Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Christmas Experience

I hope you all had the Merriest Christmas this past week.  I have tried really hard to be present this season, and enjoy what life has already gifted me.  I am without a doubt a very blessed person.  I have children to hold and love, a warm cozy house to celebrate in, and we all have our health.  We also have so many luxuries that I try really hard not to take for granted.  Along with the luxuries it's been a tough year.  Everywhere I turned there was death, illness, heartbreak, political drama... 2016 was brutal on so many people I care about.  I think about this last month and am happy to see all the memories made.  We really experienced the season this year.  We went and saw, baked goodies, had a fun party with my friends, packed our days with more doing and less buying.  Well, sort of less buying.  I still bought my kids more than they needed but hey tis the season right?  My iPhone camera roll is full of things that make this old heart of mine brimming with love.  So instead of writing a few posts, I am going to give you the highlights reel in no particular order from December courtesy of my phone! 

Waiting to see Santa with his Gramp at L.L. Bean.

Someone was interested in that beard.

I have decided I REALLY want a reindeer, they looked so soft.


Preston wants none of the photo taking and more of the reindeer gawking.  We loved all L.L. Bean had to offer!

Christmas Eve pajama party with these cousins!

I forced my family into a Christmas Eve photo and this is all Leavitt could muster up for me.

Preston getting a Christmas morning snuggle in with his Great Nan.  The buffalo plaid shirt and lobster pajamas are serving up all the Maine Christmas style I can handle! 

Hot cocoa is our jam lately! 

Starbucks at L.L. Bean, because one trip is never enough!  I went back with my husband, who is staring at me from our locked car watching me take this photo while he freezes to death and is doing all he can not to scream at me.  

Painted ornaments in memory of my niece Charlee who celebrated the holiday in Heaven.  We miss her but have a lot of fun keeping her memory alive.  

Lobster shaped sugar cookies for breakfast... and yes that is mac n cheese because sometimes that's also whats for breakfast!

Live nativity and hot cocoa at a local church.  Yes, that is my precious angel abducting baby Jesus.  

These middle of the week moments are really what make the season for me.

My nephew and I having some fun with the party hats from my cookie swap party.

Cookie swap with my gal pals.  I have some good looking friends, huh?

Day trip to the Rockland lobster trap tree!  

Hot cocoa with my Maine man on the porch at Greentree coffee.  I want to live there.

Gingerbread house decorating was fun.  Gingerbread house eating turned out to be more fun.

Helping hang the ornaments.  Snapping a picture helped ease the crazy in me who wanted to do it by myself.

Just a boy looking for the perfect tree.

Taking a break from kid activities to get some quality adult time in with the girls!  

Some good old fashioned movie watching in front of the fireplace in his Santa sleeping bag!

I hope you all had a very merry season, and were able to not just get through the holidays but really live in them.  Thanks for hanging with me this year!

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