Monday, November 16, 2015

We cook

If you follow along with our day to day shenanigans on Instagram you know we love to spend time in the kitchen together.  If you don't, but want to see what we are up to on the regular you can follow along by clicking on the Instagram icon on the right of this page.  I sometimes get a little antsy at the mess and sticky fingers all over every surface within arms reach but I love the excitement he gets creating with me.  He likes to dump the measured ingredients into the mixer, and lick the spoons.  A blog I follow called baby boy bakery just started a new project called "we cook".  The story behind we cook can be found on her website, and the project helps children's charities which I love.  We signed up as soon as I read the announcement on her blog and I am so glad that we did because there is now a waiting list. The first months recipe is here and we tried it out... here is what making homemade fruity rollups looks like with little helping hands.

Obviously while I worked on the stove my little helper needed a distraction, so I planned ahead of time to have some extra fruit cut up for snacking.  


After the fruit was cooked down and the agave nectar was added he got to help me blend the mixture which was a huge hit.  
I let him taste the mixture before we spread it on the silicone baking sheet.  I bought him some little utensils to help me spread the fruit.  The small spatulas are more controllable for him so there is less splatter which is a bonus for me.

I would show you the finished product but lets be honest we ate it right off the baking sheet.  Adorable little stickers and recipe cards came with the subscription.  Although the memories and experience of making these was so fun the cook time was 6-8 hours which I do not have time for on a regular basis and is why he is in his pjs while we made these.  Stay tuned for the next one, and in the meantime hop over to and jump on their waiting list to get cooking with your babes while supporting another mom and some children's charities.  Good stuff.  You can also see other moms and their babes cooking on Instagram by searching the #BBBKids. 

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