Monday, April 3, 2017

Teething: Take Two

Motherhood has been pretty magical.  I have moments of pure bliss every single day where I am positive every ounce of good karma my husband and I have, was used on our kids.  We have been abundantly blessed with healthy, happy, good natured children.  Sure the toddler has his moments, hell, I have my moments.  You'd be hard pressed to be close to me and not see my impatient, and sometimes demanding side.  I can be a little dramatic, and high maintenance.  There isn't a day that goes by I don't roll my eyes at Leavitt wondering why he calls everything disgusting, or why he's constantly asking "whats that noise", only to realize I say the same things over and over again.

There is a lot of chatter amongst moms right now about how hard it can be.  Some even go so far to say they rarely shower, or have trouble getting out of the house.  While I have been lucky to be an early riser - getting a head start on my family most days, I still have days filled with doubt, and stress.  I'm always trying out new baby gear, and adapting our schedules to work smarter not harder- so to speak.  

My youngest is 6 months old and cutting teeth.  He gets so aggravated when he can't seem to soothe his gums with his fingers or a blanket.  He also is getting his toes wet in the new foods department.  However he hates being fed with a spoon.  He instantly gets this horrified look on his face and spits it out.  He prefers to have something soft he can kind of chew on.  I had poked a bigger hole in his bottle and added some organic baby oatmeal and fruit to his formula, letting him use the bottle helps because it is familiar.  We call it his baby smoothies, but it makes me feel bad that he's not actually getting to taste the fruit alone.  Insert greatest new baby product ever.  The Nuby EZ-Squee-Z is a soft silicone bottle, with a wide spoon shaped end.  The end has little holes that pureed food will come out of while he chews on it soothing his gums, but also giving him a taste of new foods.  I am in love with this because it is the same concept as those little pouches us moms love, but it is so easy to make my own food for him and put it into this little bottle.  The bottom part is also silicone so he can easily hold it, and squeeze himself.  I love that it encourages him to self feed, and look how happy he looks using it!  I laughed the whole time he used it for the first time because he couldn't get enough of it, he was so proud of himself.  It comes with a hygienic cover that is great to toss in your bag for on the go self feeding.  As always you know anything great for him is a hit with me if it cleans well and is BPA free. The Nuby EZ Squeeze is Coming Soon to Babies R’ US. Can’t wait to shop? 
Shop similar item by Nuby here: Nibbler : Amazon & Babies R' US.  
Squeeze Feeder: Walmart , Babies R' US  &  Amazon

Nuby also has these great IcyBite teethers that go in the refrigerator  but are on a ring that he can easily hold without his fingers getting cold.  They have multiple teething surfaces, including the cold surface, a soft rubber surface and the hard textured ring. 
Shop the Nuby Icy Bite Teether Keys at:

I am still learning how to navigate these infant trials while loving and raising a toddler too. We are on the go so much more than we ever were when Leavitt was an infant. Being in the trenches some days of constantly being tasked with their needs and complaints can be trying.  I am grateful to be the one doing life with them, and for great products that make the tough stuff a little easier.  OK mamas, I want to know what else do I need to make teething easier?  


  1. I bet the smooth "smoothies" feel good on his little gums. In England I used to give my babies "baby crack" which was just Nelsons Teething powder which was a homeopathic powder, I think it had some sugar in it too! it kept them happy for a bit

  2. My little girl already got her teeth. During the teething she also got a special Teething powder that also includes some sugar which made it a little bit easier for both of us. Now she gets a organic and vegan toothpaste for children also from This toothpaste have a nice and fruity taste and she likes it very much and that makes brushing teeth more funny for her.

  3. Wow, this bottle is genius! I will buy it for my sisters little girl! :) If you have troubble with sleeping while teething I can recommend Hipp Goodnight formula! My little boy was up every 30minutes, when he got his theeth. With that formula it got really better! You can find information about it here: I wish many happy moments with your little one! :)