Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sick Survival Guide

I have been suffering from a cold for a solid eight weeks.  Last week my husband brought home some nasty respiratory virus from work... what is it with men that go to work and spread their germs?! Although I really tried my best to quarantine my husband in the basement (mancave) and set him up in the guest room to keep from getting my healthy toddler and my pregnant self from getting the plague.  My toddler got super sick.  There are a few must haves that are getting me through.  One of them is fantasizing about a vacation but since that won't be happening anytime soon here are the things keeping us afloat over here.

Learn to make your own Starbucks beverage at home.  I am a non-fat vanilla chai girl.  I buy skim milk, the vanilla syrup from Starbucks, and the Tazo original chai latte mix.  It only took a few tries but it tastes the same if not better at home and I don't have to leave the house.  I also don't have to shell out $5 for my drink and then pay for an overpriced toddler snack to keep the taskmaster happy.  Saving money and time while caffeinating its a solid win for mom. 

I live for DoTerra On Guard essential oils.  The smell helps keep the house smelling fresh and cozy and is supposed to help ward off germs.  I was slacking on this while I was sick and now we all are.  Coincidence? Maybe.  But at this point I would burn sage to clear the germs out of here.  You can get some for yourself here.  I use a diffuser and put it on the bottoms of Leavitt's feet especially on daycare day.  I double up on the oils at night and diffuse DoTerra's serenity blend at night in my bedroom diffuser to relax us.  

Hannaford to-go.  I can order my groceries and pick them up without getting out of the car.  I can also send my super busy husband to pick them up and I know that I will get what I actually need and he won't have to put much effort in.  Not going to lie this is a mommy game changer for me especially when we are sick.  I spend significantly less money because I don't buy impulse items and my toddler who loves fruit and cheese doesn't help me spend any extra money on extra items like exotic fruit that may or may not get eaten at home.  I also don't feel obligated to let him eat unwashed fruit to keep him from screaming through the entire store.  I still prefer to shop by myself and pick my own meat and produce.  But in a pinch convenience is my best friend.

A pair of really good pajamas, that are cute enough to put on after a shower and feel like I actually put myself together.  I live for pajamas.  I have always had a thing with matching pjs since I was a kid.  Some of my favorites are a comfy adorable romper from Eberjey.  I won't put you through having to look at pictures of me in all my bedtime glory so I will link if for you here.  Although Eberjey is a splurge it is totally worth it.  I have a robe, a couple rompers,  and even a beach cover up that are all flattering, and wash well.  You can sometimes find their stuff on sale at Nordstrom, Anthropologie & Eberjey's website.    I am also a super fan of Target pjs mostly because they are between the door and the diapers, and they are inexpensive.  I just got this pair not too long ago and they are cute, comfy and most importantly baby bump friendly.

So there you have it my survival guide to being sick with a sick toddler and in my case, knocked up.  Hope you all are avoiding every single disgusting virus that has been going around like a the plague.  Is it summer yet?!

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