Monday, June 5, 2017

Weekend Recap & Nuby On-the-go

We are home from another weekend at camp and I am already feeling the aftershock at home.  The amount of stuff we lug down and back every weekend makes my head spin.  This weekend was the first real weekend of camp so it was nice to be able to hang with the boys and watch Leavitt really come into his own as a fisherman!  He can cast his line all the way to the neighbors dock, and caught more fish than I can count.  That being said it's really all he wants to do which is hard on poor Preston who is less than comfortable in that bulky lifejacket.  He will get used to it I am sure, and he loved the boat.  

The hardest part of being at the lake is feeding the kiddos.  Leavitt will fish a solid eight hours every day if he can, he hates to come in off the dock to eat, while his adult caretakers are starving so he must be famished!  My husband asked about getting him some meal replacement shakes for him so we know he's getting enough good stuff when we are on-the-go or he is busy with activities.  I snagged a few and his favorite water canteen from Nuby and he kept it with him all day.  I don't love the idea of replacing meals for kids or letting him skip them, so we still put up the good fight over meals but I felt better when he walked away after meals knowing he had gotten plenty of nutrients and hydration throughout the day. He is in love with the bear print especially at camp and the free flowing straw, and I love that the transparent base lets me see how much he has consumed.  I also love the flip top to keep the straw clean.  I tell you these boys are going to keep me on my toes! 

If you have a teething baby this is a game changing must have for introducing solids and relieving the  pain from teething.  You can get a one pack here and a two pack here.  

The NEW Nuby Thirsty Kids Active water canteens is coming soon to Babies R’ Us stores! Can’t wait shop the Nuby Thirsty Kids Reflex water canteens in store at Target or online   How cute are all those prints the canteens come in?  Leavitt loved the bears, I really love the gray ones, which are your favorites?  

Because we love you we are going to give one of you a chance to win a Nuby Thirsty Kids Active water canteen.  Find us on Facebook to enter! 

Bringing up Leavitt is a Nuby parent blogger and was given products in exchange for reviews.  All opinions are and always will be my own.