Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Day in the Life: Work from home mom

Hello! I am Sarah, a work from home mom running a small property management and investment company while raising our nearly 3 year old son Sawyer and our 15mo old daughter Eloise 'Ellie.' Before getting done working outside the home I was a news director/ reporter for a radio station out of Bar Harbor and worked in Banking for a number of years. I have loved my career choices, but nothing has compared to being 'mama' to my littles. A good friend of mine who is a stay at home mom recently changed her occupation on Facebook to 'Domestic Engineer' I think she hit the nail on the head- I am the queen of my domain and my people pay me in kisses and boogers. I am living the dream. 

Tuesday November 10th 

2:32am- Ellie wakes up like she does every night and stands in her crib beckoning for me to retrieve her. 
2:45- I sense a tiny human creeping outside my door waiting to muster up the courage to make his way into my room and insist on sleeping with us. After listening to him talk to the cat I ask him if he wants to come in... He doesn't miss a beat and is under the covers soaking up snuggles in seconds.
6:25- Alarm goes off but I don't have to be anywhere super early so I take advantage of the snuggle fest and lay in bed with the kids. 
7:02- Change diapers, make my bed and then Sawyers'- go around the floor and pick up the laundry that was just dropped on floor last night. 
7:15- Pass Jason in the hall- make morning pleasantries while discussing my need for coffee stat. Make way to living room to pick up toys and blankets while the Kurig dispenses my life source. Morning sippys are filled with milk and I contemplate skipping the flavored creamer to save on the calories... Then pretend I'll skip a snack later in exchange. Me and my muffin top know I am bluffing. I let the chalupas out... Our two rescue mutts Sir Reginald (Reggie) and Taco.  
7:25- Kids are playing quietly... Too quietly so I investigate. Sawyer is showing Ellie how long his arms are and helping himself to left over Halloween candy. Note to self: That's trash today. After I sift out the good stuff and hide it. Head into the bath with Ellie... She can't be trusted while I'm showering so she gets to splash and use shampoo bottles as boats while I scrub up. 
7:45-Hop out of the shower to Sawyer holding a box of pancake mix... I explain I would need to make them and that will take a few minutes. Which causes a major toddler melt down filled with open mouth sobs and real tears. The humanity. 
I head downstairs to switch laundry and fold (most of) what is clean- the rest will sit until I feel like playing a game of 'where's the other sock hiding' 
8:15- I chase the kids down to get into the bath....Ellie showered with me but will get in fully clothed if Sawyer is in the tub so to avoid that she gets a round 2 today. Gah.  She peed on the bath mat. Nice. I let kids play in the water while I put on my face and do my hair for the day. 
8:45- All dressed after lotion massages and clipping nails. 
9:00- Breakfast of sliced oranges and breakfast sandwiches then comes sponge bath for sticky babies and teeth brushing where I am told the toothpaste is 'yucky' today. I forgot orange juice and toothpaste are disgusting- Sawyer has his dad's gag reflex so I am praying the dry heaving stops soon.  
9:25- We get our shoes on and my closet OCD kicks in and I am once again picking up the living room (can't leave a messy house) and I let the dogs out quickly. Check email and fb. 
9:30: We load up into the  car for music class- Sawyer insists on bringing the largest truck he can find while Ellie just wants to do anything BUT sit in her seat. 
9:45- Ellie has the first music class so I let Sawyer watch YouTube to keep him entertained and quiet. I love the illusion of a quiet, well behaved toddler. Since it's just an illusion at some point real life will kick in... And it does during a beautiful rendition of Row Row Row Your Boat. Sawyer hollars for us to 'quiet down, I'm watching NASCAR over here!' Loudly and with a look that could kill all of the over zealous parents and their tiny children. I want to die. Who's kid does that? Mine. Only mine. 
10:30- Sawyer's music class starts- so Ellie will participate by walking around trying to steal others shakers and drum time. Before feeling up the teacher...Mortified mom moment number 2 this morning. 
