Friday, November 27, 2015



Thanksgiving was spent the way I wish more days could be.  We had silly family banter at home.  I made a light but special breakfast for my guys and then we were out the door to my Mom's house.  We spent quality time with my side of the family and then drove across town to Nick's side for dinner.  Of course the biggest turkey of them all only managed to have a twenty minute nap making his grand entrance less than cheerful.  Luckily I wasn't hungry and let him get situated while the others ate.  In true toddler form the more people tried to make him happy the crankier he got... in true mama form the more anyone tries to help the more stressed I get.  Why is that? Its like if someone offered me food, drinks, gifts whatever to make me happy it wouldn't take much to do the trick, my tot? No, he acts like you are dousing him in cold water while poking him.  When his Gramp & BFF got up for a drink he ditched me and locked them both in the pantry, sometimes being second fiddle is a gift!


Nick's Uncle is an adrenaline junkie and took us all for a helicopter ride around Bangor after dinner.  Nick and I are both nervous travelers, mostly I don't want to orphan my child and he hates the loss of control he feels.  Although I am not surprised he wouldn't join us when Leavitt saw them land on the lawn and was excited I knew I had to let him try it.  Of course I couldn't pass up the chance to see his face for the first time so off we went.  Honestly I did not get great pictures because he's non compliant for me especially when his Gramp is around but the two of them sat in the back peaking out the windows.  He eventually realized I was sitting where all the buttons are and lost his ever loving marbles on us about not being able to push them all... probably good his dad wasn't there (insert mom with hands over eyes!).  When it was all said and done and his little feet were back on the ground he squealed "OH WOW!".  Watching him experience anything for the first time is such a privilege I could never pass up... unless he ever wants to go to the moon you're on your own little one. 


My friend made her way here from Augusta to black Friday shop and of course I fell asleep and we never went, I am contemplating a trip out with the tot in a little bit so if you know of any fab deals send them our way, maybe it will tempt me to do the unthinkable grab a Starbucks troll the mall and let my kid throw a public tantrum with his biggest audience ever.  Try not to let my enthusiasm overwhelm you.

I hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving, that the tiny people in your life had you working that meal off while you ate, and that you are out enjoying retail therapy at its finest!! I am going to try and spoil my husband for the next couple days to bribe my way over to Piper Mountain to get our Christmas tree... but after our little adventure there recently for Christmas card photos I'm not sure I can work even that kind of magic!! Wish me luck!

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