Wednesday, October 14, 2015

don't ask what we did today

Most days I am chomping at the bit to tell my husband what we've been up to all day.  What classes we did that day or who came over to play.  Wondering how long it will take him to notice that I got groceries with toddler in tow, cleaned out the closet, baked two dozen muffins, made a crock pot meal, managed to get myself together, the tiny tot is saying a new word all thanks to moi.

Then yesterday happens.  Someone woke up at 3 and again at 4:30, and again at 6.  It rained, no one got any extra sleep, Leavitt didn't nap until 4:30 when I began to wonder if I should force him stay up so he could get to bed at a decent time.  We binge watched Toy Story, and not for lack of effort decent meals were left on the table and not consumed by tiny growing taskmasters who knew they could get away with just about anything today.  Ok not true, he couldn't get away with anything, but what is true is that I would have done anything to keep him happy because as soon as he gets in a mood he's headed outside come hell or high water... literally.  I did shower sometime during toy story 2 because lets be honest that is the worst one and the fat man in a chicken suit scares me.  


For those of you sitting on the edge of your seat wondering if he went to bed  at a decent time the answer is no... 11 to be exact.  I lugged my sleeping kid into his bed around midnight and went to find my husband to give him the all clear in the basement.  We collapsed into bed with defeat. Longest day ever.

Maybe today I will bake muffins and fancy dinners.  Laundry will be meticulously folded and put in their proper spot.  Maybe I will reward myself with a mani pedi for surviving yesterday.   Or maybe my husband will call just after he leaves to request I drop an emergency pair of pants off because he managed to rip a hole in his.  I also won't be cooking dinner thanks to the new standing date I have with my family Wednesday nights.  Win some, you lose some.  

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