11:15- The kids are hangery and I didn't pack a lunch so it's Sawyer's choice and he wants a 'cheesy roll up' AKA Taco Bell. I then pop the hatch and change the kids el fresco. 
11:30- We stop over and visit grambie while I get myself lunch at Tim Hortons.. I pretend my caprese panini is healthy. 
12:00-  We drop off a gift at Allies house for her nephews birthday who is Sawyer's friend. We chat for a quick second about a shopping trip to Freeport/Portland. Shopping is my drug of choice. 
12:15- Drive through at  Dunkin donuts for my second cup of Joe today.  The guy at the drive thru drops one of my quarters... Then looks at me to find another one in my car. No luck so I have to break a $20 for $0.25. I need to carry more cash than that emergency $20 and the coin I find on the floor. 
Then it's bank time... Which means 3 different drive thrus all of which the kids will insist stickers at and I will cringe at the idea that someday they will figure out how to unstick them from the page and onto my windows. 
12:45- Swing by the dealership to pick up parts. 2 kids in a showroom = lots of 'no, don't touch that' and apologies to staff. 
1:10-Sawyer has been chanting for a car wash since we left the house. We all have our fetishes... Sawyer's is a clean car to be chauffeured in.  
1:30: Stop at True Value to pick up 'for rent' signs while kids sit in car... (Am I a terrible mother? I lock them in with it running...) They're napping and it will only take me a minute.  Plus, the whole front is window  so I can see them the whole time. Don't act like you've never done it. 
2ish- Jodi brings her twin boys over for an impromptu play date. It's unusually warm for this time of year and we need to taken advantage!  The kids adore each other and Jodi and I can have grown up time. It's a win/win.  She and I discuss so much in such a short time- we both sit on the Bark for Life committee so we go over some changes for the upcoming year. We also manage to get in real talk...potty training boys. ((The worst)) The mailman comes and saves the day- the boys get a mini tour of his truck and then go back to raking the leaves in my walk- child labor laws can suck it. 
3:00- Everyone is inside, diapers have been changed, snacks handed out (goldfish and juice in sippys) and I break down and let the kids watch Alvin and the Chipmunks while I check my email for open apartment requests and respond to them.  Call the insurance company to make sure the policy is up to date for rentals and ask them to send me updated binders for the properties since January is quickly approaching. I do the monthly routine of opening all the bank statements up and attempting to update quick books while little minds and hands are otherwise occupied. 
3:30- I'm summonsed to the living room to fix the tv that Ellie has changed the channel on. Jason pops home to grab a snack and remove the rodent the cats brought home as an offering. I refused their gift and covered it will a target.com box. That's the normal response right? Sawyer insists on traveling with dad for his last trip in the dump truck... Which causes the immediate need for me to prepare snacks, drinks and blanket for what one would think would be a cross country trek that in all actuality will last an hour.... 
3:45- Ellie wants to nurse... So I take full advantage to catch up on dvr... 'Last Man On Earth' it is!! Then she instantly falls asleep... I attempt to lay her down and she is wide awake and screaming to get up...
4:00- The dogs want to go out so I oblige them... And Ellie wants to help... She has two ways of taking the stairs in our house... The 'Ellie's not in a hurry' bum bump down and the 'Ellie's over it' which is when she rolls onto her belly- goes stiff as a board and surfs the stairs... This trip to the landing was the 'bum bump.' The dogs go out and we head downstairs to swap laundry. One load swapped and next load nearly full Ellie brings me one of her Christmas gifts she found after sneaking  into the spare room. Guess that cover is blown. Good thing she can't say full sentences yet to tip off her brother. 
4:06- Back up to the landing to let the dogs in and I turn around to find Ellie practicing her summersaults... At the edge of the stairs. As I yell 'No Ellie' she shoves off with all she has and sure enough completes 3 full turns to the bottom... She gets up and claps. She is my wild child that will turn me grey. 
