Friday, November 27, 2015



Thanksgiving was spent the way I wish more days could be.  We had silly family banter at home.  I made a light but special breakfast for my guys and then we were out the door to my Mom's house.  We spent quality time with my side of the family and then drove across town to Nick's side for dinner.  Of course the biggest turkey of them all only managed to have a twenty minute nap making his grand entrance less than cheerful.  Luckily I wasn't hungry and let him get situated while the others ate.  In true toddler form the more people tried to make him happy the crankier he got... in true mama form the more anyone tries to help the more stressed I get.  Why is that? Its like if someone offered me food, drinks, gifts whatever to make me happy it wouldn't take much to do the trick, my tot? No, he acts like you are dousing him in cold water while poking him.  When his Gramp & BFF got up for a drink he ditched me and locked them both in the pantry, sometimes being second fiddle is a gift!


Nick's Uncle is an adrenaline junkie and took us all for a helicopter ride around Bangor after dinner.  Nick and I are both nervous travelers, mostly I don't want to orphan my child and he hates the loss of control he feels.  Although I am not surprised he wouldn't join us when Leavitt saw them land on the lawn and was excited I knew I had to let him try it.  Of course I couldn't pass up the chance to see his face for the first time so off we went.  Honestly I did not get great pictures because he's non compliant for me especially when his Gramp is around but the two of them sat in the back peaking out the windows.  He eventually realized I was sitting where all the buttons are and lost his ever loving marbles on us about not being able to push them all... probably good his dad wasn't there (insert mom with hands over eyes!).  When it was all said and done and his little feet were back on the ground he squealed "OH WOW!".  Watching him experience anything for the first time is such a privilege I could never pass up... unless he ever wants to go to the moon you're on your own little one. 


My friend made her way here from Augusta to black Friday shop and of course I fell asleep and we never went, I am contemplating a trip out with the tot in a little bit so if you know of any fab deals send them our way, maybe it will tempt me to do the unthinkable grab a Starbucks troll the mall and let my kid throw a public tantrum with his biggest audience ever.  Try not to let my enthusiasm overwhelm you.

I hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving, that the tiny people in your life had you working that meal off while you ate, and that you are out enjoying retail therapy at its finest!! I am going to try and spoil my husband for the next couple days to bribe my way over to Piper Mountain to get our Christmas tree... but after our little adventure there recently for Christmas card photos I'm not sure I can work even that kind of magic!! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

a day in the life: Student mom

Hey everyone! My name is Amber, a 25-year-old momma and wife! We have a beautiful, little spitfire named Bella, she is just over 3 years old, but I swear we carry on a conversation like she’s 6.. I have been married to my husband for almost 8 years now.. (yes I was 18 when we got married) We just recently got an 11 week old puppy, and shit just got real.. My life is a little crazier but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I am a full time student, working on my degree in Ultra sound.. I only have a month left until graduation! Yay! Being a full time mom has been really tough for Bella and I, since we spent everyday together for the first two years…. but this mom needed to make a career for herself and make sure our future would be better! I am super excited to be almost done but also nervous for the next step.. Here is a day in my life as a full time mother, wife and student!

6:12am Bella is yelling “its morning time, MOM! Come get me” Once she’s awake there is no slowing down. She’s wide-awake and ready to go. Since she’s up I go get her and my husband takes out the dog… (it used to be a little simple, she would actually lay down with us for a few minutes)

6:15 I’m trying to get ready for school and I know it’s far too quiet for a puppy and a toddler to be in the same room.. I’m constantly back and forth trying to make sure our daughter isn’t going to suffocate or break one of his limbs..

6:17 Bella is yelling because Lennie (our puppy) wants nothing to do with her.. Clearly the kid already can’t handle rejection..   

6:19 Now she’s hungry and needs food right that instant.. Mind you I haven’t even been able to get myself put together because I’m back and forth making sure everyone is still alive.. I go out and get her one of her favorite smoothies..

6:21 Oh guess what.. She’s yelling again because Lennie is trying to eat her food.. (I mean seriously its only 6 something in the morning and I’m already thinking about some wine..)

6:30 Finally I’ve managed to throw my hair up and put a little bit of makeup on so I don’t look like I rolled out of bed..

6:35 Now its Bella’s turn, I have to chase after her to comb her hair and get her dressed, only making the process so much longer than it needs to be..

6:40 I’m finally able to get my scrubs on so I can at least be somewhat put together

6:50 After wrestling a toddler into some boots and a jacket we are off to preschool

7:10 Get Bella inside of school and say our goodbyes and give hugs and kisses before I start my commute to clinical—Bella redeems herself by giving me a kiss and telling everyone she loves her mommy!

7:30 already wondering how Bella is doing because she just started a new preschool and I’m nervous for her..

7:40 get my morning Starbucks coffee (because god knows I need it!)

7:50 arrive to the hospital to start my 8 hour day working with patients and scanning..

12:05pm its lunch time for me but all I can think about is how Bella’s day is going, so yes I’m that crazy mom that has to call in and check on her.. Find out she is doing great and that she’s such a well behaved kid (thank god she can keep it together in public..)

4:30pm after working all day with patients it is time to get back in the car and drive my typical 40 minute commute to pick up Bella.. (I feel like my head is still spinning just writing this down)

5:30 we get home and Bella is requesting her favorite tv show, put that on and wait for dad and the puppy get home..

