Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

With Valentine's day in a couple weeks I have rounded up my favorite pink items currently on my watch list.  If any of these items go on sale consider them mine! In the meantime I can help you make the lady in your life very happy, or help you leave a subtle hint for the guy in your life!  Happy Shopping loves!

|| Handbag ||

This Tory Burch tote is one of my favorites, because who doesn't love a classic tote bag?  Even better that this gorgeous bag can be used when out with the kids with its generous interior space, but it isn't so oversized that you couldn't take it on a date night.  The bag goes for $295 so while it is a splurge for valentines day it will get tons of use.  

|| Ring ||

This ring is to die for.  I love everything about it.  The shape, the rose gold, how dainty it is.  It will run you a cool $250 but hey it has diamonds and a whole lot of style so its practically a steal.

This water bottle had me at pink spikes.  I may actually want to hit the gym with this little beauty.  It will run you $40, which makes it the cheapest thing on this little list of mine.  

|| Flats ||

I have been eyeing these pink flats since they came out.  I will admit I don't love the travel flats.  I have a pair in gold, and while I love the look of the gold, I prefer the solid rubber bottom of the Reva flats, not the folding bottom the Mini travel flats they replaced the Revas with.  I mean who really folds their shoes in half to travel?  They come in at $225 which is $50 less than the old Reva style.  I will say they are nice and light though, and this color just screams happy feet!  

|| Handbag ||

I always like to add a splurge to the list.  Something fun for a special occasion.  I always buy the neutral basics I know I will use a lot.  I love this bag.  I love the color.  I love the fact that it's small, meaning it's going out for dates with my husband, and for drinks with the girls.  

|| Jelly Sandals ||

I would be lying if I said I don't love a jelly sandal.  They are cute enough to wear with casual summer clothes, but are able to be worn at the beach.  The multifunctional aspect, and then the fact that they are less expensive than the leather sandals from Tory.  They will run you $125 but that is a steal for a Tory item, not to mention bright pink flowers... yes please!

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