Saturday, May 21, 2016

Retail Therapy

As many in my real life know my Dad passed away on May 13th.  The day after was my birthday, and we found out the end was near on Mother's Day.  In my couple weeks away from this little space of mine I have hardly been sitting around feeling sorry for myself, although that happened too.  I spent three days of those two weeks serving jury duty.  Two feeling utterly sorry for myself because part of me loves birthdays so much it was hard to even celebrate with the people who wanted to.  The rest of the time has been spent soaking up the love from friends and family who have made me so happy to have this life of mine.  Four years ago I was starting over, my Dad and half sisters were the only ones I trusted, I had Nick and a couple of new friends.  At the time I was bitter having to give up my family and friends.  Now I realize God was positioning me to endure these hard but fabulous years with the people I would need.  They have been glorious years don't get me wrong but they have had challenges.  There has not been one day since Mother's day where a friend hasn't called to check on me.  After my Dad passed someone showed up with flowers, gifts, cards, food and hugs every day since then.  I got constant reminders that people were lifting us up in prayer.  I kept thinking how lucky I am to have so much support from people who have never even met my Dad.  So much thoughtfulness has flooded my life and once again given me a little more hope that everything is going to be ok. 

Now to lighten things up I have had the chance to get in a little retail therapy lately, and while you can't really shop away the pain you can find things you love to brighten your day.  If you are rolling with us on instagram you may have seen a couple things, if you aren't following on the IG you basically are missing out on mediocre iPhone photos of all the things I am obsessed with.  I am mixing in the new with old and as promised sharing my bump style with you all.  However so far I am still rocking my non maternity stuff for all of you not currently expanding at the waist.

I bought the most comfortable sleep shirt from Ralph Lauren at my local Marshall's, it happened to be on sale for $10 and the original tag said $54 like the one I linked.  I don't need to remind you that I am dressing for two these days so this shirt although not maternity is so soft it easily accommodates my bump in my pre-pregnancy size... yes please.  The cup is from Portobello by Inspire.  I love a happy coffee cup.  I think everything tastes better from bone china and this cup just makes me smile. I snagged it in the check out line at Homegoods for $5 and have been using it every single time it is clean since then.  Unfortunately both of these pink beauties are not for sale online.  The cups are on Ebay but I don't even know how to shop eBay so I am not going to bother linking that for you.  My suggestion would be to peruse your local Tj Maxx, Homegoods & Marshall's and find similar items you love for a much better deal... because saving money is half the fun.  

For Mother's day we went to Bar Harbor and the husband snagged me this clutch that I am obsessed with and you may have spotted on my mother's day shopping guide.  The dress is from Tj Maxx... sorry, but I linked the same brand in a tank ombre version and not going to lie I like the linked one much more.  Sandals are a couple years old and were a gift from Nick to spruce up the mom wardrobe when Leavitt was first born.  The dress while I love it in person looks like a sack in the picture, its also not maternity so I'm to blame for the ill-fitting lady lumps cover... I care but I don't.  This outfit I actually wore to lunch with my gal pals, because a clutch is only an option sans kiddos.

|| Similar Sneaker || Bracelet ||  Cuff || Tote ||

By now you know I like things made in Maine, or Maine inspired.  My roots could not be more Maine rooted.  My Grandfather on my Dad's side had a potato farm and my Great Grandfather on my Mom's side was a fisherman.  I love that so many small shops are popping up left and right that are stylish and are full of Maine pride.  The Sneakers are from Tj Maxx I snagged them for $29 recently and have been rocking them on the regular.  The Ropes bracelet Nick got for me with my clutch for mothers day.  The lobster cuff one of my besties gifted me on my wedding day.  The cuff is actually a lobster gauge that fishermen use to determine if they can keep the lobsters they catch.  The L.L. Bean tote my in laws gave me for Christmas.  The bag is one of my favorite things I have been gifted, I love that it has a masculine vibe being that I am going to be using it a lot with two boys.  I consider camo a  neutral so it will get plenty of use with my everyday basics.  It wipes clean unlike the Louis Vuitton never full my husband gave me that is stained inside now from baby wear. 

|| Similar Shirt ||

As you can see the bracelet, cuff and sneakers are on repeat.  The button down is older and from TJ Maxx.... Girlfriend loves a deal I can't help it.  It is the same brand as the chambray dress and I am obsessed with their fabrics.  Everything is super soft, washes and wears well, and is low maintenance.  Can I get an AMEN?! I decided to link a short sleeve version that is still nautical in color but lighter for summer.  This is a fall version but I am dying to get the one I linked.  Save yourself the drama of  trying to find the long sleeve version and go straight for that one.  I have layered this top with vests, worn it alone, and now wearing unbuttoned while pregnant.  I will be wearing it distressed when it starts to finally fall apart on me.  

So there you have it all the things making me a little happier these days, the reason I have been MIA, and how I am attempting to style my bump without going full on mumu because even Princess Diana looked frumpy in a mumu.

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