5:35 chaos starts all over again with the constant watching and explaining to Bella that Lennie is not a stuffed animal and he can not be picked up by his head.. (tough concept for a 3 year old)

5:38 My husband gets dinner started.. thankful he takes care of that most nights!

6:00 I decided to distract Bella with some play-doh so we can have some time together and she isn’t chasing after the dog..

6:15 we all sit down for dinner and talk about our day.. Well we try to anyways.. Usually by this time I’m so exhausted all I can think about is bed..

6:45 It is bath time for Bella.. and me usually, since she typically splashes me with the bubbles trying to “feed” me her pretend sandwich…

7:00 I’m trying to pick up from dinner and get the dishes put away so there isn’t a huge mess left there over night, this is only possible because I have a glass of wine within reach!

7:10 Bella request that we all have a group hug.. this girl really knows the way to my heart and can make any day better

7:15 we get Bella all brushed and ready to head up to bed to read a few stories.. every night it is the same book.. “Fox in the hound” one of our favorites! She always asks the same questions while we read, even though she can read many pages just from the amount of times she’s already heard it

7:30 check out the window because Bella insist we must always check for monsters.. I think it’s just her way of buying some more time awake

7:45 I finally get to sit down with my husband, even if this means I’m studying for my boards... while trying to watch some real housewives.. even if my husband teases me about it..

8:30 I’m fighting to keep my eyes awake because I mean let’s be real, reading puts me to sleep! but it’s the only time we really get alone and can decompress from our days.. So we sit and talk a little longer..

9:20 pretty sure I just passed out because my husband is nudging me to let me know I should probably just go to bed

9:30 I’m finally crawling into bed, just to start my day all over again tomorrow!

So there it is, a day in the life of a full time student, wife and mother.. (Hopefully it wasn’t too boring for you guys!) Some days are extremely stressful, and not everyone sees the not so pretty parts but I am very grateful to have the opportunity to go to school and come home to such a beautiful family! Thanks for reading!

Friday, November 20, 2015

A day in the life: part time working mom

Hello, I'm Alisa!
Married to Stevie, love of my life - I KNEW the first night I saw him that I wanted to marry him. Together we have two littles, Ridge and Haven and one more currently cooking! Party of five, coming right up! I am 29 years old, LOVER of crafts, photography and caffeine. I work as an office manager part time but as much as I love my job, my job as being a mama is my favorite - its what i'm meant to be ❤ My Husband is a Trooper with the Maine State Police and also part of the Military, sometimes we go days with just a "hi - bye" and we miss him a lot when work calls BUT the time we get with him is never taken for granted. That's what I love about this life - appreciating all the small things some might take for granted! Here is a day in the life: 
5:30 – Wake up, quietly run (literally) to turn the keurig on and then go pee!!
5:32 – Make coffee (WHY does the keurig sound like a vacuum SHHH), turn on the news and SIT on the couch in peace without little bodies crawling all over me spilling my coffee.
5:40 – Clean up the DVR during commercials. Im sure we don’t need 27 episodes of Paw Patrol… Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol, be there on the double – its stuck in your head now isn’t it?! Mine too!
5:50 – I hear my 3 year old, Ridge, hop out of bed (my bed) and run out to the couch = snuggle time! My favorite!
6:00 – A commercial comes on about the Salvation Army and I ask Ridge if we should go shopping and pick out a couple presents for boys and girls that won’t have many presents under their tree on Christmas morning.  He sat there and thought about it for a little bit and decided that “Me wanna buy money for them” … oh, okay buddy.
6:15 – Husband wakes up! PHEW – another set of hands!
6:17 – He takes my place on the couch and I head to the bathroom to hop in the shower!
6:30 – Out of shower! I hear my daughters little voice so I go out in the living room where she has situated herself on the couch with Big brother and Daddy! Hugs and kisses OF COURSE! Daddy went on to inform me that she hurdled herself over the side of her crib and got out on her own! Oh perfect! Transitioning to a big girl bed is going to have to wait until we move!
