Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spring Fever & Sippy Cups

It is finally warm here in Maine and we have been taking full advantage.  I am not going to lie the spring fever around here has been intense.  Constant cleaning of the same messes when we can't be outside has had me wound up pretty tight and the results aren't pretty.  Last week we took off with some friends to Acadia for the day.  I almost forgot how much he likes to let the waves chase him and his little toes in the sand.  I guess I have taken for granted how beautiful this great state we live in is.  Driving through the park hearing my freshly napped babe say "oh wow" as we turn the corners and the trees give way to breathtaking ocean views.  I caught a glimpse of our wedding venue from the tree tops on our way to the beach and was so excited to be back.  Baby bump and all!

Being on the go isn't always easy though.  Leavitt is independent and a free spirit.  I am tired and pregnant.  The combo is exhausting and down right frustrating!  Drinks and snacks are honestly the only things I can consistently count on helping me out on trips out of the house.  I know I am not alone here.  Nuby came out with these awesome new cups that have a weighted straw, a flip top so the straw stays clean, handles for easy use and carry for the little hands in your life.  Click-it technology so you can hear when the cup is locked means I don't screw the top on sideways per usual making a huge mess.  My little guy likes to tip his drinks like a bottle, but prefers to drink from a straw... the irony and lack of logic is not lost on me.  However I'd say that must be a kid thing because the weighted straw solves the problem without any fussing.  The flip top was perfection for the beach, no sand around the straw and no spilling in my bag!  Less baby drama, happier mama.  

Daycare was closed last week for spring break... daycare caught a break mama not so much.  My mom took the week off to help my sister and had her kids for the week.  We had plenty of playdates of course.  My mom or Meme as we call her loves to take the kids to sweet frog.  I would rather do the drive through at Dairy Queen so I don't have to deal with rogue two year olds and sticky fingers.  I obliged and met them there.  As you can see from the pic above ice cream makes a guy thirsty and we were able to stay in our seats thanks to his new favorite cup.  There are some parts to this cup for all of you that live for the dishwasher.... so me.  I have a dishwasher basket from our days of bottles.  I take the straw apart toss it into the basket and it comes totally clean.  No left over juice and I set it on a paper towel to let it air dry after the wash cycle.  No effort from me and no mold which is super gross and common in many sippy cups.  

Nuby has agreed to let me give one away to a lucky reader before you can buy in stores! So hop over to our instagram username Bringingupleavitt to enter! If you aren't the lucky winner you can also find these cups at Tj Maxx & Marshall's in June as well as the link above. You can almost always find me there because I have a love for all things Tj Maxx and Marshall's! 

Brining up Leavitt is a Nuby Parent Blogger and was given products in exchange for reviews.  All opinions are and always will be my own.  

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I'm not going to lie I have been really enjoying gabbing about bath toys, mama gifts, and answering all the funny messages I get! It has really been a fun distraction to the pregnancy funk I am in.  I'm showing, but basically just look fat.  I am in that weird mixture of my clothes and maternity clothes, which doesn't have me really feeling like myself.  I have never been a yoga pant/legging for clothes kind of Mom.  I know if I start now it will kill my Mojo beyond recovery and that scares the ever loving shit out of me.  I wear my yoga pants to work out, and my leggings I save for days that I am ready for bed at four, and would like my husband to not come home to me in pajamas.  

So I have been wallowing in my current situation and really hoping warm weather arrives sooner than I expect it to.  Leavitt has been talking so much better and able to have real conversations with me.  If I am running around worrying about this out of place item, or that dirty dish he wraps his arms around my legs and says "mama I need a hug".  I need to follow his lead more and worry less about the petty things.  So petty things be damned,  I am going to pry myself out of this pregnancy rut.  For starters, we had a breakfast playdate last week with six ladies and eight kids... obviously the picture above is pre-party arrival.  But flowers and a clean kitchen tend to make me happy.  Digging out wedding gifts also puts a smile on my face so theres always that!

So about those messages I have gotten, lets chat.

A common question I am getting lately is what will the blog be called once I have the new baby?  Will I change it or leave it the same?  Good questions ladies, since I have no idea myself! Baby brother doesn't have a name yet and I am really struggling to get a name to take hold of my heart that my husband likes too.  Leavitt has such a strong family name that I feel badly if this guy gets a totally  unique name without any family ties.  However being the baby of the family he probably won't care and will  hopefully have my last born rebel soul.  So now that I have failed to answer the question you at least know why!!

