Friday, November 20, 2015

A day in the life: part time working mom

Hello, I'm Alisa!
Married to Stevie, love of my life - I KNEW the first night I saw him that I wanted to marry him. Together we have two littles, Ridge and Haven and one more currently cooking! Party of five, coming right up! I am 29 years old, LOVER of crafts, photography and caffeine. I work as an office manager part time but as much as I love my job, my job as being a mama is my favorite - its what i'm meant to be ❤ My Husband is a Trooper with the Maine State Police and also part of the Military, sometimes we go days with just a "hi - bye" and we miss him a lot when work calls BUT the time we get with him is never taken for granted. That's what I love about this life - appreciating all the small things some might take for granted! Here is a day in the life: 
5:30 – Wake up, quietly run (literally) to turn the keurig on and then go pee!!
5:32 – Make coffee (WHY does the keurig sound like a vacuum SHHH), turn on the news and SIT on the couch in peace without little bodies crawling all over me spilling my coffee.
5:40 – Clean up the DVR during commercials. Im sure we don’t need 27 episodes of Paw Patrol… Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol, be there on the double – its stuck in your head now isn’t it?! Mine too!
5:50 – I hear my 3 year old, Ridge, hop out of bed (my bed) and run out to the couch = snuggle time! My favorite!
6:00 – A commercial comes on about the Salvation Army and I ask Ridge if we should go shopping and pick out a couple presents for boys and girls that won’t have many presents under their tree on Christmas morning.  He sat there and thought about it for a little bit and decided that “Me wanna buy money for them” … oh, okay buddy.
6:15 – Husband wakes up! PHEW – another set of hands!
6:17 – He takes my place on the couch and I head to the bathroom to hop in the shower!
6:30 – Out of shower! I hear my daughters little voice so I go out in the living room where she has situated herself on the couch with Big brother and Daddy! Hugs and kisses OF COURSE! Daddy went on to inform me that she hurdled herself over the side of her crib and got out on her own! Oh perfect! Transitioning to a big girl bed is going to have to wait until we move!
6:32 - Stevie's turn to take over the bathroom and get ready!
6:35 – Made breakfast (Daddies favorite oatmeal) for the babes.
6:40 – Mama gets dressed.
6:45 – Ridge and Haven decide they are done eating and now its time to get dressed! I give them a few different choices of clothes and they pick out what they want to wear!
6:55 – Ridge asks us to sit on the couch so he can put on a “concert” for a few minutes! I grab a piece of toast real quick and sit down for the main event! Kid cracks me up!
7:10 – I put on Paw Patrol while I finish getting ready. During this time, as most of you with children know, this isn’t an easy task to get ready. YES I did turn on their favorite show, yes I did make sure they had drinks, snacks, blankies, favorite toys, etc. BUT does it really matter?! Isnt the bathroom floor right underneath my feet much more fun? You want a different drink? You don’t like Paw Patrol anymore?! ::sigh:: Good thing I love these needy little beasts.
7:55 - Daddy heads out the door for work! "Be safe, love you."
8:05 – Hats, mittens, fleeces and out the door we go! Strap the kids into their carseats after we play a quick game of “come catch me” outside. Off to daycare!
8:20 – Arrive at daycare – Head inside and chat for a little bit! LOTS of hugs today before I left! Bye babes!
8:30 - Quick trip down to Danforth’s to get my snacks for my 3 day work week – this pregnant girl eats ALL day (literally) and grab dunkin… DECAF of course, but I don’t even care, I just love the taste of coffee so much! In and out and head to work!
9:00 - Arrive at work and first things first – honey nut cheerios with bananas and a pink grapefruit! YUM! Okay.. now get settled at work for the day!
10:50 – Snack two… an entire container of Sisters Salsa (I have ate FOUR, FOUR whole containers since last Monday). Its fine because my tortilla chips are multigrain, right?
12:00 – Check in with Denise at daycare to see how the kiddos are doing! We have recently transitioned them to a new daycare, which they are doing great at but I just like to see how their day is going! I enjoy my days at work but also miss them!!
1:15 – Lunch time!
3:15 - Leave work to go pick up Ridge & Haven.
3:30 - Get to daycare, try to get the kids out the door and make this process quick but it never ends up being very quick! 😉
3:50 - Home! Both are fast asleep in their carseats so of course I sit outside and play on my phone for awhile - instagram, facebook, pinterest, email. Neither are up stilll so I go inside and run around the apartment cleaning some things up then head back out to check on them!
4:30 - Both awake! Let Ridge out first - He wants to be carried so this leads to a meltdown since I still need to get Haven out. Haven wants to be carried, Ridge wants to be carried = 60 pounds ill just haul in, thanks guys. 
4:40 - Husband gets home from work! Yay! He was on the day shift today which means he gets to help with night time duties tonight.
4:46 - GREAT! I've taken nothing out for dinner...... scrambled eggs, sausage and toast anyone?! MMM I LOVE breakfast for dinner! Plus, its easy! 
5:00 - Play time until dinner - the toy box is already emptied on to the floor because I didn't bother picking up all the toys from this morning, whats the point of picking up their toys again, could someone remind me? 
5:30 - Daddy and Haven make chocolate chip cookies for after dinner! MMMM! Stevie makes THE BEST chocolate chip cookies!
5:45 - We decided on cereal for dinner, I swear this is not an every night thing but sometimes cereal just works! 
6:20 - Waiting for our cookies to cool and doing puzzles on the floor!
6:30 - Kids are occupied by cookies so Mama and Daddy can discuss our new house colors! EEK!
6:45 - Tubby time! Followed by Pjs, brushing teeth and hair!
7:15 - All ready for bed but first they get to pick one show to watch - you guessed it, Paw Patrol! 
7:45 - I get Haven her milk (she still has it every night, bad for her teeth blah blah, I know!) and rock her for a few minutes, sing ABC's and put her into her crib! Night, night! She goes to bed SO easy! 
8:00 - Bring Ridge into our bed and lay with him for a little while until he falls asleep - typically I fall asleep now too but I can't stop thinking about how messy our apartment is! 
8:30 - Clean up, make some sleepy time tea and chill out with the hubby! Soon after, SLEEP! Night! 

*I kept my day for two days to see which day I thought I should share - One day was a work day (as you read) and the other day was a non-work day. I work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, about 9-3! On the day I didn't work, it basically consisted of being lazy all morning, making a trip to grab coffee and go to target and the grocery store - put that on repeat and those are my off days 😊 Maybe a trip to "the jump place" (Playland Adventures) and Bagel Central. Oh and before our day is over we are more than likely to watch Frozen! Sometimes we have really rough days where I think to myself "WHY didn't we just stay home?!" And then I have days where I wonder how I got so lucky. Rewarding life for sure 😊

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