Tuesday, November 24, 2015

a day in the life: Student mom

Hey everyone! My name is Amber, a 25-year-old momma and wife! We have a beautiful, little spitfire named Bella, she is just over 3 years old, but I swear we carry on a conversation like she’s 6.. I have been married to my husband for almost 8 years now.. (yes I was 18 when we got married) We just recently got an 11 week old puppy, and shit just got real.. My life is a little crazier but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I am a full time student, working on my degree in Ultra sound.. I only have a month left until graduation! Yay! Being a full time mom has been really tough for Bella and I, since we spent everyday together for the first two years…. but this mom needed to make a career for herself and make sure our future would be better! I am super excited to be almost done but also nervous for the next step.. Here is a day in my life as a full time mother, wife and student!

6:12am Bella is yelling “its morning time, MOM! Come get me” Once she’s awake there is no slowing down. She’s wide-awake and ready to go. Since she’s up I go get her and my husband takes out the dog… (it used to be a little simple, she would actually lay down with us for a few minutes)

6:15 I’m trying to get ready for school and I know it’s far too quiet for a puppy and a toddler to be in the same room.. I’m constantly back and forth trying to make sure our daughter isn’t going to suffocate or break one of his limbs..

6:17 Bella is yelling because Lennie (our puppy) wants nothing to do with her.. Clearly the kid already can’t handle rejection..   

6:19 Now she’s hungry and needs food right that instant.. Mind you I haven’t even been able to get myself put together because I’m back and forth making sure everyone is still alive.. I go out and get her one of her favorite smoothies..

6:21 Oh guess what.. She’s yelling again because Lennie is trying to eat her food.. (I mean seriously its only 6 something in the morning and I’m already thinking about some wine..)

6:30 Finally I’ve managed to throw my hair up and put a little bit of makeup on so I don’t look like I rolled out of bed..

6:35 Now its Bella’s turn, I have to chase after her to comb her hair and get her dressed, only making the process so much longer than it needs to be..

6:40 I’m finally able to get my scrubs on so I can at least be somewhat put together

6:50 After wrestling a toddler into some boots and a jacket we are off to preschool

7:10 Get Bella inside of school and say our goodbyes and give hugs and kisses before I start my commute to clinical—Bella redeems herself by giving me a kiss and telling everyone she loves her mommy!

7:30 already wondering how Bella is doing because she just started a new preschool and I’m nervous for her..

7:40 get my morning Starbucks coffee (because god knows I need it!)

7:50 arrive to the hospital to start my 8 hour day working with patients and scanning..

12:05pm its lunch time for me but all I can think about is how Bella’s day is going, so yes I’m that crazy mom that has to call in and check on her.. Find out she is doing great and that she’s such a well behaved kid (thank god she can keep it together in public..)

4:30pm after working all day with patients it is time to get back in the car and drive my typical 40 minute commute to pick up Bella.. (I feel like my head is still spinning just writing this down)

5:30 we get home and Bella is requesting her favorite tv show, put that on and wait for dad and the puppy get home..

5:35 chaos starts all over again with the constant watching and explaining to Bella that Lennie is not a stuffed animal and he can not be picked up by his head.. (tough concept for a 3 year old)

5:38 My husband gets dinner started.. thankful he takes care of that most nights!

6:00 I decided to distract Bella with some play-doh so we can have some time together and she isn’t chasing after the dog..

6:15 we all sit down for dinner and talk about our day.. Well we try to anyways.. Usually by this time I’m so exhausted all I can think about is bed..

6:45 It is bath time for Bella.. and me usually, since she typically splashes me with the bubbles trying to “feed” me her pretend sandwich…

7:00 I’m trying to pick up from dinner and get the dishes put away so there isn’t a huge mess left there over night, this is only possible because I have a glass of wine within reach!

7:10 Bella request that we all have a group hug.. this girl really knows the way to my heart and can make any day better

7:15 we get Bella all brushed and ready to head up to bed to read a few stories.. every night it is the same book.. “Fox in the hound” one of our favorites! She always asks the same questions while we read, even though she can read many pages just from the amount of times she’s already heard it

7:30 check out the window because Bella insist we must always check for monsters.. I think it’s just her way of buying some more time awake

7:45 I finally get to sit down with my husband, even if this means I’m studying for my boards... while trying to watch some real housewives.. even if my husband teases me about it..

8:30 I’m fighting to keep my eyes awake because I mean let’s be real, reading puts me to sleep! but it’s the only time we really get alone and can decompress from our days.. So we sit and talk a little longer..

9:20 pretty sure I just passed out because my husband is nudging me to let me know I should probably just go to bed

9:30 I’m finally crawling into bed, just to start my day all over again tomorrow!

So there it is, a day in the life of a full time student, wife and mother.. (Hopefully it wasn’t too boring for you guys!) Some days are extremely stressful, and not everyone sees the not so pretty parts but I am very grateful to have the opportunity to go to school and come home to such a beautiful family! Thanks for reading!

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