Saturday, March 19, 2016

Easter Egg Hunt

My husband is under this impression that I take holidays a little too far and that Easter is not a major gift giving holiday.  Wrong.  It totally is.  Especially when you had a mom like mine.  I remember getting the catalogs out, circling which vacation outfits I wanted and selecting my swimsuit for the upcoming heat wave we may or may not be getting here in Maine.  She would buy us a frilly dress, purchase our selected items, have the perfect Easter baskets, and have a huge dinner for us after church.  I always remember her having lots of decorations and special Easter china.  I love those memories that were only second to Christmas.  Then there was the annual Easter egg hunt she would do for us.  Candy and as we got older money was hidden in them.  Something Nick rolled his eyes at when I told Leavitt that when he was a little older we would throw some cash in there to make things exciting.  He didn't believe me until my mom chimed in and said "Oh yeah we did that".  

She's still at it and this year she threw an awesome Easter egg hunt for our kiddos.  Along with the egg hunt she made lunch and had a dessert bar for the men in our life.  I totally love and appreciate how serious she takes the holidays and that she is making them still so special for us all.  I love even more how happy Saylor was eating a Reese's... if spinning on your bottom in delight while noshing on some candy isn't the cutest thing I don't even know what to say to you.  Leavitt had a pretty adorable moment himself when halfway through his hunt he remembered he had stashed some chocolate covered oreos in his basket and laid down in the grass to enjoy them.  Russell was the voice of reason telling Leavitt over and over that we shouldn't make a mess.  He's going to have his hands full when his sissy turns two!!

Hope you all love love love these pictures they make my heart so happy!! I can't wait until this little love inside of me can do this with us next year, for now I will enjoy a piece of candy with him! 


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