Monday, August 1, 2016

Monday Mornings

I am starting to feel like a broken record, telling you all how busy things are around here.  But busy is starting to feel like an understatement.  I will be lucky if I keep my head above water headed into fall.  I have been adamant on making sure this pregnancy doesn't stand in the way of our fun this summer, or getting things done around the house.  I have been in full blown nesting mode.  Redecorating the guest room into Leavitt's big boy room.  Cleaning out all the closets, and organizing all the baby clothes.  When I'm not nesting I have been busy getting my little fisherman to the water.  You can find us at camp, beach play dates, and the pool.  Everyday we swim.  I've also been meeting up with my gal pals a couple times a week and taking day trips on daycare days to the coast.  So much of what I love packed into every single day this summer.

Until this past weekend put me in check.  We got up like always, I made breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, packed us up and ran off to camp.  When I got there I realized I was having the symptoms of a blood clot in my leg.  The symptoms can mirror some regular pregnancy symptoms many women have.  However I was particularly worried because I had already been struggling with circulation and varicose veins.  I was scared enough to message my OB who sent me to the emergency room to be checked out.  Luckily I am fine.  Unluckily I was told to "take it easy" the same thing my husband has been nagging me to do every time he sees my legs swollen and I am still running around.  

As my due date approaches, the more I want to do.  I want to make memories with Leavitt and give him the best summer ever.  I also really want to get the house ready for a newborn, and lets be honest I have a lot to do.  We have events every weekend leading up to September.  We also need to squeeze in an anniversary trip to connect over a successful first year of marriage, and prioritize us before we become a party of four.  So much goodness I don't see myself taking it easy any time soon, but my husband and mother will probably force my hand.  

After my little trip to the ER I went back to camp just in time to enjoy the late afternoon no napping camp attitude in full swing.  Selfishly I wanted to bring him home and snuggle, but his Gramp rocked him to sleep so I went home with Nick to get some quality sleep for the first time in forever.  We enjoyed a leisurely morning getting up and around while reading fishing text updates from the grandparents.  While I'm sure he missed us, he missed all the frogs that got away so much more.  

Monday has me compiling a to-do list a mile long, and trying to decide what I should tackle first.  We made waffles, got Dad out the door and are considering if we need groceries or dry cleaning more.  Leavitt is hollering at the dogs and lawn crew and unleashing his battle cry on the scuba dentist that kidnapped Nemo.  In the spirit of taking it easy I might get my groceries at Target so we can enjoy a little Starbucks while we shop.  I think I have the hang of this!  Happy first day of August friends!

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