6:32 - Stevie's turn to take over the bathroom and get ready!
6:35 – Made breakfast (Daddies favorite oatmeal) for the babes.
6:40 – Mama gets dressed.
6:45 – Ridge and Haven decide they are done eating and now its time to get dressed! I give them a few different choices of clothes and they pick out what they want to wear!
6:55 – Ridge asks us to sit on the couch so he can put on a “concert” for a few minutes! I grab a piece of toast real quick and sit down for the main event! Kid cracks me up!
7:10 – I put on Paw Patrol while I finish getting ready. During this time, as most of you with children know, this isn’t an easy task to get ready. YES I did turn on their favorite show, yes I did make sure they had drinks, snacks, blankies, favorite toys, etc. BUT does it really matter?! Isnt the bathroom floor right underneath my feet much more fun? You want a different drink? You don’t like Paw Patrol anymore?! ::sigh:: Good thing I love these needy little beasts.
7:55 - Daddy heads out the door for work! "Be safe, love you."
8:05 – Hats, mittens, fleeces and out the door we go! Strap the kids into their carseats after we play a quick game of “come catch me” outside. Off to daycare!
8:20 – Arrive at daycare – Head inside and chat for a little bit! LOTS of hugs today before I left! Bye babes!
8:30 - Quick trip down to Danforth’s to get my snacks for my 3 day work week – this pregnant girl eats ALL day (literally) and grab dunkin… DECAF of course, but I don’t even care, I just love the taste of coffee so much! In and out and head to work!
9:00 - Arrive at work and first things first – honey nut cheerios with bananas and a pink grapefruit! YUM! Okay.. now get settled at work for the day!
10:50 – Snack two… an entire container of Sisters Salsa (I have ate FOUR, FOUR whole containers since last Monday). Its fine because my tortilla chips are multigrain, right?
12:00 – Check in with Denise at daycare to see how the kiddos are doing! We have recently transitioned them to a new daycare, which they are doing great at but I just like to see how their day is going! I enjoy my days at work but also miss them!!
1:15 – Lunch time!
3:15 - Leave work to go pick up Ridge & Haven.
3:30 - Get to daycare, try to get the kids out the door and make this process quick but it never ends up being very quick! 😉
3:50 - Home! Both are fast asleep in their carseats so of course I sit outside and play on my phone for awhile - instagram, facebook, pinterest, email. Neither are up stilll so I go inside and run around the apartment cleaning some things up then head back out to check on them!
4:30 - Both awake! Let Ridge out first - He wants to be carried so this leads to a meltdown since I still need to get Haven out. Haven wants to be carried, Ridge wants to be carried = 60 pounds ill just haul in, thanks guys. 
4:40 - Husband gets home from work! Yay! He was on the day shift today which means he gets to help with night time duties tonight.
4:46 - GREAT! I've taken nothing out for dinner...... scrambled eggs, sausage and toast anyone?! MMM I LOVE breakfast for dinner! Plus, its easy! 
5:00 - Play time until dinner - the toy box is already emptied on to the floor because I didn't bother picking up all the toys from this morning, whats the point of picking up their toys again, could someone remind me? 
5:30 - Daddy and Haven make chocolate chip cookies for after dinner! MMMM! Stevie makes THE BEST chocolate chip cookies!
5:45 - We decided on cereal for dinner, I swear this is not an every night thing but sometimes cereal just works! 
6:20 - Waiting for our cookies to cool and doing puzzles on the floor!
6:30 - Kids are occupied by cookies so Mama and Daddy can discuss our new house colors! EEK!
6:45 - Tubby time! Followed by Pjs, brushing teeth and hair!
7:15 - All ready for bed but first they get to pick one show to watch - you guessed it, Paw Patrol! 
7:45 - I get Haven her milk (she still has it every night, bad for her teeth blah blah, I know!) and rock her for a few minutes, sing ABC's and put her into her crib! Night, night! She goes to bed SO easy! 
8:00 - Bring Ridge into our bed and lay with him for a little while until he falls asleep - typically I fall asleep now too but I can't stop thinking about how messy our apartment is! 
8:30 - Clean up, make some sleepy time tea and chill out with the hubby! Soon after, SLEEP! Night! 

