Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I'm not going to lie I have been really enjoying gabbing about bath toys, mama gifts, and answering all the funny messages I get! It has really been a fun distraction to the pregnancy funk I am in.  I'm showing, but basically just look fat.  I am in that weird mixture of my clothes and maternity clothes, which doesn't have me really feeling like myself.  I have never been a yoga pant/legging for clothes kind of Mom.  I know if I start now it will kill my Mojo beyond recovery and that scares the ever loving shit out of me.  I wear my yoga pants to work out, and my leggings I save for days that I am ready for bed at four, and would like my husband to not come home to me in pajamas.  

So I have been wallowing in my current situation and really hoping warm weather arrives sooner than I expect it to.  Leavitt has been talking so much better and able to have real conversations with me.  If I am running around worrying about this out of place item, or that dirty dish he wraps his arms around my legs and says "mama I need a hug".  I need to follow his lead more and worry less about the petty things.  So petty things be damned,  I am going to pry myself out of this pregnancy rut.  For starters, we had a breakfast playdate last week with six ladies and eight kids... obviously the picture above is pre-party arrival.  But flowers and a clean kitchen tend to make me happy.  Digging out wedding gifts also puts a smile on my face so theres always that!

So about those messages I have gotten, lets chat.

A common question I am getting lately is what will the blog be called once I have the new baby?  Will I change it or leave it the same?  Good questions ladies, since I have no idea myself! Baby brother doesn't have a name yet and I am really struggling to get a name to take hold of my heart that my husband likes too.  Leavitt has such a strong family name that I feel badly if this guy gets a totally  unique name without any family ties.  However being the baby of the family he probably won't care and will  hopefully have my last born rebel soul.  So now that I have failed to answer the question you at least know why!!

Another question I got recently was how we told our families we were expecting.  I had ordered calendar cookies for our parents with my due date on them and we ended up telling them before hand.  My mom had been stopping over and I was making excuses why I had no wine, or  wouldn't have a drink with her.  Then we went to Margaritas and I knew she would catch on so while I was driving I passed her my ultrasound picture and told her she would be enjoying those drinks solo for a good cause for a while.  I still thought we could use the cookies to tell his parents and my mom together when they were done but my father in law beat us to it.  After my husband had worked out of town for a day they had a long phone conversation that resulted in him asking if I was pregnant.  Obviously my mom bod is worse for the wear this time.  It was boring, I hope you all find a better way to spill the beans to your families.  The cookies were cute and I was the only on who didn't eat one.  Mine is in the freezer along with our wedding favors, baby shower toppers, but sadly no wedding cake.  Totally going to have to order another top from our cake for our anniversary!  Bonus points to our little man if he arrives a little early so I can enjoy a glass of bubbly with the cake.

Ok this last question I got has inspired me a little.  A super sweet girl I have never met sent me an email asking about maternity clothes and style.  I died a little inside.  I was so flattered but had no idea what to say since I have obviously been in a rut.  I'm not loving my regular clothes and maternity clothes have me feeling like I am being swallowed whole because I'm not quite there yet.  I did happen to know of some great maternity sales that were going on at the time, that of course no longer are.  I have decided to swallow my pride and share some maternity OOTD posts every so often so you expecting mothers can see what I am wearing, you know if you're into that sort of thing.  I won't document every day because I am already a mom and have some things on repeat and I don't want to bore the ever loving daylights out of you.  I am on the hunt right now for a maternity swimsuit and will report back when I find one I am not terrified to rock.  Not to worry I will not be sharing the pictures.  Jesus take the wheel.

In other news Old Navy is having a sale right now and I just snagged three maternity shirts and a pair of shorts for $45 shipped! I normally loath Old Navy, something about it stresses me out.  I am way more of a Gap girl but these deals were ridiculous and who am I to turn my nose up at a sale like that?

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