Friday, November 13, 2015

A day in the life: Full time working mom

 Hi Guys!! I’m Rachel a 29 year old mommy and wife.  We have 3 kiddos Russell & Saylor here and Charlee in Heaven.   I believe in spreading love wherever we go & accepting people for who they are and who they want to be.  We encourage each other, we strive to be the best we can be, and we try to always see the positive, in every situation.  I work full time during the week and look forward (more like count down the days) to the weekend when we get quality family time! Here is a day in my life.


10:58PM: Saylor wakes up talking to herself.  She is on Josh’s side of the bed in her Rock N Play Sleeper.  I pick her up and take her to Russy’s room down the hall to snuggle and get her back to sleep without waking the boys. I’m not sure what time it is, but all night up until I get out of bed Saylor has tossed and turned , and even though she is a tiny little thing she has somehow managed to take over Russell’s queen size bed and I’m hanging onto the edge with a tiny piece of the pillow. 

5:00am: I get up, bring Say downstairs Josh is up and feed’s Saylor her bottle.

5:04am: I run upstairs and take a shower.

5:15am: out of shower go to Russy’s room make his bed, get his clothes out, and lay them on the bed.  Head to Saylor’s room get her clothes out and ready for the day.  Head to our room see if Russ is still in bed, he’s not, I turn on light and make our bed.

5:20: Run down stairs meet Josh in the kitchen for a quick kiss, he brings Saylor upstairs for me; I grab my coffee (SHIT I have no creamer, Josh’s half & half will have to do). Before I get my cup filled, Russ comes into the kitchen telling me that his pull up  is wet.  We go into the living room together; I help him with his jammies so he can use the potty.  “Do you hear me pee Mama?”  “Yes I do!! Good job buddy!”  We put his jammies back on.

5:25am: head back to kitchen get my coffee cup, load the dishwasher with Saylor’s bottles, I take my vitamins and extra vitamin C (no time to get sick!!)  Head upstairs, get Saylor settled on the bathroom floor with a blanket and some toys while I get ready.  Saylor smiles and shows me that she is going to be mobile VERY SOON right now she does the “butt scoot” and rolls over to where she wants to be.  Say talks the whole time, girlfriend likes to hear her voice & it’s THE sweetest sound!

5:45am: finished my hair, Russ yells up the stairs ‘mama, mama can you turn the light on!” run down stairs get the light turned on for Russ he continues to say that I am so big like daddy! “You mean tall?”  I say “Yes, mama YOU TALL!”  There IS a difference which I will explain to him later haha! He plays with his dinosaurs while Disney Jr plays in the background, he has no interest in the television, he’s right into playing with his dinosaurs.

6:00am: Get Saylor dressed, Russ comes up the stairs with Josh, I get Russ dressed and it’s always important with Russ to say how awesome his clothes are, how COOL he looks not handsome, AWESOME otherwise we will be changing clothes a couple times before we get it right. Russ is dressed, with the FIRST outfit! Mama win! Russ and Saylor play together on the bed for a little bit.  I show Russ how big and strong Saylor is getting by holding her hands while she stands flat footed.  “Good job sissy, you good girl!” I get dressed, load and start the washing machine.  WE’RE ALL READY!

6:28am: Brush our teeth; Josh brings Russ and Saylor downstairs.  I turn out all the lights upstairs. Do some last minute tiding of our room.

6:35am: I check the daycare bag make sure both kiddos have extra clothes for the day, hats & mittens! Crap, can’t find a hat for Saylor (I’m a stickler with the hats when it’s cold out) ain’t nobody got time to be sick! No seriously, NO TIME! I put an ear warmer on her it’s too big, I throw another hat on her its 0-3 month in size, a little bear hat from Baby Gap that she wore home from the hospital (Clearly WAY TOO small) but we all got a good laugh at how silly she looks :)

6:40am: “Mama, come play!” I hear from the living room I know we’re crunched for time….alright buddy, 5 minutes then we need to go to Wendy’s so Mama can go to work. “Okay Mama!”

6:50am: Out the door! Both kids loaded in the car we’re head to Wendy’s! First stop Dunkin Donuts for a coffee & hash browns for the little dude in the back. We honestly never have time for a DD stop in the morning, but we had extra time to spare and I’m running on 3-4 solid hours of sleep from last night with little miss, and to be honest the coffee with half & half is not going to cut it today.

