Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Who. What. Wear.

I found this dress on super sale at my local target for $8 when I was newly pregnant.  Right now you can get it online for 40% off with code BUMP40.  The vest is something I picked up forever ago at TJ Maxx and it keeps popping up everywhere at every TJ Maxx I go to... I have it in tan and gray also.  I wear them all the time in every season and I'm pretty shameless about it.  I linked a similar one I am coveting right now because its pretty hard to mess this super easy outfit up.  Just add screaming toddler and you are ready for the weekend.  I ran errands and had a quick lunch out with my little family... we consumed our weight in chips, salsa and guac and spent the afternoon in the bounce house.  There is no better way to spend a day in my book. 

|| Top || Similar Top || Jeans || 

I kinda hate this shirt.  Its for sure going to be more adorable when there is more baby in that bump.  For now the elastic kinda hits me funny (i.e. makes its way under my boobs) and the shirt is way fuller than whats going on underneath.  Thats the worst part of maternity clothes for me.  I buy so they will fit until the end but getting there is a challenge! I linked a sort of similar top because there is only an XXL left memorial day sales tend to do that to maternity selections... not cool.  Not going to lie I wear these jeans embarrassingly a lot.  I did a couple errands from home online and had coffee at my house with a friend.  I tossed my white converse on at some point in the day and got groceries with Leavitt in the embarrassing flaming truck cart while he hammed it up for all the gray hairs.   I'm still loving that flamingo cup!!

I wore this to lunch with a friend and the whole darn thing is old.  The vest is Max Jeans and I found it at TJ Maxx, the dress is J Crew and I actually removed the nautical rope tie from the waist while I'm styling my bump and the shoes are old Tory Burch I found on super sale at the outlet in Orlando a good 2 years ago.  The similar linked items were as close as I could get it.  Lets be honest this outfit is a desperate attempt to get dressed and be a little normal.  My friend proved what a good friend she really is by pretending not to notice that I took the string out until I pointed it out.  Thats love people. We had the best lunch, sat outside by the river, chatted while her little one slept, and had the slowest waitress which is just perfect for a day without the toddlers.  I love a leisurely lunch with the ladies.

|| Sneakers similar || Jeans || Top ||

This is standard mom uniform day for me.  I can not wear a dress alone with him all day unless I show all the world my cookie.  Too much bending over and picking things up off the floor for that. No thanks.  The jeans and sneakers are repeat offenders.  The top is grossly comfortable and comes in a hunter green I am tempted to snag.  The sunglasses are Cole Hann, not the fancy over priced Ray Bans everyone else has because I am the proud mother to a toddler who has already made these crooked on my face and I am bound to leave them somewhere.  I took my mom uniform out and about, we stopped at Starbucks, the grocery store, my husband's work, and the playground.  Which is a fairly typical day in the life of Bringing Up Leavitt. 

|| Vest similar || Jeans || Sneakers || Clutch ||

Ok so I am just now realizing I wore every single Max Jeans vest I own last week.  Creative I am not.      The linked vest is a great look a like, because obviously I got mine at TJ Maxx, I also got my sneakers there but they are on the converse website which saves me.  I should note the jeans are out of stock in most common sizes online but they are in most stores... or at least my local store where you can almost never find anything.  The clutch is my favorite go to for lunch with the girls, which is exactly what I was doing this day.  We ate at Blaze and hit up the cupcake place for macaroons and cupcakes for our sweet husbands who work while we lunch.  One of my friends and I ran to Target which ran a little over my last second to get to daycare on time so I kidnapped her and took her to daycare with me... friggin Target gets me every time.  

So, ladies, especially those that emailed me about maternity clothes I hope I did not let you down.  I am not a fashion blogger, or model, shocking right? Ha! I don't take myself seriously at all and was a little nervous to share with you what I have been clothing the lumps and bumps in lately but this is super accurate of my everyday life.  I also love the messages I get from people about clothes because while I love to shop,  I really love a deal.  Helping a fellow mama find a deal is pretty much friendship material in my book! 

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