Saturday, March 5, 2016

Biggest News Ever!

Well the cats out of the bag now.  For those of you that follow along on my social media platforms you now know why I have been MIA.  And by social media I mean Facebook and Instagram because mama don't tweet or snap.   For those of you that don't I am pregnant!!  I also have had a cold since we left Florida so basically my ambition is nonexistent.  Good news is we are 12 weeks I can share some fun little pregnant facts with you!

So far I have had no morning sickness... unlike baby number one who made me gag at the smell of water... yeah.  I also am not nearly as sleepy.  However last time I was working and had to be to work at 5AM on my feet all day.  Hardest way to be pregnant ever! I have it so much easier this time... if you asked my husband he would tell you it has been easier on him too.  Pregzilla has yet to rear her ugly head this time around! Third trimester, I make no promises.

I have been craving weird things but once I have it the craving totally subsides never to return.  One day it was corn chowder, another day it was Bologna sandwiches.  Yeah yeah I know I am not supposed to eat that but I did and avoided listeria and I won't do it again.  I crave some of the same things more during pregnancy that I love when I am not.  For instance chips and salsa, I want a virgin margarita like whoa.  I have become a lover of orange juice, and the thought of bacon makes me cringe.  Send all the avocados to our house, Leavitt and I will be eating them with a spoon in our pajamas morning, noon and night.  If you are judging hop right over to that X at the top of your screen we feel no shame for our avocado addiction!

We totally cheated and did the blood test to find out what we are having.  Last time we were building a house so I couldn't plan the nursery until well after my 20 week appointment.  Once I knew last time we still had 3 months before we could move in.  This time I wanted to know ahead of time to decided if we would paint the nursery or if we could leave it.  I really didn't want to be painting a nursery in the summer heat, I would rather be at the lake with my favorite guy catching fish.  So it's a BOY!!! You know if the blue balloons didn't give that away.  I am so excited to be raising brothers.  It is the only combination of kiddos neither sides of our family have right now.  I am already keeping a mental note of all the annoying things people say to a mom who just found out she's having her second boy.   I will let it ride for another week and let you know, but people are crazy!

I am naturally more emotional right now.  I have been taking it hard looking at newborn clothes seeing how much Leavitt has grown.  He will be starting Montessori twice a week when this baby arrives, I could not be more excited for him to flourish but I will be shedding lots of tears this summer as we share our last adventures just us two.

For those readers who have e-mailed me in the last month and I spilled the beans to you thank you so much for keeping my dirty little secret!  You know I just can't help myself and blurt out whats really going on!!

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