Sunday, September 28, 2014

Month Nine

Leavitt William,
We have spent another month together but this time it feels like three... I am exhausted.  This has been the hardest month for us we have battled sickness, sleeplessness, crankiness and you're now a stair climber.  I have had to start telling you no.  No you cant have everything you want, no you don't have a choice about getting in your car seat, no you cant sleep with us every night, no you can't climb the stairs and no you cant shower with me.  For all of my Mommy endurance I am exhausted.  Your new opinions and will came at a time when you got sick, then I got sick and I didn't always have the energy or the heart to be steadfast in my convictions. We made it through though, fit in some fun stuff, and I have watched you change into a little spitfire.  I both love and fear that fire inside of you.  You know what you want.  You know who you like.  Your favorite people are now obvious to me.  You are not going to go through life unheard that is clear.

The abundance of love in your life is obvious, and hilarious at the same time.  You are so used to the attention being all on you that when a stranger passes by without any notice of you, you are quick to yell out to them.  This "look at me" attitude is precious.  I enjoy you.  I really like the personality you are developing.  When your cousin Russell takes a toy from you you let him have it... because you love him.  Although you are more demanding and outspoken you are still a sensitive soul.  Your love for your "mama" and "dada" is the best.  You light up when your  Grammy comes over and have a special twinkle in your eye for Aunt Rachel and Cousin Russell.  You recognize your Grampy Rick's baby voice even when you can't see him.  Your Nana is the silly one and she always wants to try new things with you.  You got to see your Great Grandparents again in Pembroke, you liked riding around in the wagon and you hang on Grampy Bill's every word.  You snuck in a snuggle session with your Nanny Brenda and were blowing raspberries and sticking your tongue out with her.  Truly your attention and love gets soaked up at home the most though.  You love when your Dad comes home from work and you prefer to fall asleep with your Mama.  You really don't let me out of your sight and like your home more than being out and about.  I struggle with really needing a break and not wanting to share my responsibilities with anyone else.  I want to be there for everything and tend to pass on help or decide not to ask.  I have a hard time getting anything done anymore with you being so active.  We make it work though and I am learning to go with your flow... I'm trying.

It hasn't all been a struggle you are still a sweetheart.  We still have plenty of fun and occasionally you give me a quick moment to myself to shower get laundry done and sneak an extra cup of coffee.  We make each other laugh and you get what I say.  You are still difficult to change your clothes and diapers, you still wont eat unless you're hungry so a feeding schedule is more of a baseline than a rule.  You love the pumpkins on the porch and have a mischievous smile when you know you've been caught doing something naughty.  I love the little man you are becoming and I hope you can feel the love I have for you and the effort I am making to make your life wonderful.  Happy nine months precious boy you are everything to us and we love watching you grow.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom

I was going to write down all the reasons I appreciate you on your birthday.  But as I got looking through all the photos it really made me realize how much fun we have and I wanted to share my favorites...

So I hope you had a good Birthday, Leavitt and I had fun in Portland with you.    Thank you for sharing your love of fine china and champagne with me.  Thank you for being as strong as you are beautiful and as hardworking as you are fun.  Thank you for making time for us even though you are so busy. Leavitt is so lucky you're his Grammy and we both love you very much.  We also can't wait for our shopping trip in November!!!

Samantha & Leavitt