the details they chose to feature are from the baker and photographer we use in our everyday lives for special events, not just on our wedding day.  It could not be better timing that the magazine came out the month before our one year anniversary.  It has me feeling all nostalgic about our wedding... maybe it's the hormones.  

Cake by Sew Sweet 
 (right page)

We spent the rest of the weekend back at the pool, pretending we weren't headed for the reality check that is vacation week at daycare.  Monday morning has been slow starting thanks to some terrible weather, and a two year old who all of a sudden wants to cuddle.  Luckily we have something going on every day this week to break up the lack of free time I will have.  We will be headed to the water this weekend for a wedding and Monday is our anniversary.  All this celebrating will be good to keep my mind off the fact that I am going to be a mom of two very, very soon; and that my first born is starting school next week.  How is that even possible? 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Confessions of a Lunatic

I lose my shit from time to time over here.  I know I am not alone, but that doesn't make the guilt any less.  Lately it has been happening more.  The other day I actually screamed at my toddler to "get off of me".  Whoa.  I looked at him wrapped around my neck, choking me, and pulling my hair with his toes spider monkey style while I was folding clothes.  My heart hit the floor and broke into a million pieces.  He just wants to play, and his once adventurous mom is now the fun police.  I'm at the end of my third trimester.  I have constant feelings of having my body worn down by another person.  I'm uncomfortable and clearly it is wearing on me.  I have been busy trying to accomplish a bullshit list of things to make me feel ready.  In reality I am trying to feel in control.  Prove to myself I can do this.  That two kids will be fun and I can handle it.  That my life will still have some semblance of order.  That I can maintain our life and move forward with more on my plate.  I don't know why I put this pressure on myself.  My husband seems to have obvious easy solutions to my problems.  Leavitt doesn't care if I manage to make our house catalog perfect before he becomes a big brother.  I'm stressed trying to do these things for them and they just want me happy. The irony of the situation is not lost on me.

I complained to my mom the other day that I wasn't ready.  The boys needed new clothes, and the nursery wasn't done yet.  You know that room he won't use his first few months of life.  We took a shopping trip.  Bought the baby tiny precious onesies and pants.  Purchased adorably grown up school clothes for Leavitt.  We had a relaxing delicious lunch at the Royal River Grill in Yarmouth.  A place my mom had told me about after her last trip south.  After lunch we each purchased big baby items.  I sprung for the Halo swivel bassinet, and my mom got us the Mamaroo swing my husband has been coveting.  It is amazing how centered a day of retail therapy can make me feel prepared.  I'm not saying that shopping gave me some profound new perspective on bringing another baby home.  But spending a day focusing on just getting things prepared for them, and talking about them and what they need with my mom was enough to make me feel refreshed, despite my aching body.  

Through all of this petty stress getting the best of me is that my bible study group has been reading a book called Unglued By Lysa TerKeurst.  Clearly God would like me to read, reread, and practice some grace and patience in my own house.  I am going to start by washing a lifetime of baby clothes next week to prepare for my newest little one, without having a major head fit.  

We have two crazy weeks planned to force us out of summer and then we will be on official baby watch.  My husband is in a wedding the same weekend as our anniversary.  So we will attend three days of wedding festivities, come home for one night and take off for our anniversary getaway.  Which will include eating alone, a massage, and probably too much chatter about our children.  Praying he doesn't come sooner than that but anytime after September 1st we are ready little guy!  Between now and then I am going to try to savor every last ounce of Leavitt being an only child even if that means letting him sit on my head and combing my hair with his toes. 

That gem of a meltdown picture was captured by Danielle Brady Photography who knows I live for a meltdown picture during ever session. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Dear Leavitt


My precious first born.  Your world is about to be rocked.  I promise in great ways.  You are about to receive a gift far greater than anything we could ever really explain to you now.  God has a way of putting everyone we need in our lives.  You are about to meet a new person who will impact you daily.  Someone that will try your patience, help you in hard times, and will give you a sense of loyalty only a sibling could.  You're about to become a big brother.

