Saturday, November 19, 2016

Holiday gift guide: Maine Made

As you all know I am a Maine girl and love all things Maine made.  Any time you spot me out and about you can always find at least one accessory I am wearing from a Maine shop.  I am sure I have mentioned it before but for those of you who don't know me my great grandfather on my mom's side was a downeast fisherman and my great grandfather on my dad's side owned a potato farm.  I still have relatives in Aroostook and Washington counties... for those of you not in Maine it doesn't get more Maine than that!  That being said I hope you enjoy these little pieces of Maine goodness as much as I do!

So here are my Maine made picks for gift giving this year!

This black and white clutch is begging for a girls night out.  I love these bait bag clutches by Alaina Marie.  They are made in Portland, ME and I have three already that I use all the time.  They are perfect for me because I throw them in the diaper bag,  carry them on a date night with my husband, or a night out with the girls.  The price is perfect at $75.00 for a Christmas gift.  You can dress it up or go casual, and the black and white will go with anything and work in all seasons.  Its a win!

I mentioned that my mom's family comes from downeast, specifically Perry, Maine.  I love that these amazing shoes and slippers come from this teeny tiny town.  I have a couple pairs of shoes from them, and while they are a little on the pricey side, they are quality through and through.  These slippers fall on the lower end of their pricing at $179.00 but whoever gets these as a gift will be slipping them on for years making them worth every penny!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my Ropes bracelets in many of my pictures.  I wear one every single day.  Something about them just works with my standard mom uniform.  I love that they go with everything I wear, stack well with my other jewelry, are nautical without being touristy, and come in so many color combinations.  This particular one caught my eye a while back for fall and winter, but they have so many great options that will work in all seasons.  There are several variations and knock offs of this brand, many at half the price.  I have gotten my hands on several of them and none compare to the real deal.  The price is perfect for a close friend or special relative at $70.00.  

I just snagged this little gem during the Bar Harbor pajama day sales at A Little Mad, my favorite store on MDI.  This little cuff is dainty, cute, inexpensive, and stacks well.  For $24.00 it makes a great gift for teachers, friends, or anyone who you need a little something more for.  

|| Wine Bag ||

By now everyone is familiar with Sea Bags.  I love the re purposing of sails and the fact that they are handcrafted in Maine, so these are a natural win.  Add a bottle of your favorite vino and it's possibly the easiest gift you can come up with, especially for a hostess.  The bag is $35.00 making it super affordable and being so cute you don't even need to wrap it, stuff a bottle in there and you will be the best looking thing to show up on a front porch this holiday season! I am obsessed with the back of these bags, you can recycle them by re-gifting the bag as you visit other people you sign the bag and date it as it makes its way through your tribe.  I can only imagine the memories a bag like this would hold after being passed around!

I can't think of anything cozier than coffee roasted in Maine.  I am a lover of strong coffee with bold flavors and Green Tree coffee does not disappoint me.  The Christmas cheer is a medium blend and sure to be a hit with all coffee lovers.  This company gives back with every pound of coffee.  They support charities for dogs and the great Maine outdoors.  If you aren't sold yet the $12.00 price point should do the trick!  

I hope you all find something from this great state to add to your holiday shopping list, for someone very special.  Weather you live here like me, or you just want something unique to put under the tree. I can't think of anywhere, other than the North Pole, more Christmas like than the Pine Tree State! Happy Shopping, friends!!

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