Another question I got recently was how we told our families we were expecting.  I had ordered calendar cookies for our parents with my due date on them and we ended up telling them before hand.  My mom had been stopping over and I was making excuses why I had no wine, or  wouldn't have a drink with her.  Then we went to Margaritas and I knew she would catch on so while I was driving I passed her my ultrasound picture and told her she would be enjoying those drinks solo for a good cause for a while.  I still thought we could use the cookies to tell his parents and my mom together when they were done but my father in law beat us to it.  After my husband had worked out of town for a day they had a long phone conversation that resulted in him asking if I was pregnant.  Obviously my mom bod is worse for the wear this time.  It was boring, I hope you all find a better way to spill the beans to your families.  The cookies were cute and I was the only on who didn't eat one.  Mine is in the freezer along with our wedding favors, baby shower toppers, but sadly no wedding cake.  Totally going to have to order another top from our cake for our anniversary!  Bonus points to our little man if he arrives a little early so I can enjoy a glass of bubbly with the cake.

Ok this last question I got has inspired me a little.  A super sweet girl I have never met sent me an email asking about maternity clothes and style.  I died a little inside.  I was so flattered but had no idea what to say since I have obviously been in a rut.  I'm not loving my regular clothes and maternity clothes have me feeling like I am being swallowed whole because I'm not quite there yet.  I did happen to know of some great maternity sales that were going on at the time, that of course no longer are.  I have decided to swallow my pride and share some maternity OOTD posts every so often so you expecting mothers can see what I am wearing, you know if you're into that sort of thing.  I won't document every day because I am already a mom and have some things on repeat and I don't want to bore the ever loving daylights out of you.  I am on the hunt right now for a maternity swimsuit and will report back when I find one I am not terrified to rock.  Not to worry I will not be sharing the pictures.  Jesus take the wheel.

In other news Old Navy is having a sale right now and I just snagged three maternity shirts and a pair of shorts for $45 shipped! I normally loath Old Navy, something about it stresses me out.  I am way more of a Gap girl but these deals were ridiculous and who am I to turn my nose up at a sale like that?

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Mother's Day Shopping Guide

If I am being honest, I would tell you that Mother's day is a big deal to me.  It also falls the week of my birthday so that makes it a really big deal.  Although it doesn't take much to make me happy on my very special day it does however take a lot to redeem ones self if you live with me and make no fuss of me at all.  That got me thinking of all the things a Mama wants.  Now I am not dropping major hints here for anyone in particular because my son can't read and has no money, and my husband will skip right over a post that says "shopping guide". 

This necklace is similar to the gold bar version I wear every day.  My bar necklace has our wedding coordinates on it.  I get compliments on it all the time and it always starts a conversation about our wedding, instant mood booster.  For Mother's day I love the idea of coordinates to where your babes were born.  If you got pregnant on your honeymoon, or a vacation and live in the town where you will be giving birth you should totally go for where you conceived.  Might be a little awkward if a stranger asks but I like the idea of a sexy little secret that doubles as jewelry.  The price point is also amazing at $54.  They quote 14-21 days for customer orders and make sure you get something written on the back!! 

This colorful clutch has had my eye since last summer.  I tend to not get much use out of a clutch because, well I am a mom and have to shlep everything but the kitchen sink wherever we go.  So while I might not buy it for myself it makes a nice gift for when mom actually does get her me time.  The bright colors have me thinking about a spray tan.  The Maine girl in me loves that these are made in Portland, ME and the price is right at $65.  I just might snag this for myself on second thought because I just bought an adorable chambray dress that needs a little something fun.  See it only took me two sentences to talk myself into buying it.   

This bag has to be the perfect summer tote.  The bright colors scream vacation, and the white an tan bring just enough neutral to the party to be grown up.  I'm dying over how festive this makes me feel. While I have a very realistic feeling I won't be splurged on for my third mother's day- birthday gift because I got over the top gifts the first two years.  I hope someone is gifted this gem.  It makes me want to grab a sundress call my girls up and head out for margaritas... you know sans tequila for moi. The bag is also the perfect size to drag around the six days a week you don't have a sitter and have your little BFF in tow.  Ok so the $495 price tag says splurge but you made a beautiful baby you deserve it!! 

