Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Toddler Summer

Lets talk about a toddler's summer.  I was scrolling through my phone today weeding through the excessive amount of photos I take, realizing that my little man has managed to make it to the water every single day for the better part of the last few weeks.  My husband's family has a camp on a lake, his grandparents have a pool, and we have an inflatable water slide pool thing that belongs at an amusement park not on my front lawn.  Once a week we usually meet up at a local beach for a play date.  While flipping through these photos my first reaction was really proud that we are making this the best summer a little dude could ask for.  Then I realized how much work it is and that I am so tired.  The constant packing and unpacking of food, drinks, wet towels, swimsuits, toys,  and dry clothes I am wiped out.

Other than sunscreen the first thing I pack is drinks.  Being in the sun with a little one, keeping him cool and hydrated is a major priority.  However, he's two.  He tends to spill his drinks, squeeze the box as soon as he gets it, or uses his drink as a sand toy.  He usually only has one thing on his mind... fish.  Oh, boys. 

Nuby has a juice box holder that is so genius I can't believe how easy it is.  I throw it in the cooler with a few juice pouches, don't have to worry about rinsing it out between uses and he doesn't make a mess.  Its also a hit with Leavitt because he can use it with one hand instead of the two he needs to keep a juice pouch from squeezing out everywhere.  He loves fishing and would rather shrivel from dehydration than put down the fishing pole! The textured bottom means it stays standing further preventing spills.  A mommy win.

I also have been shamelessly using the wash or toss straw cups.  Just as the name says you can wash them after use or toss them.  They stack inside each other to make room in my drawers, the simple straw design is easy washing, assembling and using.  I love that they come in a four or six packs of fun colors Leavitt can mix and match them however he likes.  I also like that they are so inexpensive that if I lose one, have to throw it out, or it ends up a sand toy I have no guilt over it.  We had a play date recently and I sent a cup home with another mom, because toddlers love a road drink.  Not expecting it back.  I was so glad to have them to share, and equally as happy to have it back! Tomorrow we are headed to the beach again.  A play date with several moms and even more kids.  

Nuby was kind enough to allow me to host a giveaway for a juice box holder to one lucky reader! Find me on Facebook and Instagram to enter to win.  The giveaway will close on Friday July 22 at 8PM EST and the winner will be announced Saturday July 23.  U.S. residents only please!

Bringing up Leavitt is a Nuby Parent Blogger and was given products in exchange for reviews.  All opinions are and always will be my own. 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Baby Edition

There are two types of people right now.  Half the world is charging their Nordstrom cards up like crazy and posting their finds on the WWW.  The other half are praying their finds are still available when the early access ends and everyone without the card can shop the sale on July 22nd.  I don't have the card so I am in the group of retail prayer warriors.  While I could get the card and pay it off like a responsible adult there is a part of me that likes the gamble of weather or not my favorite items sell out.  What can I say I live on the edge.  All items except the travel crib are under $50 making this one of the best baby boy round ups ever.  

|| Blanket || Fleece Suit ||

These two are Maine baby must haves.  A monogrammed stroller blanket for $42.90 and the softest fleece suit ever made for $45.90 will have your baby cozy and cute while out and about in the cold Maine months.  

|| Outfit || Travel Crib ||

Stem Baby Organics makes this adorable little outfit.  I am obsessed with their clothes.  Leavitt had several pieces from them that I loved.  Stylish and functional, making them perfect for new babes and toddlers alike.  I must say their stuff washes so well!  This outfit is on sale for $25.90 and is worth every penny!  

I have never owned this travel crib, but I did my research.  I watched youtube videos, and read other mommy blogs.  Everyone says this is the easiest thing to fold, without a loose fitting bag to make lugging it around easier.  This has a changing station feature as well as a bassinet option while they are newborns helping make the $231.90 price tag worth it.  This is definitely on our list of things to snag before baby #2 gets here!  

|| Hoodie || Boots ||

This Norstrom Baby hoodie is clearly adorable and on sale for $19.90 making it a steal.  I love the little bear ears to give it that aww factor and the gray means it will go with everything! 