7:08am: we get to Wendy’s I get Russ out, then Saylor while I’m getting Saylor out Russ takes his blankie and wipes my rear lights with it…we start walking in “MAMA! My dinosaur blankie is ALLL DIRTY!” He’s crying now… It’s okay buddy, Mama can wash it.  “Why’s it dirty?”  “Because you wanted to be a good helper and wash Mama’s lights, and when you used your blankie it got all dirty, but don’t worry that was a really nice thing you did, you’re such a good boy.  We open the door to Wendy’s…I get the kids all undressed, Russ runs to the kitchen for his sippy cup of juice (he’s been going here since he was 13 weeks old!!) pretty much runs the place now.  Comes back out,  together we show Wendy how strong Saylor is getting by holding her hands while she stands flat footed.  Russ cheers her on.  Russ shows Wendy his dirty blankie, he asks her to wash it for him, of course she says she will <3 I give Saylor kisses tell her how much I love her, and then hand her to Wendy.  Russ comes over tells me he wants to give me a kiss. We do our “Seeya later” routine:   a kiss, a high five, a fist bump and a huge hug, and Russ tops it off with “Seeya later mama! I LOVE YOU!” “I love you too buddy, be a good boy for Wendy, see you tonight!” He runs to play.  I wave to Saylor again and blow her a kiss; Wendy helps Saylor do the same. 

7:15am: Head out the door and race to work

7:29am: I sign in and punch the clock, I made it to work on time, with 1 minute to spare!

* I do billing for a trucking company, we have 3 offices and one broker who works remotely. I’m solely responsible for the billing for the entire company.

9:45am: Break from billing, accounting meeting 

10:40am:  Wonder how the kiddos are doing today…

10:41am:  send a text to Wendy to check on the kiddos.

10:45am: I get a text back from Wendy with a picture of Saylor, saying she is talking none stop!!


12:26pm: I usually get an hour for a lunch break but typically 3 days out of the week I don’t take a break…today is going to be one of those days, easy mac for lunch it is…

2:09pm: Send my husband a message asking for his thoughts on dinner followed by a cute pic of Saylor that Wendy had sent me earlier in the day.

2:15pm:  he said he was going to pick something up at the grocery store.

4:30pm: punch out from work, grab the mail.

4:45pm: Pick up the kiddos, drop the mail off Russ says “Mama, I want to go with you” Russ helps me put the mail in the mailbox. We head home.

5:02pm: We arrive home; Josh has dinner cooking (a little turkey dinner).  Russ wants Juice and a snack I get this for him.  Saylor fell asleep in the car and I was able to get her upstairs and laid her on our bed for a little nap before her dinner.

5:10pm: I changed over the laundry, throw a load in dryer and another in washer.  Saylor is still sleeping, I move her to her crib.

5:15pm: While dinner is cooking I talk with Josh about his day, play with Russell. 

5:30pm: Dinner is done, Saylor wakes up.  Josh fixes Russell’s plate, and I run upstairs for Saylor.  Bring Saylor downstairs and get her dinner ready, Start feeding her sweet potatoes.  I help Russell with his food, while feeding Saylor.  Russ has a few bites, says he done, I tell him he needs to eat 2 more bites before he goes back to playing.  He does. Saylor finishes her dinner, I sit her on my lap and we both finish Russell’s dinner ;) Josh in the meantime has been snacking on the food, but never fixes a plate.  I head to the living room with Saylor where Russ and Josh are.  I ask Josh if he ate, he said he’s had enough.  I head back to the kitchen to pick up while the 3 of them play.

6:00pm: Clean up kitchen, load dishwasher, clean high chair, clean table sweep floor.  Get coffee pot ready for the next day, sneak a piece of Halloween candy (skittles to be exact). Start bath downstairs for Russ.  Bath is running…

6:15pm: I head to living room get distracted and start playing with kiddos Josh asks if the water is still running in the tub (oh shit! Yep it is…) good things it’s a big Jacuzzi tub! Russ and I run to the bathroom laughing that I forgot to turn the water off and that it was now a HUGE POOL as Russ says he’s excited for bath tonight! “Yay!”  I give Russ a bath, Josh takes Saylor upstairs for a bath.

6:30pm: I get Russ out of tub, we go upstairs for jammies and a pullup, and we get sissy’s jammies for daddy.  I get Saylor ready for bed, we all head back downstairs Saylor has her bottle.  I feed Saylor her bottle, Josh and Russ watch Goldie and Bear together.

7:00pm: before taking Saylor up to bed we say goodnight to daddy and Russ, Josh always gives Saylor kisses and says goodnight, Russ always either kisses her hand or her forehead and says “night-night sissy, I wuv you” I give Say 2 kisses every night (one from me, one from Charlee) and tell her we love her.

7:05pm: Switch over laundry, fold and put away clothes that were in dryer.

7:15pm: back downstairs I pick up the living room, and then Russ gets to watch one more show before bed. He chooses Goldie and Bear.

7:45pm: Turn TV off and turn lights out, Russ says he wants to bring an animal to bed he chooses his baby lion and Gorilla.  We head upstairs brush our teeth and head to bed. 

8:00pm: Russ falls asleep, in our bed.  I don’t even attempt to put him to bed in his room anymore it just isn’t worth the battle.  There will come a time where he will want his own space, and until that time he is fine to sleep with us.

Josh & I fall asleep sometime between now 8:30pmI am exhausted & I know I will be up a few times in the night…


  1. I love the day in the life, guest blogging but what about maybe doing one with a single mom? Just a thought I had while reading these. :)

    1. Hi Kaycie! Thanks for the comment! I would love to feature a single mom guest blogger!