Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Read with Caution

This is my week.  Mother's day and my birthday fall within the same week, this year four days apart.  So I am going to just do what I do best and own up to it, I have a major chip on my shoulder this week.  Basically I gave up life as I knew it and took on these Varney boys and all their maintenance.  Their every need, issue or hunger pain being my task at hand.  I love them dearly and have gained way more than I gave up but lets be honest life of a homemaker and stay at home mom is exhausting and thankless at times.  When you spend the majority of your days being secondary you get to put up a stink and declare this your week…So I thought.

Last night was particularly tough, not only was he really not wanting to go to bed when he got close to sleeping he let out a huge poo and the diaper change rallied him to stay up longer.  Then he coughed while holding his breath, his specialty, and barfed everywhere…. In my bed… insert sad screaming emoji.  So this morning I was determined to do something extra fun,  new and exciting with him.  We swam on Monday, went to breakfast and music class on Tuesday and today we were going to try mommy and me gymnastics.  I try hard to do fun things with him those three days because he goes to daycare on Thursday and Friday.  My cleaning, errands, lady maintenance and social life wait all week for these two days between 10:00 and 3:00.  Selfishly I need those days.  And I have no shame in saying that.  So today we are out the door at 8:30, a miracle for us.  I have to get not only myself ready but Leavitt, and lets be honest Nick needs his clothes laid out, a clean towel on the hook, and his iced latte ready to go in the morning or he's not going anywhere.  Right, so back to what I was saying we are on our way to gymnastics, Nick and I are talking on the phone about nothing interesting when I hear the I'm holding my breath cough in the back seat.  I start chanting "don't puke, don't puke, oh shit Nick I gotta go".  Ummm yea, so he did, several times.  I pull into a development to get his clothes off of him and try to get his seat clean enough that he can ride home in it when a sweet lady pulls up asking if I am ok.  I explain whats happening.  She is so sympathetic I almost asked for a hug.  Leavitt honks the horn as she pulls away because obviously when your mom locks you in a car and you're not in your car seat, where do you go? Front of the bus.

 Leavitt is a handful, the busy all the time type, yet so sensitive you really need to handle his feelings with utmost delicacy.  I feel like most days we have it together pretty good, but the days that we don't really take a toll on me.  So tomorrow if you see Nick or Leavitt, remind them to bring a card and some wine home because the Madre needs her sanity.  Alright I have been off task long enough and Mickey is only going to hold the storm back, I mean child, long enough for me to do this, suck down some coffee and maybe fold the laundry if I get a little wild and crazy.  Hopefully the car seat dries soon and we can salvage the day with some Starbucks and a play ground date.

Hope all you Mamas are having a good day! XO