Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend Recap

Weekends are really hit or miss around here.  I never know if my husband will have to head into work for a little bit until the last minute, so planning is left to the birds.  We have been spending less time at camp and are settling back into our regular weekends around town.  Saturday had me scrambling to figure out what we would do.  Nick went to work for a quick visit, Leavitt and I did laundry and picked up the bedrooms.  I made breakfast and lunch at home, so after we went swimming the husband treated us to dinner.  

Sunday had me hoping I could make it to church for the first time this summer since we have been mostly at camp.  We got lunch as a family, each eating our fair share of salsa and guac, and got groceries in the obnoxious race car shopping cart.  While perusing the magazine aisle I spotted the Real Maine Weddings magazine that happens to feature my precious first born and our wedding cake.  I know, I already shared that on my personal Facebook, but seeing it on newsstands will never get old.  I had to snag a couple more copies just to make sure none of the grandmas were left without one.  

Leavitt totally stole the show at our wedding.  His precious obsession with my veil and dress, coupled with his adorable suspenders and bow tie made him the most darling guest of honor.  Our wedding photographer happens to be a dear friend and is used to his antics, but I don't think even she could have predicted his show stopping high jinks.  In true Danielle fashion she caught every last moment.  When she called to tell me she was dropping something off first thing in the morning I was bewildered mostly because she is not a morning person so her excitement had me wondering what it could possibly be.  Of course our show stopping toddler got a whole page just for himself, with me hand on hip in the background.  I remember this moment perfectly.  I had just gotten to the ceremony site and was feeling super emotional.  Leavitt distracted everyone playing under my veil, while his mama gained her composure.  He always finds a way to put me at ease. 

(right page)

Our cake also graced to pages of the magazine; which to no ones surprise included a nod to who else? Our Toy Story loving tot.  Our cake topper says "To Infinity & Beyond".  I am thrilled that the details they chose to feature are from the baker and photographer we use in our everyday lives for special events, not just on our wedding day.  It could not be better timing that the magazine came out the month before our one year anniversary.  It has me feeling all nostalgic about our wedding... maybe it's the hormones.  

Cake by Sew Sweet 
 (right page)

We spent the rest of the weekend back at the pool, pretending we weren't headed for the reality check that is vacation week at daycare.  Monday morning has been slow starting thanks to some terrible weather, and a two year old who all of a sudden wants to cuddle.  Luckily we have something going on every day this week to break up the lack of free time I will have.  We will be headed to the water this weekend for a wedding and Monday is our anniversary.  All this celebrating will be good to keep my mind off the fact that I am going to be a mom of two very, very soon; and that my first born is starting school next week.  How is that even possible? 

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