4:07- Back upstairs to the kitchen, the endless ritual of picking up toys off my living room floor and furniture continues. 
Empty dish washer- rinse the days sippys and two coffee mugs that are 2/3 full and cold from this morning and afternoon ...
4:27-Field call from a potential tenant... Then turn around and call her references.
4:30- Ellie needs a diaper changed and my living room needs a strong spray of frabreeze...
4:31- Attempt to change a poopy diaper on a Ellie-gator... The affectionate name she gets when she begins rolling and air humping while poop goes everywhere... Legit. Everywhere. Ew. 
4:35- Girlie smells like a little lady and it's time to start thinking about dinner... Last night I phoned it in with leftovers... So tonight I need to really wow my 3 person audience of picky eaters. 
5:00- Start dinner... Garlic mash potatoes, marinated chicken tenders I thought ahead to actually marinate and grilled asparagus! Being able to make dinners nightly is something I truly enjoy and love that my littles are starting to take an interest in... I have it on good authority Santa is bringing a kitchen set and some felt food for Christmas!! 
5:45- The boys come home from a long days work and one needs a diaper change... The other a shower.
6:15- Everyone is clean and hungry as we sit for dinner. This is a tradition I am insistent on- all four of us stopping our busy day and sitting around the table sharing in one anothers company. I understand that some nights littles will need to eat sooner than we do but family dinners are something both Jason and I had nightly growing up and want to make a priority in our house. 
6:45- I start cleaning up after dinner which includes dishes, feeding the dogs, putting away the leftovers and cleaning up the littles while - Jason makes a pilgrimage to the couch with the kiddos to cuddle and catch up on Blaze and the Monster Machines... A show I'm not sure who looks forward to more; Jason or Sawyer.
7:25- Jammies are applied to babies who are anything but ready for bed...I sneak down to my office and reconcile one of the accounts before I'm needed again. Sawyer needs to be changed not too far into it so Jason yells to me that he has something for me. If just once it was something shiny or fancy I would be more inclined to come up. 
8:00- Bedtime for kiddos- the ever tedious task of brushing tiny pearly whites while they bite the brush, remove the top from the Q-tip jar, turn the water on and off try and apply my makeup that is still on the counter to one another.  5 minutes later we are cleaned up and ready for books. Sawyer loves being read to while Ellie prefers the game of try and rip pages out and scratch cheeks, pick my nose and scrap the plague off my teeth. 
8:36-10:12: Sawyer goes through the 5 steps of #ImNotGoingToSleepNowOrEver 1. Tells us it's not bed time (yes it is buddy.. Night night) 2. Cry the song of his people ( Sawyer... Here's your blanket and night light; we love you, now go back to bed)  3. Begin the slow walk out to the living room and attempt to blend in like he's always been in that chair... (Sawyer, we see you... Back to bed... Now.) 4. Begins bargaining... Can I sleep in your bed? (No, your bed please) 5. Guilt... 'I just want to snuggle you' (gah. Gets us every time) Sawyer comes out and we watch something kid friendly from the DVR as Jason picks up the laptop and starts searching for a 'good deal' on something. Finally Sawyer seems worn out enough to put up little fight against sleep so I carry him in and promise a fun day tomorrow to which he responds with a smile; "Target?!" Yes my sweet boy... We can always go to Target. 
10:15- I'm tired but I know how badly I need Jason time so we hang out in the living room and talk about our day and upcoming events. 
10:30- make our way to our room where the DVR will be cued up to a show we'll make an honest effort to watch but will doze off somewhere near the middle. 
12:55- dogs wake me up to go out. The hustle wakes Ellie up. She nurses back to sleep and then I hear the unmistakeable noise of tiny hands on a door knob. Sawyer walks in with 4 blankets and a sippy... And the unshakeable determination of sleeping in my bed. I snuggle in with Ellie in my armpit, Sawyer in the center of the bed and two chalupas under the covers down by our feet.  It's not a perfect life, but it's perfectly ours. 

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