Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spring Fever & Sippy Cups

It is finally warm here in Maine and we have been taking full advantage.  I am not going to lie the spring fever around here has been intense.  Constant cleaning of the same messes when we can't be outside has had me wound up pretty tight and the results aren't pretty.  Last week we took off with some friends to Acadia for the day.  I almost forgot how much he likes to let the waves chase him and his little toes in the sand.  I guess I have taken for granted how beautiful this great state we live in is.  Driving through the park hearing my freshly napped babe say "oh wow" as we turn the corners and the trees give way to breathtaking ocean views.  I caught a glimpse of our wedding venue from the tree tops on our way to the beach and was so excited to be back.  Baby bump and all!

Being on the go isn't always easy though.  Leavitt is independent and a free spirit.  I am tired and pregnant.  The combo is exhausting and down right frustrating!  Drinks and snacks are honestly the only things I can consistently count on helping me out on trips out of the house.  I know I am not alone here.  Nuby came out with these awesome new cups that have a weighted straw, a flip top so the straw stays clean, handles for easy use and carry for the little hands in your life.  Click-it technology so you can hear when the cup is locked means I don't screw the top on sideways per usual making a huge mess.  My little guy likes to tip his drinks like a bottle, but prefers to drink from a straw... the irony and lack of logic is not lost on me.  However I'd say that must be a kid thing because the weighted straw solves the problem without any fussing.  The flip top was perfection for the beach, no sand around the straw and no spilling in my bag!  Less baby drama, happier mama.  

Daycare was closed last week for spring break... daycare caught a break mama not so much.  My mom took the week off to help my sister and had her kids for the week.  We had plenty of playdates of course.  My mom or Meme as we call her loves to take the kids to sweet frog.  I would rather do the drive through at Dairy Queen so I don't have to deal with rogue two year olds and sticky fingers.  I obliged and met them there.  As you can see from the pic above ice cream makes a guy thirsty and we were able to stay in our seats thanks to his new favorite cup.  There are some parts to this cup for all of you that live for the dishwasher.... so me.  I have a dishwasher basket from our days of bottles.  I take the straw apart toss it into the basket and it comes totally clean.  No left over juice and I set it on a paper towel to let it air dry after the wash cycle.  No effort from me and no mold which is super gross and common in many sippy cups.  

Nuby has agreed to let me give one away to a lucky reader before you can buy in stores! So hop over to our instagram username Bringingupleavitt to enter! If you aren't the lucky winner you can also find these cups at Tj Maxx & Marshall's in June as well as the link above. You can almost always find me there because I have a love for all things Tj Maxx and Marshall's! 

Brining up Leavitt is a Nuby Parent Blogger and was given products in exchange for reviews.  All opinions are and always will be my own.  

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