While I was in Florida my sister who happens to out swag me on every level,  graciously let me sit in her closet while I asked her about all her new purchases.  We both wear a size seven so she shows me all her new shoes and one by one I model them for myself and our kids who think we are so lame I'm pretty sure.  She had just bought these and was loving them.  I am typically not a jelly sandal kind of gal.  The thought of friction and sweat makes me cringe.  These however were super cute on, true to size (Tory sandals I always size up half a size), and she swears they are comfortable.  I can attest to that because I tried them on every time I walked by them.  I have no shame.  The fuchsia is fun, and the gold logo is grown up just enough to not look like a six year old in pink jellies.  If you are spoiled this year and get these and the tote bag send me all the OOTD selfies.  Also these will only set you back $95 which is significantly less than most Tory sandals, and unlike all the leather ones I have these are pool, beach, and mall perfect. 

There you have it the top mom gifts I am crushing on this year.  It seems a little early I know but I wanted to give even the procrastinators a chance to snag that amazing little personalized necklace in time for mom's big day! Mother's Day is May 8th this year which is a little early.  Sadly for my husband my birthday is the following weekend giving me the entire week to soak up the love!  Which my hormonal mushy self should confess thats really what I want is quality time with the two guys that made me a mom.  

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sick Survival Guide

I have been suffering from a cold for a solid eight weeks.  Last week my husband brought home some nasty respiratory virus from work... what is it with men that go to work and spread their germs?! Although I really tried my best to quarantine my husband in the basement (mancave) and set him up in the guest room to keep from getting my healthy toddler and my pregnant self from getting the plague.  My toddler got super sick.  There are a few must haves that are getting me through.  One of them is fantasizing about a vacation but since that won't be happening anytime soon here are the things keeping us afloat over here.

Learn to make your own Starbucks beverage at home.  I am a non-fat vanilla chai girl.  I buy skim milk, the vanilla syrup from Starbucks, and the Tazo original chai latte mix.  It only took a few tries but it tastes the same if not better at home and I don't have to leave the house.  I also don't have to shell out $5 for my drink and then pay for an overpriced toddler snack to keep the taskmaster happy.  Saving money and time while caffeinating its a solid win for mom. 

I live for DoTerra On Guard essential oils.  The smell helps keep the house smelling fresh and cozy and is supposed to help ward off germs.  I was slacking on this while I was sick and now we all are.  Coincidence? Maybe.  But at this point I would burn sage to clear the germs out of here.  You can get some for yourself here.  I use a diffuser and put it on the bottoms of Leavitt's feet especially on daycare day.  I double up on the oils at night and diffuse DoTerra's serenity blend at night in my bedroom diffuser to relax us.  

Hannaford to-go.  I can order my groceries and pick them up without getting out of the car.  I can also send my super busy husband to pick them up and I know that I will get what I actually need and he won't have to put much effort in.  Not going to lie this is a mommy game changer for me especially when we are sick.  I spend significantly less money because I don't buy impulse items and my toddler who loves fruit and cheese doesn't help me spend any extra money on extra items like exotic fruit that may or may not get eaten at home.  I also don't feel obligated to let him eat unwashed fruit to keep him from screaming through the entire store.  I still prefer to shop by myself and pick my own meat and produce.  But in a pinch convenience is my best friend.

A pair of really good pajamas, that are cute enough to put on after a shower and feel like I actually put myself together.  I live for pajamas.  I have always had a thing with matching pjs since I was a kid.  Some of my favorites are a comfy adorable romper from Eberjey.  I won't put you through having to look at pictures of me in all my bedtime glory so I will link if for you here.  Although Eberjey is a splurge it is totally worth it.  I have a robe, a couple rompers,  and even a beach cover up that are all flattering, and wash well.  You can sometimes find their stuff on sale at Nordstrom, Anthropologie & Eberjey's website.    I am also a super fan of Target pjs mostly because they are between the door and the diapers, and they are inexpensive.  I just got this pair not too long ago and they are cute, comfy and most importantly baby bump friendly.

So there you have it my survival guide to being sick with a sick toddler and in my case, knocked up.  Hope you all are avoiding every single disgusting virus that has been going around like a the plague.  Is it summer yet?!