I know there will be days you are frustrated he's here.  Mad that your favorite people now love someone else the way they love you.  It's ok.  I promise to love you through the hard days.  I know you will be so protective and loyal eventually.  The way you already snatch toys back for your baby cousin Saylor.  When you're at daycare and see the injustice you jump to her defense.  There was once a day you wouldn't even let Mommy talk to her.  You will be fantastic, and when you aren't I am going to try my hardest to have a little extra grace for you those days.  Mommy and Daddy will help you get there.

I know you sense some change coming.  Mommy has been getting bigger by the week and you're wondering why we keep calling my belly baby.  I have been asking you to do more for yourself, and won't carry you as often as you like.  You are confused by your old room no longer being yours, but you love your new digs.  I am a little confused myself.  I have no idea how I will love someone as much as you.  Not because I don't already love him, but because you're the one who taught me how to love.  Everything good your Dad and I have ever done together has been to make your life the best we could.  I am forever grateful to have been blessed to be your Mom, and all the ways you made us better.

I am so excited to meet this person God has picked just for our family.  The little one who will watch your every move, admiring you.  The truth is, I wanted this baby as much for you as I did us.  I wanted someone to be there for you in the hard times if ever Mommy and Daddy can't be.  When your Grandfather died this year I needed my siblings more than ever to make me feel whole, and normal again.  People who understood him, could laugh at the memories and cry for our loss. No one, not even a spouse or friend can sympathize like a sibling.  I want you to have that support system too.  A person who you can roll your eyes with behind our backs, and tell jokes about us only you two could ever understand.  A person to share your grief when life is hard, because life is hard sometimes.  You aren't just getting a brother.  You're getting an uncle for your little ones.  He might one day give you a niece or nephew, cousins for your kids one day.

I am excited for you to share your love of family, fishing, and the great outdoors with him.  You will have to show him around Dad's work, and tell him where all the good snacks are.  He's going to think you are the greatest person ever, believe me.  You see, Mommy is the baby of her family.  I fiercely love my siblings, and depend on them to be a listening ear when I feel judged by the world, or not good enough they lift me back up.  I hope you will always find that best friend in each other, that's what family is all about. 

All my Love,

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Big Brother Gets A Bigger Room

Like with most promotions a new office is in order.  In our case the promotion to big brother means a bedroom upgrade.  My first project to tackle in nesting mode was to transform the guest room into a room for Leavitt.  Hopefully you enjoy mediocre before and after iPhone photos, because I have plenty of those for your viewing pleasure!

Our guest room has always been a simple space.  Equipped with the basics.  The most comfortable bed in the house, and a closet full of all things bedding and holiday decor.  Why my house doesn't have more closets I will never know because we built the house and have no one to blame but little old me.  I am giving myself another three years before I ever complain of this to my husband because he will for sure not be having any of my "lets add closets" nonsense.  The guest room was home to a chalk painting of my mom as a teenager on her horse Major.  I love the painting and had asked her when we moved into our house if I could have it and reframe it.  I'm so glad that I did, and while it will be finding a new home in my dining room, I loved it in this space.

All of our bedding is from Pottery Barn and a couple years old.  I love the similar ones I linked for you.  I also love that no matter when I decide to put together a guest space this bedding will still go with everything in our house.  

 Here you can see the bedding a little better and sneak a peek at the painting of my mom in this picture.  

There you have it the simplest little guest room, where some of our favorite out of towners have crashed.

It is no secret we have been spending most of our days at camp, and the smallest family member is a fan of all things camp.  Mostly fish, bears and grampy.  While I couldn't deliver on a Grampy for the new room, I am pretty sure he's given the rest of the room a thumbs up.  

|| Rug || Similar Throw || Similar Chair ||  Duvet  || Similar Lamp || Tree Blanket ||

I started the room with the black and white tree blanket that I found at Target and was using at camp. I wanted to use buffalo plaid because it works for all Maine seasons.  I love that it reminds us of camp in the summer and will be so sweet at Christmas time.  I didn't want the room to feel too childish, but the rug gave the room just enough child camp whimsy to make it feel like his.  He is obsessed with the rug, we opted for the 4' x 6' size and he crawls all over it telling me what all the animals are.  The bear rug on the bed was my husband's as a kid and apparently one of his favorite things to lay on while watching TV.  Leavitt thinks it is so funny, and I loved giving it a new life in his room.  