*I kept my day for two days to see which day I thought I should share - One day was a work day (as you read) and the other day was a non-work day. I work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, about 9-3! On the day I didn't work, it basically consisted of being lazy all morning, making a trip to grab coffee and go to target and the grocery store - put that on repeat and those are my off days 😊 Maybe a trip to "the jump place" (Playland Adventures) and Bagel Central. Oh and before our day is over we are more than likely to watch Frozen! Sometimes we have really rough days where I think to myself "WHY didn't we just stay home?!" And then I have days where I wonder how I got so lucky. Rewarding life for sure 😊

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Day in the Life: Work from home mom

Hello! I am Sarah, a work from home mom running a small property management and investment company while raising our nearly 3 year old son Sawyer and our 15mo old daughter Eloise 'Ellie.' Before getting done working outside the home I was a news director/ reporter for a radio station out of Bar Harbor and worked in Banking for a number of years. I have loved my career choices, but nothing has compared to being 'mama' to my littles. A good friend of mine who is a stay at home mom recently changed her occupation on Facebook to 'Domestic Engineer' I think she hit the nail on the head- I am the queen of my domain and my people pay me in kisses and boogers. I am living the dream. 

Tuesday November 10th 

2:32am- Ellie wakes up like she does every night and stands in her crib beckoning for me to retrieve her. 
2:45- I sense a tiny human creeping outside my door waiting to muster up the courage to make his way into my room and insist on sleeping with us. After listening to him talk to the cat I ask him if he wants to come in... He doesn't miss a beat and is under the covers soaking up snuggles in seconds.
6:25- Alarm goes off but I don't have to be anywhere super early so I take advantage of the snuggle fest and lay in bed with the kids. 
7:02- Change diapers, make my bed and then Sawyers'- go around the floor and pick up the laundry that was just dropped on floor last night. 
7:15- Pass Jason in the hall- make morning pleasantries while discussing my need for coffee stat. Make way to living room to pick up toys and blankets while the Kurig dispenses my life source. Morning sippys are filled with milk and I contemplate skipping the flavored creamer to save on the calories... Then pretend I'll skip a snack later in exchange. Me and my muffin top know I am bluffing. I let the chalupas out... Our two rescue mutts Sir Reginald (Reggie) and Taco.  
7:25- Kids are playing quietly... Too quietly so I investigate. Sawyer is showing Ellie how long his arms are and helping himself to left over Halloween candy. Note to self: That's trash today. After I sift out the good stuff and hide it. Head into the bath with Ellie... She can't be trusted while I'm showering so she gets to splash and use shampoo bottles as boats while I scrub up. 
7:45-Hop out of the shower to Sawyer holding a box of pancake mix... I explain I would need to make them and that will take a few minutes. Which causes a major toddler melt down filled with open mouth sobs and real tears. The humanity. 
I head downstairs to switch laundry and fold (most of) what is clean- the rest will sit until I feel like playing a game of 'where's the other sock hiding' 
8:15- I chase the kids down to get into the bath....Ellie showered with me but will get in fully clothed if Sawyer is in the tub so to avoid that she gets a round 2 today. Gah.  She peed on the bath mat. Nice. I let kids play in the water while I put on my face and do my hair for the day. 
8:45- All dressed after lotion massages and clipping nails. 
9:00- Breakfast of sliced oranges and breakfast sandwiches then comes sponge bath for sticky babies and teeth brushing where I am told the toothpaste is 'yucky' today. I forgot orange juice and toothpaste are disgusting- Sawyer has his dad's gag reflex so I am praying the dry heaving stops soon.  
9:25- We get our shoes on and my closet OCD kicks in and I am once again picking up the living room (can't leave a messy house) and I let the dogs out quickly. Check email and fb. 
9:30: We load up into the  car for music class- Sawyer insists on bringing the largest truck he can find while Ellie just wants to do anything BUT sit in her seat. 
9:45- Ellie has the first music class so I let Sawyer watch YouTube to keep him entertained and quiet. I love the illusion of a quiet, well behaved toddler. Since it's just an illusion at some point real life will kick in... And it does during a beautiful rendition of Row Row Row Your Boat. Sawyer hollars for us to 'quiet down, I'm watching NASCAR over here!' Loudly and with a look that could kill all of the over zealous parents and their tiny children. I want to die. Who's kid does that? Mine. Only mine. 
10:30- Sawyer's music class starts- so Ellie will participate by walking around trying to steal others shakers and drum time. Before feeling up the teacher...Mortified mom moment number 2 this morning. 
11:15- The kids are hangery and I didn't pack a lunch so it's Sawyer's choice and he wants a 'cheesy roll up' AKA Taco Bell. I then pop the hatch and change the kids el fresco. 
11:30- We stop over and visit grambie while I get myself lunch at Tim Hortons.. I pretend my caprese panini is healthy. 
12:00-  We drop off a gift at Allies house for her nephews birthday who is Sawyer's friend. We chat for a quick second about a shopping trip to Freeport/Portland. Shopping is my drug of choice. 
12:15- Drive through at  Dunkin donuts for my second cup of Joe today.  The guy at the drive thru drops one of my quarters... Then looks at me to find another one in my car. No luck so I have to break a $20 for $0.25. I need to carry more cash than that emergency $20 and the coin I find on the floor. 
Then it's bank time... Which means 3 different drive thrus all of which the kids will insist stickers at and I will cringe at the idea that someday they will figure out how to unstick them from the page and onto my windows. 
12:45- Swing by the dealership to pick up parts. 2 kids in a showroom = lots of 'no, don't touch that' and apologies to staff. 
1:10-Sawyer has been chanting for a car wash since we left the house. We all have our fetishes... Sawyer's is a clean car to be chauffeured in.  
1:30: Stop at True Value to pick up 'for rent' signs while kids sit in car... (Am I a terrible mother? I lock them in with it running...) They're napping and it will only take me a minute.  Plus, the whole front is window  so I can see them the whole time. Don't act like you've never done it. 
