Monday, January 30, 2017

Feel Good Vibes

I am always looking for my next happy fix.  Weather it's a new shirt, latte flavor, a show to watch, pajamas to roam my house in, or a song to dance around the kitchen with my favorite three year old.  Lately I have found so many new things that give me that mood boost I so desperately need this time of year.  The newness of the New Year has worn off, the pretty powder snow is brown, I have a Christmas tree on my lawn, I procrastinated too long to get rid of and now it is frozen there... but I just HAD to have it out of my house Christmas day (insert all the eye-rolling from friends and family).  Here is a taste of the randomness that fills my life right now and makes me happy!

Are any of you watching Homeland?  I binge watched it from beginning to the current season in one week.  I don't have much of a life, and when the sickness hit I dug out Leavitt's iPad put us all in pajamas and we lived on the couch while Homeland consumed my every thought.  I have to say the main character drives me insane.  I kept watching hoping someone would come to their senses and fire her for being such a whack job.  Nope.  At times I am cheering for her, other times I want to throat punch her.  I guess I am addicted to being frustrated, because I kept watching and honestly enjoyed the show.  I am desperate for Designated Survivor to return... is it March yet?

Local mamas, have you ventured to Orono's new coffee shop, The Nest? I am obsessed.  Bagel Central bagels, coffee, and mostly the sweetest little backdrop for doing my favorite pastime; mom talk.  I have a standing date there with a gal pal of mine who just went back to work but has a couple days off during the week.  We drop our older babes off at school and then catch up over coffee and carbs.  We hit up a cute library after and it really is the best way to waste a morning.  I'm hooked, I even went alone last week to answer e-mails when she had to cancel.

Ed Sheeran's new song "Shape Of You" is the jam I have on repeat right now.  I have been dancing all over my house with Leavitt to this song.  It's peppy and kind of makes me want to hit the gym.  I'm actually listening to it right now, while Dory plays in the background... another show that makes me extremely frustrated.  Haven't they ever heard of the buddy system?! Haha.  Folks, these are the things that consume my thoughts!

The mom uniform has been tragically the same for some time now.  Black jeans, button down shirt, booties or flats,  real basic.  I did find the most heavenly pair of black jeans from the Gap Factory store.  They are the mid-rise legging style.  Lets be honest two kids means bending over about a billion times a day.  Low rise is a thing of the pre-baby days.  The legging style is my favorite because they keep their shape all day long, and if you are like me and wash your jeans every couple of wears you need them to hold their shape.  The legging part is fab, but the top is styled like a jean.  Pockets, belt loops the whole deal.  Best of both worlds.  If they are wrong I will never be right again! You can find limited sizes in the black online right now here, but they have other washes that are cute too!  I grabbed mine in store and am just waiting to see if they roll out a white pair soon.  I'm pairing them with my favorite button down tops from beachlunchlounge.  Their brand name is basically my life goals to be at the beach, lunching, and lounging.  You can shop their website here but I find all of my tops at TJ Maxx.  I have linked things from there in the past and people who have shopped them have told me they love the material.  I couldn't agree more, they wash well, are super soft and the loose fit is flattering without being overwhelming.  I have found a bunch at various TJ Maxx stores all over Maine for around $19.99 and every time I see one I find it harder to resist!

 I recently have been pretty uninspired around here with blogging, and thought I would start doing the "Who, What, Wear" posts again then I realized all my outfits look the same.  Maybe I will do one just to force myself to switch it up.  I am about halfway through a massive clear out of my closet so maybe I will strike up some inspiration soon! I would love to know what everyone else is wearing for their standard mom uniforms, or if you recently found something that is giving you the feel good vibes!! 

Photos by: Danielle Brady Photography and no they don't really have anything to do with this post but I had to give you something to look at right? 

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