These UGG boots are taking me back a little bit.  Leavitt had a pair of blue and brown ones I bought the day we found out we were having a boy.  They are special to me so I am keeping them just for him.  That being said he wore them all the time and this little guy is going to need a pair.  This gray color is right up my alley and so so sweet for a newborn boy or girl.  Normally I would need to sneak these into the house but for $39.50 I think even my husband will agree we need these!

|| Moccs || Sweater ||

Moccs are everywhere.  And more and more people are making them.  I love the story of the Freshly Picked brand, but they are the most expensive moccs on the market.  Leavitt had several pairs and the ones that don't have his footprints in them will be shared with his brother.  But these little ones are making me think our newest edition needs these! The color and the woven sweater look are perfection.  On sale for $41.90 makes them cheaper than you could ever get them from a Freshly Picked sale.  

This sweater is Stem Baby Organics like the outfit above.  Leavitt had 3 of these sweaters.  The pointed hood makes babies look like adorable little elves.  The buttons and tassel on the hood give it a made with love look.  For $24.90 you can't go wrong weather you are shopping for a gift or shopping for your own little one.

I hope all your favorite items are still available when the early access ends if you are a gambler like myself!  If you have the card, happy early shopping, I'm a little jealous so enjoy that for me! I am going to put together some toddler & mama must haves for you all too! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! We sure did!

Thursday, July 7, 2016


I had planned on sharing with you the sweet details of our 4th of July weekend, but the week has gotten away from me and that all seems like a lifetime ago.  So I will give you all the nitty gritty of our life lately.

We had a great weekend with plenty of relaxation and family time.  My little one once again got his camp and grandparent fix.  Mommy and Daddy took a day date to get coffee and a few groceries.  I snuck out to do a little shopping while my husband took Leavitt fishing with his Dad.  I sprung for a flamingo towel, bubble machine and shirts for my husband.  Truthfully it felt like a splurge, probably because I was solo shopping for something other than food.  We filled our hearts with memories and our bellies with lobster.  My husbands uncle thrilled my two year old with a fly by in his helicopter and I managed to reclaim my cool status by catching a turtle.  The thrills people.  

Monday being a holiday meant Tuesday came in like a wrecking ball.  We managed to crawl out from under the mountain of camp laundry and my husband made it to work while Leavitt and I got groceries.  Tuesday nights I have been joining some fabulous ladies for a bible study.  Our summer series has us restaurant hopping and reading a book on how to keep our cool.  My mom watched Leavitt so I could meet the girls and dine al fresco, while my husband had a guys night with the best man from our wedding turned house guest for this week!  The break we all got was refreshing and we all slept a little sounder that night.

Wednesday had me debating weather or not I was going to a beach play date.  I have been torn lately between feeling guilty and wanting to pack our days with memories before he becomes a big brother, and feeling like I am letting little things fall between the cracks around the house.  While I love a good play date, I have been on a hamster wheel of packing and unpacking lately.  I am so glad we went.  The water was cool, the sun was hot and the company was unmatched.  I packed us enough food to weather the apocalypse, beach gear and sunscreen.  I survived another public outing seven months pregnant in a swimsuit.  After a few hours the tide came in forcing us off the beach.  My little one clearly hadn't had enough so we went swimming at his great grandparents house.  He swam for a few hours and still stayed up past his bedtime with no naps.  It is no wonder why I am tired all the time!!

While I have been filling my days with memories and adventure I look forward to Thursdays.  When I can get that much needed manicure, conquer my to do list and generally get my shit together.  I am so thankful I have that time I can count on so that I can join play dates, and focus on just spending time with my favorite little guy and not feel overwhelmed with all the things I need to accomplish.  Which is a lot lately.  I have a few new things coming up on the blog in the next few weeks and in two months we will have a precious new family member to love... in the words of my babe "oh gosh!".

Hope you all are packing your summer with as much memory making as we are!