Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July aftermath

We have recovered from our holiday weekend at camp.  I don't know about all of you, but packing up three people for a weekend to be spent in bathing suits and pajamas is so much work! I dread the coming home and unpacking process even more.  The laundry is unreal.  Anyways, the laundry is done, the tans are darker, our bellies are still full, and now I am going to fill you in on the nitty gritty. Contain your excitement please.

Anyone that knows my soul would tell you I despise the beach.  The sand, the salt water, the random near nakedness of sweaty strangers, the ride home in my own sweat, and sand in places that never saw the sun.  Take a second to let that visual make you never want to go to the beach.  Well now that I am a mom and want my child to experience all our beautiful state has to offer I actually asked my mom to go to the beach with Leavitt and I on friday instead of shopping.  No, I am not sick but writing that makes me think I actually might have a fever.  The sacrifice is real.  Just as luck would have it my sister was able to tag along and we had a nice little beach day, all that was missing was Russell and if you ask my mom, champagne.  Sorry mom, I was only thinking of myself when I packed the sparkling water instead of sparkling grapes.  But driving, tourists, and a toddler running anywhere near rocks and the ocean is enough on my plate, a slow reaction time would've been no bueno.   Also while rocking my mom suit you had better believe I was on guard in case a wardrobe malfunction were to ensue... not to mention the throngs of tourists taking pictures.  I felt like Mariah Carey trying to avoid the paparazzi, it was out of control.   So back to what I DO like about the beach.  Leavitt loves to chase and be chased so the waves kept him entertained.  He's a warm bath kind of guy so the cold water took some getting used to.  He made "friends" with some long haired hippies that wore their corduroys to the beach.  When it got too hot they took their pants off and hung out in their skimpy man undies... uhhh yeah.  Nothing more awkward than dragging your kid away from half naked men in all your mom glory.  Safe to say I am thankful I currently am in control of his social circle.  We left at lunch time and of course I couldn't pass up a chance to visit our wedding venue and show my sister where all the fun will happen.

That afternoon when we got home from the beach I unpacked, then repacked for camp.  By now everyone north of New Jersey was headed to the Maine coast and traffic was a B.  It crossed my mind more than once what the big deal was... I mean almost every car was packed with people and had something on the roof.  By the time we got to camp Leavitt was sick of my shenanigans and was happy to see his Gramp.  That kid is a trooper, but man when he's all set, he's really all set.  Per usual Nick was late, Leavitt practically demanded a boat ride, I was on edge freaking out inside about the potential for a rescue mission off the dock because Leavitt is not exactly a safety first dude.  The fourth was just as wonderful as the first two I have spent with Nick.  I love getting to share his traditions with Leavitt too.  We ate lobster, chased babies, refused naps, blew bubbles, went for another boat ride, and at the end of the night when everyone else was too tired to stay up Leavitt and I laid on the day bed and watched the fireworks across the lake.  I love a good party, but I really love our routine.  I need that normal alone time with Leavitt to decompress.  Leavitt and his Gramp caught their first fish together, Leavitt really was more into messing with the pole and driving the boat than the actual fish.  Lucky for said fish, Leavitt never got his tiny paws on him and the fish will live another day.  All in all we had a great weekend and of course my tiny taskmaster decided his first nap of the weekend should be just as I got us all packed and ready to go.... so typical.  Obviously he got the independence day memo and thought he'd assert his all over the place.  Biggest thanks to Nick's parents who put the whole weekend on.  Jane was actually away, but Rick held down the fort and pulled it off perfectly.  I especially was feeling a little pampered since I didn't cook all weekend.  The guilt of that must have been more than I could bear because we hit up Hannaford on a Monday and spewed birth control all over the place with Leavitt's tantrum at the check out.  Parents of teens working their summer bums off at Hannford, you're welcome.

Total side note.  The blog is actually under construction so even though you can read this post there will be big changes coming in the next week or so! Try with all your mommy might to heed your excitement until I can tell you for sure whats going on!!

XO- Samantha