Thursday, January 5, 2017

Farewell 2016

 || Photo by Danielle Brady Photography ||

As we leave 2016 behind and start anew I can't help but feel like this one may have aged me more than any other year.  Personally there were high highs and low lows.  I lost my Dad in the spring to cancer.  But by fall I welcomed a my precious little P, who brings me such peace and joy.  A few health concerns of my own that seemed to work themselves out, have left me especially grateful to be walking into 2017 with a clean bill of health.  My husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary with a quick trip away right before the birth of our second son.  Life is sweet.
Last year I had set very small goals for myself with the blog just to keep myself motivated and interested.  Along with those goals, some highlights from last year were becoming a Nuby parent blogger, working with, and partnering with Freshly Picked.  I was interviewed and featured on a London based mommy blogger's site, which connected me to some really sweet readers I have loved getting to know.  I also have connected with other mamas who blog about their crazy lives.  Connections are what makes this all worth it today.  The catalog of memories is what will make it worth it years from now.  

This year I hope to continue to connect with those of you who enjoy this little space of mine.  I also have answered the burning question I get the most, which is what will I do about the name of the blog now that I have two babes.  I will be re-branding the blog within the next month and am so excited to share it with all of you.  It really was a hard decision on what to name it so I hope you all like what I came up with... we will save that for another time!

Sitting here writing this to you all I really want to thank anyone who reads my posts, sends me messages, likes, comments, scrolls by with a smile, or casually pops by when they have an extra minute.  I do this for myself, for the memories, but I also do it because I really love the connections we have made.  I promise good things are to come this year around here, I also promise to keep it real and not put on a fake social media front for you.  No over filtered and staged photos, no fluffy stuff.  Just the real nitty gritty reality of raising my babies, loving my husband, dressing this twice over mom bod, hanging with the girls, and keeping my faith in the lord.  Life isn't perfect, but it is so beautiful.  Cheers to the New Year loves!! 

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