Thursday, August 28, 2014

Month Eight

Month eight.... I don't even know how it is possible we are here so soon.  I feel like there is so much I have been meaning to do that just hasnt made the cut this summer.  We haven't been able to go do anything as a family,  I hope Nick hasn't felt left out while Leavitt and I adventure together.

My sweet little LW,
You're eight months old and my very best friend.  We have been enjoying our summer going here and there, making memories, and laughing at the little things.  You can wave and say "hiiiii", you like to high five, you are more vocal and gab your way through the day.  You go to bed between 7-8 but you cry for the first 5 minutes which kills me.  You really like cheesy potato pouches, fruit and juice but you hate ice cream.  You crawl so fast and can pull yourself to standing on the couch, tables, Grampy's computer on his desk... really anywhere you get the urge up you go.  Lately I have noticed you show off for family and friends by blowing raspberries and waving "Hiiii" to them over and over again.  You are not like that at home just with us or out in public when strangers give you attention its only for people you already know but do not see all the time.  Its so precious and I love it.  You are a baby ninja when I am changing your diaper and you are always a little mad when you have to get into a car seat.

In the past month we've gone back to Pembroke for the horse races.  You got to watch your Great Grampy Bill win a couple races.

We went to Fort Fairfield so you could meet your great aunts and uncles and your great grandmother.  Your Grampy Fred came and stayed with us for a week from Florida.

We went to Bar Harbor and you put your feet in the Atlantic ocean for the first time.

I hope you have enjoyed your first summer as much as I have enjoyed spending it with you.  You have a fun filled fall ahead of you and I am so excited to share my favorite season with my favorite person.  You're growing up so fast, and I am so proud of how strong, good natured and smart you are.  I don't want to hold you back but as you gain more independence I only hope that when I try to snuggle a little longer or hold you while you sleep, kiss your little face a dozen times and lay down for naps with you that you still let me.  I am not ready to let go of my precious little infant baby even if you are getting bigger, stronger, faster everyday.

I love you precious little man I can't wait to see what the next month brings, just try to take it easy on Mama when you get up on those little feet one day and take off on me.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Month Seven

I now find myself with a curious crawling, sitting, pulling himself up child.  Gone are the days of letting him sit with a toy in the living room while I multitask my way through the day cleaning, organizing and busying myself while he self entertains.  I find myself on the floor escaping only to make a bottle, occasionally I run to the bathroom door wide open while I yell "hang on baby I am coming" when I rush out he is several feet from where he started red faced and traumatized like "how could you?!".  Yes, how dare I pee alone?  Now before it sounds like I am complaining I love he notices my absence and I love how he demands 100% of me because he deserves it and I strive to give it to him, but like everyone else I get a little hung up on my to do list.  The other day he was sitting on the floor when all of a sudden he put his palms on the rug and stood on his heels bum in the air... he had no idea where he wanted to go from there so back on his booty he went.... one of these days he will push off those palms and take off on me.

The busy of my life has made me miss the newborn days.  The excitement of being on the downhill to his first Christmas and birthday have me dreaming of colder weather.  The busy of the moment is making it hard to soak up the little stuff.  The other day he had ice cream for the first time, specifically Mediterranean mint gelato my favorite.. he was disgusted and horribly offended by it.  His face was priceless and he has gone viral in our own little bubble.  Family and friends forwarding the hysterical 26 second video, while I drain my battery watching it over and over.  I take such pride in his facial expressions.  He wears his thoughts and emotions on his face honestly, the same way that I do.  I love how expressive he is.  Later my Mom helped me give him his first big boy bath.  I have been needing to transition him to his own bathroom but such an event requires photos and video documentation.  Trying to wrangle a slippery little man take pictures and be the on call lifeguard was more task than I was willing to burden myself with.  My mom dumped all his toys in... why not make it special Grammy style.  He sat up laid down, kicked and splashed, sat up again, back down again.... he is part dolphin I am pretty sure.  He has been a regular at his great grandparents pool this summer (thanks Bill & Brenda) and clearly it has paid off he is a water baby.

I am loving that the leaves behind our house have started to change a little I am so excited for everything that follows summer. Nick was cleaning his car yesterday night and I realized we haven't been for a ride even since Easter, when I realized a rear facing car seat was not gonna work in the fun machine.  We used to take long rides out of town and have "Beetch & Stitch" time together.  I am working on stealing my Man away for a night to get out of town, eat someplace and not ask for a high chair and take his car out of the third bay for a change.  I still cling to the old us... I miss the romance and being the priority.  I wouldn't trade the changes for the past but I wouldn't mind a glimmer of the old us.  I keep saying after summer we will go do something, after the company comes and goes, after the heat is gone.... after he goes to college? Ha OK now I am being dramatic.  I think all couples with new babies go through the same things.  I have started to miss the spontaneous life we once had.  Before baby we could go at a moments notice anywhere ignore the cell phones and be in the moment.  Now even when we are alone we have to have our phones on in case my Mom needs to get ahold of us.  Trips are planned with naps, clothing and food for baby in mind.  Actual packing for a day trip is no joke.  It is work.  I do it just the same I want Leavitt to go everywhere we go where and when appropriate of course.