Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas family pictures

I will admit I needed a reason to buy this skirt.  I was in love with for over a year and it was just begging to be on our Christmas cards.  So not long after the wedding I put a bug in Danielle's ear that we needed a family session.  I showed her the skirt and then got to working on the guys outfits.  Other than obsessing over the clothes being true to everyone's style and the pops of red, I knew it had to be at Piper Mountain.  We get our tree there every year and usually go more than once if we can.  I also thought Leavitt would be obsessed running around there and it would create perfect smiles.  Yeah not so much.  He napped the whole way there so I expected a rested excited little boy.  What I got was an emotional roller coaster.  Danielle knows I adore the blooper pics and I almost put one on the back of the card for some humor but opted not to send $6 cards to the 50 people I sent them to.  I have a feeling Santa would call that my gift and I would be in mommy time out.  When Nick saw my outfit he told me I was out of my Christmas loving mind and should be going to the Nutcracker not a tree farm.  Now theres an idea.  Thank the lord for Danielle putting up with my good side antics mixed with my guys and their lack of model behavior.  I am not going to share the actual card because everyone is just now starting to receive them but I will tell you these pictures are equally as snazzy.  

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season as much as we are.  I just got home from a shopping trip and if there had been someone there taking pictures they would be a much less glam version of Leavitt Crying and me covered in sweat dragging Gap bags around.  Next year I am planning Leavitt a guys weekend with his Dad the same weekend I jet out of town with a bottle of wine in one hand and my credit card in the other... I paid my dues. 

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