2ish- Jodi brings her twin boys over for an impromptu play date. It's unusually warm for this time of year and we need to taken advantage!  The kids adore each other and Jodi and I can have grown up time. It's a win/win.  She and I discuss so much in such a short time- we both sit on the Bark for Life committee so we go over some changes for the upcoming year. We also manage to get in real talk...potty training boys. ((The worst)) The mailman comes and saves the day- the boys get a mini tour of his truck and then go back to raking the leaves in my walk- child labor laws can suck it. 
3:00- Everyone is inside, diapers have been changed, snacks handed out (goldfish and juice in sippys) and I break down and let the kids watch Alvin and the Chipmunks while I check my email for open apartment requests and respond to them.  Call the insurance company to make sure the policy is up to date for rentals and ask them to send me updated binders for the properties since January is quickly approaching. I do the monthly routine of opening all the bank statements up and attempting to update quick books while little minds and hands are otherwise occupied. 
3:30- I'm summonsed to the living room to fix the tv that Ellie has changed the channel on. Jason pops home to grab a snack and remove the rodent the cats brought home as an offering. I refused their gift and covered it will a box. That's the normal response right? Sawyer insists on traveling with dad for his last trip in the dump truck... Which causes the immediate need for me to prepare snacks, drinks and blanket for what one would think would be a cross country trek that in all actuality will last an hour.... 
3:45- Ellie wants to nurse... So I take full advantage to catch up on dvr... 'Last Man On Earth' it is!! Then she instantly falls asleep... I attempt to lay her down and she is wide awake and screaming to get up...
4:00- The dogs want to go out so I oblige them... And Ellie wants to help... She has two ways of taking the stairs in our house... The 'Ellie's not in a hurry' bum bump down and the 'Ellie's over it' which is when she rolls onto her belly- goes stiff as a board and surfs the stairs... This trip to the landing was the 'bum bump.' The dogs go out and we head downstairs to swap laundry. One load swapped and next load nearly full Ellie brings me one of her Christmas gifts she found after sneaking  into the spare room. Guess that cover is blown. Good thing she can't say full sentences yet to tip off her brother. 
4:06- Back up to the landing to let the dogs in and I turn around to find Ellie practicing her summersaults... At the edge of the stairs. As I yell 'No Ellie' she shoves off with all she has and sure enough completes 3 full turns to the bottom... She gets up and claps. She is my wild child that will turn me grey. 
4:07- Back upstairs to the kitchen, the endless ritual of picking up toys off my living room floor and furniture continues. 
Empty dish washer- rinse the days sippys and two coffee mugs that are 2/3 full and cold from this morning and afternoon ...
4:27-Field call from a potential tenant... Then turn around and call her references.
4:30- Ellie needs a diaper changed and my living room needs a strong spray of frabreeze...
4:31- Attempt to change a poopy diaper on a Ellie-gator... The affectionate name she gets when she begins rolling and air humping while poop goes everywhere... Legit. Everywhere. Ew. 
4:35- Girlie smells like a little lady and it's time to start thinking about dinner... Last night I phoned it in with leftovers... So tonight I need to really wow my 3 person audience of picky eaters. 
5:00- Start dinner... Garlic mash potatoes, marinated chicken tenders I thought ahead to actually marinate and grilled asparagus! Being able to make dinners nightly is something I truly enjoy and love that my littles are starting to take an interest in... I have it on good authority Santa is bringing a kitchen set and some felt food for Christmas!! 
5:45- The boys come home from a long days work and one needs a diaper change... The other a shower.
6:15- Everyone is clean and hungry as we sit for dinner. This is a tradition I am insistent on- all four of us stopping our busy day and sitting around the table sharing in one anothers company. I understand that some nights littles will need to eat sooner than we do but family dinners are something both Jason and I had nightly growing up and want to make a priority in our house. 
6:45- I start cleaning up after dinner which includes dishes, feeding the dogs, putting away the leftovers and cleaning up the littles while - Jason makes a pilgrimage to the couch with the kiddos to cuddle and catch up on Blaze and the Monster Machines... A show I'm not sure who looks forward to more; Jason or Sawyer.
7:25- Jammies are applied to babies who are anything but ready for bed...I sneak down to my office and reconcile one of the accounts before I'm needed again. Sawyer needs to be changed not too far into it so Jason yells to me that he has something for me. If just once it was something shiny or fancy I would be more inclined to come up. 
8:00- Bedtime for kiddos- the ever tedious task of brushing tiny pearly whites while they bite the brush, remove the top from the Q-tip jar, turn the water on and off try and apply my makeup that is still on the counter to one another.  5 minutes later we are cleaned up and ready for books. Sawyer loves being read to while Ellie prefers the game of try and rip pages out and scratch cheeks, pick my nose and scrap the plague off my teeth. 
8:36-10:12: Sawyer goes through the 5 steps of #ImNotGoingToSleepNowOrEver 1. Tells us it's not bed time (yes it is buddy.. Night night) 2. Cry the song of his people ( Sawyer... Here's your blanket and night light; we love you, now go back to bed)  3. Begin the slow walk out to the living room and attempt to blend in like he's always been in that chair... (Sawyer, we see you... Back to bed... Now.) 4. Begins bargaining... Can I sleep in your bed? (No, your bed please) 5. Guilt... 'I just want to snuggle you' (gah. Gets us every time) Sawyer comes out and we watch something kid friendly from the DVR as Jason picks up the laptop and starts searching for a 'good deal' on something. Finally Sawyer seems worn out enough to put up little fight against sleep so I carry him in and promise a fun day tomorrow to which he responds with a smile; "Target?!" Yes my sweet boy... We can always go to Target. 
10:15- I'm tired but I know how badly I need Jason time so we hang out in the living room and talk about our day and upcoming events. 
10:30- make our way to our room where the DVR will be cued up to a show we'll make an honest effort to watch but will doze off somewhere near the middle. 
12:55- dogs wake me up to go out. The hustle wakes Ellie up. She nurses back to sleep and then I hear the unmistakeable noise of tiny hands on a door knob. Sawyer walks in with 4 blankets and a sippy... And the unshakeable determination of sleeping in my bed. I snuggle in with Ellie in my armpit, Sawyer in the center of the bed and two chalupas under the covers down by our feet.  It's not a perfect life, but it's perfectly ours. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

