Saturday, September 19, 2015

Christmas Tradition

I got so many compliments and emails about the ornament I had made with our wedding venue on it I decided to share our tradition with you!

For as long as I can remember my Mom has had the most beautiful christmas tree.  Every year she added a few new ornaments from our greatest adventures or milestones from that year.

am carrying on her tradition (more like stealing her tree swag) and have them made for all our precious memories.  The birth of our son.  Building our new home. Leavitt's first time on a lobster boat. Our wedding venue.  Various vacations.  You get the idea.  

There is a special little store I always go to on our annual Bar Harbor trip.  Actually we usually make the trip because I need the ornaments (my husband is a good guy).  Anyways the Christmas Vacation Shop in Bar Harbor is my go to.  Sometimes I find one she has already painted and have her add our names and the event with the date, other times I give her a picture or an idea and she paints it for me in a couple days.  She personalizes free of charge... yes you read that right and all the custom bulbs she has done for me have been under $20.  You can find her right on Main St. in Bar Harbor or her website here.  I want to see what you have made so make sure you send me pictures or tag me! 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Mom Bride

Five reasons why being a mom bride is a bad idea, and the one reason why I am so glad I was.

1.  Babysitters.  I typically only have Leavitt at daycare twice a week.  For the last three months every single daycare day has been jammed packed with wedding meetings or tasks.   Add on top of those scarce free weekdays grandparents that want to be involved and pampered and you basically are handing out short straws to whoever you beg to watch the baby.  My list of potential babysitters can be counted on one hand so that was a struggle.  I know, I know that is what Dad's are for but keep in mind car guys work six days a week.... oye.

2. Separation Anxiety.  So now that I have that babysitter I am rushing back to my mommy post and can't focus on what I am supposed to be doing or enjoying.  I miss that little guy right now as he sleeps down the hall, embarrassing but true.  So bachelorette party, kept on a pg level.  Due to unforeseen family stuff we canceled the overnight trip and did a day trip.  Still missed the crap out of that little guy but at least there wasn't time to get tipsy, drunk dial the sitter and cry to my bridesmaids about how much I love the tiny taskmaster.  I am a bucket of fun.  Oh and we took the light hurricane warning as the perfect out to not go on the fabulous honeymoon we both looked forward to and dreaded.  I honestly was sick over leaving him.  Nick and I took turns talking each other off the ledge and in the end we didn't go anyways so there's that.

3.  Ring Bearer.  Let me just tell you, when you are a Mom Bride you're going to get asked what his role will be in the wedding more times than they will ask about anything else.  I was indifferent the first time I was asked.  The second time I was asked I brushed it off.  The third time I was annoyed and told the person he would be doing whatever he damn well pleased, because he is a toddler and he doesn't care what his title is.  I stuck to that and he was allowed to do whatever he damn well pleased.  After all, if it is our day it is also his day.

4.  "I will need the biggest room you have".  This is what I blurted out as we chatted about the bride and groom suite.   A cozy room with a view for two.  Um no.  I need a suite with a padded room, huge tub, full kitchen and room to congregate, because sisters with toddlers need to spread out.  Lucky for us the hotel owner made a room just for the Obama's in 2010 and it was perfect for our traveling circus.  I even brought our bounce house down and set it up in the living room and later on the deck.  I was not about to spend my most fabulous weekend shacked up in a little room up to my eyeballs in luggage.  Splurging on the rooms never felt like a luxury with a toddler, but it did make things way more enjoyable.

5.  Wardrobe.  OK this is the most important and annoying thing for me especially.  My dress was all the things a dress should be in the salon and at the seamstress.  Flattering,  comfortable, a reflection of my personal style... you get the idea.  Partially because those broads in the bridal business lace a dress like nobodies business.  But once I bent down to pick up LW a couple times the bottom inched up the top inched down and all of a sudden I was not tucked in in a flattering way at all.  Glory be to Danielle for saving me with those angles and for coming back to my room helping me strip and then being total rockstar about me laying under a ballgown skirt naked swearing about that damn dress.  I ended up in a skirt from one of my favorite small shops, and a basic white tank top, a wardrobe change that was totally not planned.

Here is the one reason being a Mom Bride was the best thing I didn't plan and of course this ended up being my most treasured memory.  Obviously the ever talented and always amazing Danielle Brady captured the moment perfectly.  A moment that truly represents our family, no matter how glam the moment we are parents to a wild man who just wants to play at his mother's feet.