Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pregnancy Obsessions

I go in phases with my obsessions.  A couple years ago when we moved in to our new home it was all things housewares.  I had a moment where I HAD to have fancy holiday china.  I did a long stint in crazy town and acquired an embarrassing amount of Tory Burch shoes... like around the same number as my age.... grossly over done but I still browse for a good deal and want more.  I had a weird pack n play problem for a while and we ended up needing four and are now down to two that are not appropriate for a newborn, go figure.  Pajamas have been my jam off and on for years.  I have several drawers full of them for different moods, seasons and travel.  Because who wears the same thing alone with their husband that they would an overnight trip to camp with the in laws? Obviously no one.  Of course pregnancy brings out a whole new animal in me that can't get enough of certain things and none of it makes any sense.

Lemon, cucumber and mint water.  It's my jam right now.  I drink at least two pitchers of it a day at home.  I gave up diet soda when I found out I was pregnant with bambino numero dos.  I actually drank it with Leavitt.  I had so much morning sickness, dizziness and constant exhaustion from being up at three in the morning for work and being on my feet all day.  Then running over to our new house and playing assistant GC to the actual general contractor who needed me to make decisions every single time I showed my tired face.  My diet coke addiction kept me from passing out after long shifts and my doctor didn't seem to mind even if I did get dirty looks from my mom and other 'natural' moms... so not my friends basically.  Anyways... tangent much.  This time it tastes disgusting to me and have been downing my favorite infused water all day every day.  It supposedly has detoxifying benefits, reduces inflammation in the body, and is super hydrating all expecting mama wins.  Another drink switch up is, almond milk instead of skim milk in my daily chai.  I am making them at home and the almond milk is not only less calories but is supposedly better for your gallbladder which I had some trouble with during my first pregnancy.  So far so good.

Sunless tanner.  Ok this is kind of gross but I can't help it.  I have bright blue varicose veins that look like worms making up a road map on my right leg.  It's super annoying to me and the only thing that seems to help the appearance other than all that water I'm drinking is to apply sunless tanner to my legs.  They honestly make me a little nervous and should have them looked at after pregnancy.  They reared their ugly head when I was pregnant with Leavitt and reduced in size but didn't go away after I had him.  Two and a half years later they are back with a vengeance and I'm less than trilled about it.  I also have been hitting the moisturizer up like crazy after my daily shower.  I have a long lotion routine that is getting annoying to even me.  I use the Jergens gradual tan on my legs.  Wash my hands.  Micellar water on my face.  Jergens natural glow for face.  Wash my hands.  Palmers coco butter oil on my belly.  Wash my hands.  Coconut oil lotion on my arms.  Essie feet in the clouds lotion on my feet.  Wash my hands.  It's getting a little out of control all the different lotions and washing of hands.  I had a real spray tan yesterday to even things out a bit and luckily I just look like I've been on vacation... a girl can dream.

I am obsessed with diffusing essential oils right now especially grapefruit.  I love that I can diffuse the oils for up to eight hours, and unlike a candle I can leave the house or the room and not worry that the house will burn down or my toddler will try to play with it.  Grapefruit is uplifting, clean, and energizing, all things this pregnant lady needs. 

Speaking of energizing and uplifting, the blood orange white pepper Bliss scrub and body wash have me starting every day with a citrus party in the shower.  I get these at Tj Maxx usually, but you can get them online too at Blissworld.com.  I normally don't gravitate to citrus smells but either the summer or pregnancy have to loving all things citrus.  I am also loving all things lady maintenance because I feel like a guest in my own body right now, so these little things help my state of mind.

I am sure like all of my obsessions I will be phasing things in and out like the moody pregnant person that I am.  I am really enjoying these little changes to my everyday routines.  I am also obsessively researching double strollers and am pretty sure I have picked one but if you have a suggestion send it my way! I am also pack n play shopping which is killing me to need another one.  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! 

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