We cook

If you follow along with our day to day shenanigans on Instagram you know we love to spend time in the kitchen together.  If you don't, but want to see what we are up to on the regular you can follow along by clicking on the Instagram icon on the right of this page.  I sometimes get a little antsy at the mess and sticky fingers all over every surface within arms reach but I love the excitement he gets creating with me.  He likes to dump the measured ingredients into the mixer, and lick the spoons.  A blog I follow called baby boy bakery just started a new project called "we cook".  The story behind we cook can be found on her website, and the project helps children's charities which I love.  We signed up as soon as I read the announcement on her blog and I am so glad that we did because there is now a waiting list. The first months recipe is here and we tried it out... here is what making homemade fruity rollups looks like with little helping hands.

Obviously while I worked on the stove my little helper needed a distraction, so I planned ahead of time to have some extra fruit cut up for snacking.  


After the fruit was cooked down and the agave nectar was added he got to help me blend the mixture which was a huge hit.  
I let him taste the mixture before we spread it on the silicone baking sheet.  I bought him some little utensils to help me spread the fruit.  The small spatulas are more controllable for him so there is less splatter which is a bonus for me.

I would show you the finished product but lets be honest we ate it right off the baking sheet.  Adorable little stickers and recipe cards came with the subscription.  Although the memories and experience of making these was so fun the cook time was 6-8 hours which I do not have time for on a regular basis and is why he is in his pjs while we made these.  Stay tuned for the next one, and in the meantime hop over to and jump on their waiting list to get cooking with your babes while supporting another mom and some children's charities.  Good stuff.  You can also see other moms and their babes cooking on Instagram by searching the #BBBKids. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

A day in the life: Full time working mom

 Hi Guys!! I’m Rachel a 29 year old mommy and wife.  We have 3 kiddos Russell & Saylor here and Charlee in Heaven.   I believe in spreading love wherever we go & accepting people for who they are and who they want to be.  We encourage each other, we strive to be the best we can be, and we try to always see the positive, in every situation.  I work full time during the week and look forward (more like count down the days) to the weekend when we get quality family time! Here is a day in my life.


10:58PM: Saylor wakes up talking to herself.  She is on Josh’s side of the bed in her Rock N Play Sleeper.  I pick her up and take her to Russy’s room down the hall to snuggle and get her back to sleep without waking the boys. I’m not sure what time it is, but all night up until I get out of bed Saylor has tossed and turned , and even though she is a tiny little thing she has somehow managed to take over Russell’s queen size bed and I’m hanging onto the edge with a tiny piece of the pillow. 

5:00am: I get up, bring Say downstairs Josh is up and feed’s Saylor her bottle.

5:04am: I run upstairs and take a shower.

5:15am: out of shower go to Russy’s room make his bed, get his clothes out, and lay them on the bed.  Head to Saylor’s room get her clothes out and ready for the day.  Head to our room see if Russ is still in bed, he’s not, I turn on light and make our bed.

5:20: Run down stairs meet Josh in the kitchen for a quick kiss, he brings Saylor upstairs for me; I grab my coffee (SHIT I have no creamer, Josh’s half & half will have to do). Before I get my cup filled, Russ comes into the kitchen telling me that his pull up  is wet.  We go into the living room together; I help him with his jammies so he can use the potty.  “Do you hear me pee Mama?”  “Yes I do!! Good job buddy!”  We put his jammies back on.

5:25am: head back to kitchen get my coffee cup, load the dishwasher with Saylor’s bottles, I take my vitamins and extra vitamin C (no time to get sick!!)  Head upstairs, get Saylor settled on the bathroom floor with a blanket and some toys while I get ready.  Saylor smiles and shows me that she is going to be mobile VERY SOON right now she does the “butt scoot” and rolls over to where she wants to be.  Say talks the whole time, girlfriend likes to hear her voice & it’s THE sweetest sound!

5:45am: finished my hair, Russ yells up the stairs ‘mama, mama can you turn the light on!” run down stairs get the light turned on for Russ he continues to say that I am so big like daddy! “You mean tall?”  I say “Yes, mama YOU TALL!”  There IS a difference which I will explain to him later haha! He plays with his dinosaurs while Disney Jr plays in the background, he has no interest in the television, he’s right into playing with his dinosaurs.

6:00am: Get Saylor dressed, Russ comes up the stairs with Josh, I get Russ dressed and it’s always important with Russ to say how awesome his clothes are, how COOL he looks not handsome, AWESOME otherwise we will be changing clothes a couple times before we get it right. Russ is dressed, with the FIRST outfit! Mama win! Russ and Saylor play together on the bed for a little bit.  I show Russ how big and strong Saylor is getting by holding her hands while she stands flat footed.  “Good job sissy, you good girl!” I get dressed, load and start the washing machine.  WE’RE ALL READY!

6:28am: Brush our teeth; Josh brings Russ and Saylor downstairs.  I turn out all the lights upstairs. Do some last minute tiding of our room.

6:35am: I check the daycare bag make sure both kiddos have extra clothes for the day, hats & mittens! Crap, can’t find a hat for Saylor (I’m a stickler with the hats when it’s cold out) ain’t nobody got time to be sick! No seriously, NO TIME! I put an ear warmer on her it’s too big, I throw another hat on her its 0-3 month in size, a little bear hat from Baby Gap that she wore home from the hospital (Clearly WAY TOO small) but we all got a good laugh at how silly she looks :)

6:40am: “Mama, come play!” I hear from the living room I know we’re crunched for time….alright buddy, 5 minutes then we need to go to Wendy’s so Mama can go to work. “Okay Mama!”

6:50am: Out the door! Both kids loaded in the car we’re head to Wendy’s! First stop Dunkin Donuts for a coffee & hash browns for the little dude in the back. We honestly never have time for a DD stop in the morning, but we had extra time to spare and I’m running on 3-4 solid hours of sleep from last night with little miss, and to be honest the coffee with half & half is not going to cut it today.

