Friday, September 30, 2016

Doubling The Love

Well, folks it is official, I am a boy mom twice over.  The last two weeks with our newest squad member has been better than I could have ever hoped.  He's the perfect newborn, and his brother is so proud of his new best friend.  I am adjusting to life with double the love, double the fear, and hormones that always seem to misfire at the worst times.  I cry when I introduce him to people, how corny is that? I keep hoping no one is noticing my tears of pride but I am pretty sure they are.

Maybe it was other people getting inside my head but I have to say the two kid thing is so much easier than people let on! I keep telling myself it will never be easier than it is today so I might as well get out of the house.  Other than the obvious family Target trips, our newest member has been to MOPS, bible study, the apple orchard, and a pizza picnic with his brother.  I am in awe of how much a second baby can move in and seem like he was always here.  We are the luckiest little family.  I am so proud of these little boys for taking everything in stride.  

The post baby #2 mom bod is a lot less terrifying than people made it out to be.  Seems a lot like post baby #1 mom bod, but then again I could still be riding the happy hormones and clueless about reality.  Either way I am blissfully ignorant to it and really I don't care to know the difference right now.  

Basically I am riding this wave of happiness right now.  I have these profound moments of gratitude lately.  I am loving these daily adventures with my boys.  Watching my husband ease into his role as a Dad of two little boys has been fun.  He has totally surprised me in the best ways.  I have fallen in love with our house all over again, the place we built as we became parents for the first time has now seen us welcome another one.  Things feel really special right now, and I can't wait to see where this new adventure takes us. 

So as we continue to enjoy these beautiful Maine fall days, I promise I am going to be a better blogger.  I have some special things planned to introduce you to the little one, and will probably have a meltdown at some point and let you enjoy that too! Thanks for hanging in there with me while I focused on becoming a Mom again! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

It's been too long

Here we are again.  I have sat down with a million ideas to blog in my head, only to realize it has once again been too long.  I could blame the end of summer.  Our jam packed fall, or the fact that I am about to birth another human into this world.  I could tell you about the anniversary trip we took, following my husband being in a wedding, or about my son starting school and a new daycare all in the same week.  I could tell you about the surprise shower my bible study friends threw for me, that was more like a shock because I showed up for the first time ever in yoga pants and my fanciest GMC hat I stole from my two year old.

While all of those things have my fingertips on fire, ready to fill you all in on the insanity that is my life lately, I mostly am just sitting still.  Still in these last moments as I soak in my little one becoming a big brother.  Still, not sure I will ever be able to comprehend how I will make it through my days bringing up two little boys, who will need me in entirely different ways.  I have been holding back my urge to lose my shit on the people around me who are trying to help.  I have also been asking for help with Leavitt more, because he wants to have fun and I have a to-do list a mile long.  I have been trying to stay connected to my friends that make me feel normal and get all the pampering in while I can.  Which reminds me I need to call and have my grays covered before the baby gets here, because we all know the only flattering angle for a new mom to be photographed from is from the head down... luckily lashes are on point if I miss the chance to hit the hair salon.

So while I have been busy doing life these last few weeks I will recap a couple things we have been up to that you may or may not have caught on instagram... the only place that hasn't felt my radio silence lately.

We headed to Stockton Springs, here in Maine for a wedding weekend filled with family and new friends.  I spent most of the weekend asking where my little blonde haired socialite was.  He tends to follow his Grandfather everywhere, and I tend to get stopped by people curious about when this baby is going to arrive, makes for some parental chaos.  The wedding happened to be the weekend of our anniversary so it was a nice reminder of our day, and what matters to us as we take on another year of marriage.  The wedding was at French's Point and was beautiful, simple, and very coastal Maine.  Mama about died because.... no AC.  You read that right I spent an entire weekend, nine months pregnant, wrangling a toddler away from home, with no AC.  It made for sweaty family pics and lots of cold showers, and car rides to soothe our overheated tot.  We had a good time and couldn't be happier for the Bride & Groom.  If the summer has been nothing else it has been busy.  The same way we rushed down there, we rushed home to unpack. 

Luckily I had a prize waiting for me at home... two days, one night, toddler free, away from home, with my husband all to myself, celebrating one year of marriage.  We checked into the Brunswick Hotel & Tavern.  Had dinner at the Royal River Grillhouse with friends, and mama got a prenatal massage the next day.  We shopped for our littles, and relaxed.  We even took a nap in the middle of the day for fun.  It was heaven.  So the picture of us at dinner had to be lightened three times so it is less than flattering but I like having proof we still adult from time to time so terrible pictures are going to happen.  

So there you have it a few of the things that have kept me away these last few weeks.  The stuff summers are made of.  As we settle into our new routine of school for Leavitt I hope to be better at keeping up with all that is happening around here.... you know like a new baby!