Thursday, July 7, 2016


I had planned on sharing with you the sweet details of our 4th of July weekend, but the week has gotten away from me and that all seems like a lifetime ago.  So I will give you all the nitty gritty of our life lately.

We had a great weekend with plenty of relaxation and family time.  My little one once again got his camp and grandparent fix.  Mommy and Daddy took a day date to get coffee and a few groceries.  I snuck out to do a little shopping while my husband took Leavitt fishing with his Dad.  I sprung for a flamingo towel, bubble machine and shirts for my husband.  Truthfully it felt like a splurge, probably because I was solo shopping for something other than food.  We filled our hearts with memories and our bellies with lobster.  My husbands uncle thrilled my two year old with a fly by in his helicopter and I managed to reclaim my cool status by catching a turtle.  The thrills people.  

Monday being a holiday meant Tuesday came in like a wrecking ball.  We managed to crawl out from under the mountain of camp laundry and my husband made it to work while Leavitt and I got groceries.  Tuesday nights I have been joining some fabulous ladies for a bible study.  Our summer series has us restaurant hopping and reading a book on how to keep our cool.  My mom watched Leavitt so I could meet the girls and dine al fresco, while my husband had a guys night with the best man from our wedding turned house guest for this week!  The break we all got was refreshing and we all slept a little sounder that night.

Wednesday had me debating weather or not I was going to a beach play date.  I have been torn lately between feeling guilty and wanting to pack our days with memories before he becomes a big brother, and feeling like I am letting little things fall between the cracks around the house.  While I love a good play date, I have been on a hamster wheel of packing and unpacking lately.  I am so glad we went.  The water was cool, the sun was hot and the company was unmatched.  I packed us enough food to weather the apocalypse, beach gear and sunscreen.  I survived another public outing seven months pregnant in a swimsuit.  After a few hours the tide came in forcing us off the beach.  My little one clearly hadn't had enough so we went swimming at his great grandparents house.  He swam for a few hours and still stayed up past his bedtime with no naps.  It is no wonder why I am tired all the time!!

While I have been filling my days with memories and adventure I look forward to Thursdays.  When I can get that much needed manicure, conquer my to do list and generally get my shit together.  I am so thankful I have that time I can count on so that I can join play dates, and focus on just spending time with my favorite little guy and not feel overwhelmed with all the things I need to accomplish.  Which is a lot lately.  I have a few new things coming up on the blog in the next few weeks and in two months we will have a precious new family member to love... in the words of my babe "oh gosh!".

Hope you all are packing your summer with as much memory making as we are!

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