Friday, August 21, 2015

Something new

Hi there! Glad you found your way to the fancier new page.  Fancy doesn't mean we won't be giving you the nitty gritty so don't expect any fluff, that just wouldn't be our style.  I say our because I legitimately have not one second alone anymore.  My tiny taskmaster is officially on the loose.  No more stuck in a pack'n play, no more mommy getting him out of his crib.  He has found his freedom and by god he will assert that shit all over the place.  I find myself watching him make a mess just so I can clean a different one up.... isn't there some fitting quote about insanity that fits here? Thought so.

So I decided to spiff this little area up where I come to to document the memories, vent my mommy frustrations and keep it real for all of you who don't get the pleasure of living with a toddler.  I hope you follow along with our journey, share some of your own experiences in the comments, tag a friend or share a post you and your mommy tribe relate to.  I love hearing from other moms as much as I like being one.  I added a Lost section where you can find our adventures and a lifestyle section where I plan to share my favorite things with you all.  I get asked on Instagram all the time where I get my baby stuff, mom swag and I love to follow the sales even if I don't actually buy something.   Give a girl a hot second to get this wedding, honeymoon and summer over with and I will put in the effort... I hope!

Anyways, we are teething hardcore, wedding planning like a crazy people... oh yeah we are hours away from a one week countdown.  I am fully prepared minus the packing part but obviously that will be overdone and last minute.  I have been trolling the back to school sales... oddly they include babies and toddlers in these sales so who am I to turn them down.  Gawking at all the precious things I would buy if my child's closet didn't already rival mine.

I hope we survive the next week better than this week.  Nothing like a seating chart to send some adults into a tizzy.  My little guy spent all week with me because daycare was closed... so productivity has been down around here.  I am currently dealing with some devastating family news that keeps the perspective real so my no bullshit policy is in full effect until further notice.  Hope everyone loves the new design as much as I do! Take a look around and tell me what you think.  Say a little prayer for my family please and also that I can make it through this week with my sanity.   I will be sweating saying see ya later to my favorite little guy for the honeymoon.  Hopefully it doesn't send me over the edge... because the me that is up all night worrying lately thinks leaving him behind was the dumbest thing we ever decided.  Or was it the smartest?! I am off to get a grip and move this sweaty sleeping toddler out of my bed... am I the only one who things co sleeping is crap? I'm sorry I can't bond with someone sitting on my face, kicking me in the ribs, and pulling on my eye lids.  Lets leave that for another time :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Where you been?

We just moved home from a staycation at a local hotel while we had some work done at our house.  The idea sounded ok but the novelty wore off immediately after checking in… what can I say our family likes to vacation in style or be home, we really don't do the regular life at a hotel well.

Anyways, for those of you that have asked I haven't really given up the baby book blogging, I just haven't been sure where I wanted it to go after the first year letters to precious Leavitt.  So if you're one of the ones who read this sappy, sarcastic stuff I write about mom life then please don't give up on us and follow along as we navigate toddler antics, parenting firsts and wedding planning.  Thats right Leavitt's parents are getting hitched.

I gave this thing a face lift hoping it will excite me a little bit… and since I hate computers it made my face look weird on the picture and I have no idea why… so I am going to bug the geek squad guy about it while I fork over the $30 for a password reset for my brand spanking new laptop I can't use because we don't know what the password is.  Insert eye roll, finger pointing and annoyed people sharing busted old laptop.

Here is a little peek at the precious face that is keeping me busy and the reason I never want to forget these days.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Florida vacation

  We just returned from our first real vacation as a family and it sobered Nick up to life with baby 24/7 pretty quick…. I think we both wanted a vacation from our vacation when we finally made it home, that cold familiar air felt nice for a change.

As always Florida did not disappoint me, but things sure have changed since I spent carefree youthful days living there.  Actually Florida is basically the same, I just no longer suffer from "wish I still lived here" nostalgia.  Spending time with my sisters and their girls always makes me wish we were lived closer.  That the kids could play on a regular basis and that our shopping trips were more frequent.  I love seeing them with their nephew, and I adore the little ladies that call me Auntie.  My sister Barbara was sick with pneumonia while we were there, and she still woke me up every morning with a cup of coffee and a quick bathroom chat before the stir of little children pulled us in every direction.  My sister Kim and I took Leavitt to the outlet mall and got our retail fix… not that either of us probably needed it but it felt good just the same.  Having so many siblings has been the best gift my Dad has given me, sisters don't ever walk away.  Children, family spats, and everyday drama only makes sisters closer and I needed an extra dose of that.  Next time I hope Rachel and Miss Saylor will join us for some girl time!  Maybe even have a cousin magic kingdom excursion with Russell... I would love to see their faces at Disney.

Nick flew down and met me half way through the vacation.  As soon as we picked him up we were on our way to see his Grandparents in Ocala… Leavitt was sick, Nick was ticked off about some work nonsense and I was left to drive the crazy train. Just seeing Nick at the airport was exciting for me, I love a little family adventure and I certainly missed him while we were apart.

 Leavitt spent his days toddling around their house hugging the dog, scaring the cat, turning off computers and throwing phones.  Occasionally he played with the toys they so kindly had there for him.  He scared the daylights out of everyone with his impressive projectile vomitting skills and my only saving grace was Brenda, some chardonnay and a jar full of M&Ms.  Finally we had a pool day and Leavitt got some face time with a horse. Overall we enjoyed some real relaxation… as much as any parent with a sick kid on vacation can.  Leavitt discovered a love for kiwi while at his great grandparents and has been chowing down on them ever since we got back.

 I have to admit even though I am less than thrilled with Leavitt's new toddler tantrums and wild antics, it is nice for others (especially Nick) to see what it's really like with him... I feel like I have mommy street cred now... Especially with the busted lip he gave me right before we left.  

Here are some of my favorite memories from the trip... We hope to be back in Florida sooner rather than later!! Of course per usual we forgot to get a family photo of the three of us... Whoops.