Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Weekend Recovery

After a long weekend at camp, I wasn't ready for Monday. By not ready I mean Sunday night I left camp in tears because my child became so overtired and obsessed with his Grandfather I literally was in no position to parent anymore.  His refusal to ride home with either of his parents left me free to get groceries alone, clearly not passing up that opportunity even if my eyes were red from sobbing the whole way home.  Come Christmas I hope I have detoxed from these hormones and no longer cry so much... what gives?!

With my Monday morning errand already completed the night before, I scrolled Facebook and remembered some other mamas were planning to head to the beach for the day.  Annoyed I had been kicked to the curb all weekend I decided we should take his grandparent hangover to the beach to get in some quality time my soul desperately needed.  When in doubt head to the water.

I needed some last minute beach essentials, and my Starbucks fix before I could send myself back to the isolation of another lake.  He really is my best bud.  We waded in the water.  Cheers-ed with our SB cups.  Snuggled when the wind got a little crazy, and got to catch up with our MOPS friends.  Could that surfer hair be any sweeter? I vote no.  

He proved how overtired he really was by frequently acting like he was taking a nap on the beach.  Being an adventurer is exhausting people!  It was so nice to snap back to reality by easing into our week.  I am still looking for more places to day trip, and need to put some of Maine's amazing festivals on our calendar before the summer escapes us and we become a family of four! 

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