Sunday, April 10, 2016

Mother's Day Shopping Guide

If I am being honest, I would tell you that Mother's day is a big deal to me.  It also falls the week of my birthday so that makes it a really big deal.  Although it doesn't take much to make me happy on my very special day it does however take a lot to redeem ones self if you live with me and make no fuss of me at all.  That got me thinking of all the things a Mama wants.  Now I am not dropping major hints here for anyone in particular because my son can't read and has no money, and my husband will skip right over a post that says "shopping guide". 

This necklace is similar to the gold bar version I wear every day.  My bar necklace has our wedding coordinates on it.  I get compliments on it all the time and it always starts a conversation about our wedding, instant mood booster.  For Mother's day I love the idea of coordinates to where your babes were born.  If you got pregnant on your honeymoon, or a vacation and live in the town where you will be giving birth you should totally go for where you conceived.  Might be a little awkward if a stranger asks but I like the idea of a sexy little secret that doubles as jewelry.  The price point is also amazing at $54.  They quote 14-21 days for customer orders and make sure you get something written on the back!! 

This colorful clutch has had my eye since last summer.  I tend to not get much use out of a clutch because, well I am a mom and have to shlep everything but the kitchen sink wherever we go.  So while I might not buy it for myself it makes a nice gift for when mom actually does get her me time.  The bright colors have me thinking about a spray tan.  The Maine girl in me loves that these are made in Portland, ME and the price is right at $65.  I just might snag this for myself on second thought because I just bought an adorable chambray dress that needs a little something fun.  See it only took me two sentences to talk myself into buying it.   

This bag has to be the perfect summer tote.  The bright colors scream vacation, and the white an tan bring just enough neutral to the party to be grown up.  I'm dying over how festive this makes me feel. While I have a very realistic feeling I won't be splurged on for my third mother's day- birthday gift because I got over the top gifts the first two years.  I hope someone is gifted this gem.  It makes me want to grab a sundress call my girls up and head out for margaritas... you know sans tequila for moi. The bag is also the perfect size to drag around the six days a week you don't have a sitter and have your little BFF in tow.  Ok so the $495 price tag says splurge but you made a beautiful baby you deserve it!! 

While I was in Florida my sister who happens to out swag me on every level,  graciously let me sit in her closet while I asked her about all her new purchases.  We both wear a size seven so she shows me all her new shoes and one by one I model them for myself and our kids who think we are so lame I'm pretty sure.  She had just bought these and was loving them.  I am typically not a jelly sandal kind of gal.  The thought of friction and sweat makes me cringe.  These however were super cute on, true to size (Tory sandals I always size up half a size), and she swears they are comfortable.  I can attest to that because I tried them on every time I walked by them.  I have no shame.  The fuchsia is fun, and the gold logo is grown up just enough to not look like a six year old in pink jellies.  If you are spoiled this year and get these and the tote bag send me all the OOTD selfies.  Also these will only set you back $95 which is significantly less than most Tory sandals, and unlike all the leather ones I have these are pool, beach, and mall perfect. 

There you have it the top mom gifts I am crushing on this year.  It seems a little early I know but I wanted to give even the procrastinators a chance to snag that amazing little personalized necklace in time for mom's big day! Mother's Day is May 8th this year which is a little early.  Sadly for my husband my birthday is the following weekend giving me the entire week to soak up the love!  Which my hormonal mushy self should confess thats really what I want is quality time with the two guys that made me a mom.  

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