Sunday, July 17, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Baby Edition

There are two types of people right now.  Half the world is charging their Nordstrom cards up like crazy and posting their finds on the WWW.  The other half are praying their finds are still available when the early access ends and everyone without the card can shop the sale on July 22nd.  I don't have the card so I am in the group of retail prayer warriors.  While I could get the card and pay it off like a responsible adult there is a part of me that likes the gamble of weather or not my favorite items sell out.  What can I say I live on the edge.  All items except the travel crib are under $50 making this one of the best baby boy round ups ever.  

|| Blanket || Fleece Suit ||

These two are Maine baby must haves.  A monogrammed stroller blanket for $42.90 and the softest fleece suit ever made for $45.90 will have your baby cozy and cute while out and about in the cold Maine months.  

|| Outfit || Travel Crib ||

Stem Baby Organics makes this adorable little outfit.  I am obsessed with their clothes.  Leavitt had several pieces from them that I loved.  Stylish and functional, making them perfect for new babes and toddlers alike.  I must say their stuff washes so well!  This outfit is on sale for $25.90 and is worth every penny!  

I have never owned this travel crib, but I did my research.  I watched youtube videos, and read other mommy blogs.  Everyone says this is the easiest thing to fold, without a loose fitting bag to make lugging it around easier.  This has a changing station feature as well as a bassinet option while they are newborns helping make the $231.90 price tag worth it.  This is definitely on our list of things to snag before baby #2 gets here!  

|| Hoodie || Boots ||

This Norstrom Baby hoodie is clearly adorable and on sale for $19.90 making it a steal.  I love the little bear ears to give it that aww factor and the gray means it will go with everything! 

These UGG boots are taking me back a little bit.  Leavitt had a pair of blue and brown ones I bought the day we found out we were having a boy.  They are special to me so I am keeping them just for him.  That being said he wore them all the time and this little guy is going to need a pair.  This gray color is right up my alley and so so sweet for a newborn boy or girl.  Normally I would need to sneak these into the house but for $39.50 I think even my husband will agree we need these!

|| Moccs || Sweater ||

Moccs are everywhere.  And more and more people are making them.  I love the story of the Freshly Picked brand, but they are the most expensive moccs on the market.  Leavitt had several pairs and the ones that don't have his footprints in them will be shared with his brother.  But these little ones are making me think our newest edition needs these! The color and the woven sweater look are perfection.  On sale for $41.90 makes them cheaper than you could ever get them from a Freshly Picked sale.  

This sweater is Stem Baby Organics like the outfit above.  Leavitt had 3 of these sweaters.  The pointed hood makes babies look like adorable little elves.  The buttons and tassel on the hood give it a made with love look.  For $24.90 you can't go wrong weather you are shopping for a gift or shopping for your own little one.

I hope all your favorite items are still available when the early access ends if you are a gambler like myself!  If you have the card, happy early shopping, I'm a little jealous so enjoy that for me! I am going to put together some toddler & mama must haves for you all too! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! We sure did!

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