Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer Adventures

I don't know about other peoples kids, but my little one is capable of using fresh air to energize himself the way mama needs a dirty chai to get through the day.  One good inhale of that waterfront air and suddenly he's back on screech and I'm following behind like some desperate personal assistant.  I have been trying to take him down there as much as possible since the weather has been nice.  

I feel like even when we are only going to be out for an hour tops I have to pack for the unpredictable meltdowns.  My bare necessities are juice and a snack.  I wouldn't even dream of leaving without those two things.  I am obsessed with sippy cups mostly because they are essential to life around here.  Nuby has just come out with this cup called the Busy Sipper which describes my kid to a T.  As you can see he pretty much goes about his business while sipping on whatever juice and water concoction I have put in there.  This cup is different because it comes with the silicone spout that is spill free like mama wants, but also comes with a pop-up top like you would see on a water bottle for older kiddos.  My husband laughed at me that there is a belt clip on this cup and at first I thought that it was a little gimmicky.  Then he took off,  had a fit and I ended up carrying him and stashing that thing hooked to my pants.  Another thing I love is that it holds 12 oz so I don't need to stop to refill him as often.  It also has no internal parts so washing is super easy.  You can grab one at your local Walmart or on Amazon.  I linked the two pack because you want two trust me.  

I am also loving this new snack keeper that will be available mid June at Babies R' Us and  The designer series is for sure my favorite.  I love that the colors catch my little ones eye, but the patterns are more for Mom.  Simple and adorable.  Leavitt loves to hold his own snacks, and can't be bothered to wait for me to help him.  He likes a snack on hand in the stroller and in the car, but lately the car is looking like a goldfish plant exploded in the the back seat because I haven't had a container handy he can use and not make a mess.  When I got these in the mail I can't even tell you how excited it made me.  Stylish baby gear that saves me on clean up... this folks is a no brainer. Leavitt was also a fan, because he can get his fingers into it without a problem.  Some snack keepers are a little stiff and can pinch fingers, this one is a super soft silicone.  

I am loving this weather and being able to be on the go more with my little one.  I hope we get to spend most of the summer adventuring and making memories just us.  This fall will bring some big changes for my man and I just want to keep him little as long as possible.  He will start school part time, get a little brother, be leaving the daycare he loves so much and hopefully he will be able to take it all in stride.  Hopefully we can keep our baby gear game on point and skip as much of the drama as possible while making memories.  OK mama friends what baby gear do I need to get me through the summer? Or for two babes?  Send me a message!

Brining up Leavitt is a Nuby Parent Blogger and was given products in exchange for reviews.  All opinions are and always will be my own.

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