7:08am: we get to Wendy’s I get Russ out, then Saylor while I’m getting Saylor out Russ takes his blankie and wipes my rear lights with it…we start walking in “MAMA! My dinosaur blankie is ALLL DIRTY!” He’s crying now… It’s okay buddy, Mama can wash it.  “Why’s it dirty?”  “Because you wanted to be a good helper and wash Mama’s lights, and when you used your blankie it got all dirty, but don’t worry that was a really nice thing you did, you’re such a good boy.  We open the door to Wendy’s…I get the kids all undressed, Russ runs to the kitchen for his sippy cup of juice (he’s been going here since he was 13 weeks old!!) pretty much runs the place now.  Comes back out,  together we show Wendy how strong Saylor is getting by holding her hands while she stands flat footed.  Russ cheers her on.  Russ shows Wendy his dirty blankie, he asks her to wash it for him, of course she says she will <3 I give Saylor kisses tell her how much I love her, and then hand her to Wendy.  Russ comes over tells me he wants to give me a kiss. We do our “Seeya later” routine:   a kiss, a high five, a fist bump and a huge hug, and Russ tops it off with “Seeya later mama! I LOVE YOU!” “I love you too buddy, be a good boy for Wendy, see you tonight!” He runs to play.  I wave to Saylor again and blow her a kiss; Wendy helps Saylor do the same. 

7:15am: Head out the door and race to work

7:29am: I sign in and punch the clock, I made it to work on time, with 1 minute to spare!

* I do billing for a trucking company, we have 3 offices and one broker who works remotely. I’m solely responsible for the billing for the entire company.

9:45am: Break from billing, accounting meeting 

10:40am:  Wonder how the kiddos are doing today…

10:41am:  send a text to Wendy to check on the kiddos.

10:45am: I get a text back from Wendy with a picture of Saylor, saying she is talking none stop!!


12:26pm: I usually get an hour for a lunch break but typically 3 days out of the week I don’t take a break…today is going to be one of those days, easy mac for lunch it is…

2:09pm: Send my husband a message asking for his thoughts on dinner followed by a cute pic of Saylor that Wendy had sent me earlier in the day.

2:15pm:  he said he was going to pick something up at the grocery store.

4:30pm: punch out from work, grab the mail.

4:45pm: Pick up the kiddos, drop the mail off Russ says “Mama, I want to go with you” Russ helps me put the mail in the mailbox. We head home.

5:02pm: We arrive home; Josh has dinner cooking (a little turkey dinner).  Russ wants Juice and a snack I get this for him.  Saylor fell asleep in the car and I was able to get her upstairs and laid her on our bed for a little nap before her dinner.

5:10pm: I changed over the laundry, throw a load in dryer and another in washer.  Saylor is still sleeping, I move her to her crib.

5:15pm: While dinner is cooking I talk with Josh about his day, play with Russell. 

5:30pm: Dinner is done, Saylor wakes up.  Josh fixes Russell’s plate, and I run upstairs for Saylor.  Bring Saylor downstairs and get her dinner ready, Start feeding her sweet potatoes.  I help Russell with his food, while feeding Saylor.  Russ has a few bites, says he done, I tell him he needs to eat 2 more bites before he goes back to playing.  He does. Saylor finishes her dinner, I sit her on my lap and we both finish Russell’s dinner ;) Josh in the meantime has been snacking on the food, but never fixes a plate.  I head to the living room with Saylor where Russ and Josh are.  I ask Josh if he ate, he said he’s had enough.  I head back to the kitchen to pick up while the 3 of them play.

6:00pm: Clean up kitchen, load dishwasher, clean high chair, clean table sweep floor.  Get coffee pot ready for the next day, sneak a piece of Halloween candy (skittles to be exact). Start bath downstairs for Russ.  Bath is running…

6:15pm: I head to living room get distracted and start playing with kiddos Josh asks if the water is still running in the tub (oh shit! Yep it is…) good things it’s a big Jacuzzi tub! Russ and I run to the bathroom laughing that I forgot to turn the water off and that it was now a HUGE POOL as Russ says he’s excited for bath tonight! “Yay!”  I give Russ a bath, Josh takes Saylor upstairs for a bath.

6:30pm: I get Russ out of tub, we go upstairs for jammies and a pullup, and we get sissy’s jammies for daddy.  I get Saylor ready for bed, we all head back downstairs Saylor has her bottle.  I feed Saylor her bottle, Josh and Russ watch Goldie and Bear together.

7:00pm: before taking Saylor up to bed we say goodnight to daddy and Russ, Josh always gives Saylor kisses and says goodnight, Russ always either kisses her hand or her forehead and says “night-night sissy, I wuv you” I give Say 2 kisses every night (one from me, one from Charlee) and tell her we love her.

7:05pm: Switch over laundry, fold and put away clothes that were in dryer.

7:15pm: back downstairs I pick up the living room, and then Russ gets to watch one more show before bed. He chooses Goldie and Bear.

7:45pm: Turn TV off and turn lights out, Russ says he wants to bring an animal to bed he chooses his baby lion and Gorilla.  We head upstairs brush our teeth and head to bed. 

8:00pm: Russ falls asleep, in our bed.  I don’t even attempt to put him to bed in his room anymore it just isn’t worth the battle.  There will come a time where he will want his own space, and until that time he is fine to sleep with us.

Josh & I fall asleep sometime between now 8:30pmI am exhausted & I know I will be up a few times in the night…

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A day in the life : Bringing up Leavitt

So excited to bring you guys a fun little mommy series called "A day in the life" where you will hear not only the nitty gritty of what goes on in a typical day in my world but you will also get to hear from 4 other moms!!! YES! So excited to hear their stories and introduce you to some fabulous women who are totally killing it at this mom thing.  The key here is that they all go about it a little differently but everyone is working towards the same things.  You will hear from a full time working mom, a work from home mom, a part time working mom, a student mom, and of course yours truly!

