Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Card 2016

Well its that time of year again, when all your friends and family, near and far, send their love in a holiday card.  Some will send a random candid taken at some point in the last year.  Others a generic bi fold card.  Then there are those who go all out and book the photographer, plan the outfits, and sweat it out for a couple hours until the photographer says "we've got it!".  

I fall into that category of trying to get the perfect shot.  Mostly its the perfect time of year to book family photos, I get a Christmas card photo and Leavitt's birthday is close by so I get his yearly picture at the same time.  My multitasking means that the husband's arm is easily twisted into submission and I get the family photos my little photo hoarding heart desires.  

This year I had an almost three year old, an eight week old, and my husband to style and keep happy.  Not to mention my eight week postpartum bod wasn't exactly begging for a photo shoot.  With the odds stacked against me, I booked the session with my talented gal pal Danielle Brady, ordered my dress, organized the guys outfits and threw up a hail Mary.  

On the way out the door I caught Leavitt rubbing white nail polish and lotion allover his body.  In a fluster I forgot pull-ups and could smell poop half way there.  I ended up using an infant diaper on my two year old and hoping for the best.  We took them at Piper Mountain and within five minutes Danielle showed me a card worthy photo on the back of her camera to ease my nerves.  Leavitt really let his crazy hang out and gave her all the sass a tiny person could contain.  How she managed to snag good pictures is beyond me.  I live for the blooper pictures so she always snaps away when things go rogue, but this was one time I was worried we may not have many happy candids.  

Of course she delivered and I have silly happy family photos, a card worthy photo, and plenty of good old bloopers that make me smile.  I honestly love that she captured these last two of Nick and I giving our signature "are you serious" looks... I am saving these so that some day our boys will look at them and make fun of us the way we make fun of them now.  I love our card and while I am going to save that just for those special people on my mailing list, I hope you all savor the moments of crazy that make up your days.  It is so easy to only share the card worthy moments, its the mayhem in the middle that makes up our lives.  I always am so encouraged when Danielle shows me the perfect shot because amongst the chaos is the perfection I strive for even if I can't see it, but the crazy eye rolling, frustrating and real moments are what our life is made of and honestly they are not only so funny they are so much better than the card because it is who we really are.  Happy Holidays, friends! We love the real you!!!XOXO

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