I found the clear chair at Hobby Lobby on sale and used a coupon.  So if you are in the market for a chair like that check your local Hobby Lobby first! The throw on the chair I had from our Christmas card photos last year, if you missed those you can see them here.  I also framed one of the photos from that shoot above his bed!  I found the throw at TJ Maxx last fall and loved it for the photos.  I have a certain affinity for Ralph Lauren home goods, so I am thrilled I finally found a place for it in the house.  I linked one from Target because as we all well know it can be near impossible to locate a good TJ's find months later.  The duvet I actually found on Overstock first when I was looking at the rug, but was able to get it at Target for less during their summer home sale.  I love the way it washes, I was pleasantly surprised how soft it is.  Of course I had to include a picture of Leavitt and I in his room from our latest pictures with Danielle.  My Mother in law found the bear lamp at Reny's after I had mentioned I was looking for one.  

The marquee chalkboard is from Pottery Barn and was a gift from my Mom.  She originally bought it as a Father's Day gift for my husband's man cave.  I snagged it for this project wanting to hang it over the TV outlets on the wall, where my mother's painting once hung.  However it is extremely heavy.  I decided against mounting it to the wall and set it on his dresser instead.  My Mom told me the folks at Pottery Barn used liquid chalk on the sign.  So far no amount of scrubbing has gotten it to come clean yet.  I am going to figure it out or use chalk paint to cover it and start over.  Eventually it will have my little man's monogram on it.  The sign is no longer available but you can find a smaller version here.  

I love this space so much! It suits my little camper and can only hope he will be camping in our room a whole lot less now that his room is complete!  A Mom can dream right?!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Monday Mornings

I am starting to feel like a broken record, telling you all how busy things are around here.  But busy is starting to feel like an understatement.  I will be lucky if I keep my head above water headed into fall.  I have been adamant on making sure this pregnancy doesn't stand in the way of our fun this summer, or getting things done around the house.  I have been in full blown nesting mode.  Redecorating the guest room into Leavitt's big boy room.  Cleaning out all the closets, and organizing all the baby clothes.  When I'm not nesting I have been busy getting my little fisherman to the water.  You can find us at camp, beach play dates, and the pool.  Everyday we swim.  I've also been meeting up with my gal pals a couple times a week and taking day trips on daycare days to the coast.  So much of what I love packed into every single day this summer.

Until this past weekend put me in check.  We got up like always, I made breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, packed us up and ran off to camp.  When I got there I realized I was having the symptoms of a blood clot in my leg.  The symptoms can mirror some regular pregnancy symptoms many women have.  However I was particularly worried because I had already been struggling with circulation and varicose veins.  I was scared enough to message my OB who sent me to the emergency room to be checked out.  Luckily I am fine.  Unluckily I was told to "take it easy" the same thing my husband has been nagging me to do every time he sees my legs swollen and I am still running around.  

As my due date approaches, the more I want to do.  I want to make memories with Leavitt and give him the best summer ever.  I also really want to get the house ready for a newborn, and lets be honest I have a lot to do.  We have events every weekend leading up to September.  We also need to squeeze in an anniversary trip to connect over a successful first year of marriage, and prioritize us before we become a party of four.  So much goodness I don't see myself taking it easy any time soon, but my husband and mother will probably force my hand.  

After my little trip to the ER I went back to camp just in time to enjoy the late afternoon no napping camp attitude in full swing.  Selfishly I wanted to bring him home and snuggle, but his Gramp rocked him to sleep so I went home with Nick to get some quality sleep for the first time in forever.  We enjoyed a leisurely morning getting up and around while reading fishing text updates from the grandparents.  While I'm sure he missed us, he missed all the frogs that got away so much more.  

Monday has me compiling a to-do list a mile long, and trying to decide what I should tackle first.  We made waffles, got Dad out the door and are considering if we need groceries or dry cleaning more.  Leavitt is hollering at the dogs and lawn crew and unleashing his battle cry on the scuba dentist that kidnapped Nemo.  In the spirit of taking it easy I might get my groceries at Target so we can enjoy a little Starbucks while we shop.  I think I have the hang of this!  Happy first day of August friends!