Thursday, June 23, 2016

Post Work Out Nutrition

I was introduced to and after chatting with them about all the cool things they have going on I decided to bring you guys a little post-workout snack inspiration.  Believe it or not this ol' mom bod makes it to the gym at least once a week.  Weather I am at the barre studio, hitting up the pilates reformer, or out for a power stroll with my tiny taskmaster.  I am determined to keep moving throughout this pregnancy.  While I am headed into the newborn days eyes wide open this time, I am also eyes wide open at how hard bouncing back to pre-baby normal can and will be.    

One of the things about working out while pregnant that I find most challenging is finding protein packed snacks that leave me feeling full and running on an even keel.  There is nothing worse than feeling light headed after a work out and craving some sugar to keep going.  I've never claimed to have the most self control but it is that moment of weakness that has me running for a latte.  To avoid that I tend to keep little snack sized portions of trail mix or almonds in my bag.   They keep me feeling full and energized without feeling guilty for snacking after a workout.  My work out days are usually days my son is in daycare.  I pack that day full of errands and keeping my energy up is super important.  You can find some other high protein snacks here.

I realize many of you probably aren't gearing your snack choices towards pregnancy.  But these snack options they have come up with are really great ideas for anyone who works out, or is looking for a healthy option to avoid the 3PM crash that has my local Starbucks backed up every afternoon.  For tips on healthy snacking check their list out here complete with recipes. also carries a wide variety of dried fruit, nuts, beef jerky, candies, even candy by the color for you candy bar needs.  Because if you want to be the cutest hostess and most hated mom voted by other moms on the toddler birthday scene, you have a candy bar of course!  

So hop on over to order up some snacks for your home, office or party and visit them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for more snacking inspiration.


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