Here is what happened on a very typical Monday in my life...

5:30 Wake up to the stir of the little guy.
6:00  Make my way to the kitchen for coffee, settle into the couch, turn fireplace on and PAW Patrol.
6:12 First clean up of the living area... clearly I didn't do a great job last night.
6:40 Make LW breakfast, fruit, and toast.
6:53 I hear my husband get up.
6:55-7:19 Get Nick a towel, lay out his work clothes, start the laundry, make the bed, make him a breakfast sandwich, we all let the dogs out.
7:20  Nick leaves for work.  I empty the dishwasher, attempt to load it with breakfast dishes but I hear    LW making a dash for the stairs.
7:30 I still haven't finished my coffee.  Take LW upstairs to watch Rio while I shower.
7:35 Answer a shopping related blog e-mail.
7:49 Out of the shower.
7:50 LW walks backwards and trips on rug hitting head... first meltdown of the day.
8-8:26 I get dressed do my hair & make up, get LW's clothes.
8:30 Make guest bed (Leavitt kicked his dad out last night ) I seriously have been lugging around the same cup of coffee and yet still not done.
8:50 Throw in another load of laundry, the movie has his attention I drink the cold coffee.
8:55 He sits on my head... ok time to go.  And as I write this down he gives me two huge hugs from behind.... redemption.
8:57  I told a childhood friend who wrote me about the blog I would check the Land of Nod catalog because I was pretty sure she could find something in there but I lied and now I am sending her a link to a similar item my nephew has and loves... I should be employed by Santa.  
9:27  Get to Target and he's asleep, heading home.  This may be the only nap today and I am no fool.
9:40 Get home swap the laundry, fold a load while watching RHOA, clean the living room again... damn thing is always messy.
10:30 Get to target, get less than 10 items and the person in front of me wants the red card... sigh.
11:15 Head to the mall to walk, drink Starbucks and ride the obnoxious quarter rides.  I use a coupon at Bath & Body and find a fab sweater at Aerie.
12:30 on the way to the car in the mall Leavitt takes off I abandon the stroller, dump some juice and wish we never went to the mall.  Seriously not cool.
12:50 we get home, unload the car, start lunch.
1:00 Change like the 10th diaper of the day, finally load the dishwasher, scan fridge for dinner options.
1:30 try to return a call to the church we have been going to, notice LW is dumping juice on the area rug.  Hang up the phone, clean up the mess. Timer goes off, lunch is ready which saves him from my cleaning rampage.
1:36 set him up for lunch, decide I am going to clean the cabinets and counters.
1:48 text my husband and give him the dinner options... spaghetti and meatballs or chicken pot pie.  Lunch clean up.
2:05 Head back upstairs to fold laundry, with fresh coffee. He seems bored.
3:18 organize the craft paint, decide we should do a painting. 
3:42 toss our paint stained tops in the laundry.
3:44 Check the pantry for the things I need for a baking project I want to do tomorrow with him.
3:46 See if I can fold the rest of the laundry, he's getting hyper a side effect of nakedness.
4:11  stalk my favorite fashion blog for the details of the Nordstrom sale.... dying over so many cute things... Santa I have needs.
4:49 He was dressed is now not dressed but he peed on the potty, are we potty training?! I am so not ready for this.
5:10 He gets a treat for his good deed, he chose tortilla chips I get the guac.
5:12  I decide we are making homemade salsa.  He adds the measured spices for me and likes to push the pulse button on the food processor, the salsa is almost a puree, but still so good. 
5:40  He dumps baby puffs on the floor... wait we have baby puffs? Rachel must have left them here... or they are super old and have been stashed someplace really good.
6:00 Nick is home. They head into the living room together.
6:10 I join them on the couch for some family time.
6:30 Leavitt dumps my drink on the floor.... why?!
6:33  Leavitt is done eating,  I ate standing up supervising and Nick's dinner is on the table.  I start cleaning up.
6:39 Leavitt pees all over the floor.
6:45 Bath time.
7:00 Pjs, the movie Cars, a bottle for Leavitt, wine for mommy. Nick is decompressing in the man cave.
7:50 Cars is a terrible movie.
7:51 I am online stalking the Veterans day sales, for potential Christmas gifts for everyone.  Wondering if I should give Nick my Christmas list... you know house stuff, pjs... the struggle.
8:43 He's asleep.  Thank you Jesus.  
8:50 I turn on Bravo and get to the blogging all about my day.
9:51 Finish the blog work and am ready to finish this wine.  Is anyone else watching Vanderpump Rules?  I can't believe they are so old and so crazy... still going to watch it though. Ha!
10:30 Hear my husband in the kitchen head down for some adult conversation.
11:15 we drag our tired selves up to bed. 
3:04 crying babe crawls in to bed with us. 


Ok so there you have it... was it all you thought it would be?  I have to admit reading my day to day tasks like this made me realize that although I don't always feel like I get a lot done there is so much going on.  I also couldn't believe how many times I tended to laundry.   I am so fortunate to be able to focus just on Leavitt and the house because he goes to daycare twice a week I keep my appointments and errands he hates to do for those days... maybe I will do this again on a daycare day and then you'll know all the secrets!