Monday, October 19, 2015

Showering a Mama

All mamas know that there is plenty of  unnecessary baby gear showered upon new moms who are already eyeballs deep in their baby swag.  I love shopping a good registry getting the feel for the mom's taste and  needs.  This weekend I went to a baby shower for a mom-to-be that shares similar tastes to me and is expecting a little boy of her own! Love me a new boy mom.

Anyone who knows me also knows I am a TJ Maxx & Homegoods regular.  I after realizing there were things on her registry I could also get at Homegoods I put together a little basket full of my favorite baby items every mom should have.  As luck would have it you can't get these items on their website so I've linked them to other stores for your shopping pleasure, even better if you're sipping a Starbucks we basically just went shopping together!  Some of my can't live without it items are here in this basket giving me baby boy fever like now.  Here we go.

So this is my favorite baby item to gift and get.  These swaddlers you can find here and just about anywhere, are still kicking around our house after almost two years.  I use them mostly now in my bag to lay down when changing him in a public bathroom.  I also fold it diagonally twice and then wrap it around his neck like a bandanna bib in a pinch if I forgot a bib or we make a spontaneous trip for waffles and mimosas.   They easily fit into a ziplock after use which is great for the OCD nutcase that's living inside me.  Their bibs are also amazing and I often buy them here.

Everyone needs a super soft blanket or 20, and a few toss in your bag and hand to the baby toys for every single purse or diaper bag you have.  I never let Leavitt use toys from my bags at home so when we were out he was easily entertained by my little bag of tricks. 

Ok so this is probably the most obvious thing to anyone who has ever been around my son and husband, but for those of you that aren't I love me a little and big guy in Ralph Lauren.  This little number I had for Leavitt in every single size until he was busting at the seems in the 9 months size and my mama heart was sobbing.  He wore it every time it was clean and I have probably five dozen pictures of him in it.  He also had it in the yellow and navy.  You get the idea we loved it.  So naturally when I found this one for a new little guy I had to buy it for nostalgia's sake.    

I stuffed all my favorite things into a basket with some felt hangers and bath toys, because you can never have enough of either really.  I got a little giddy looking at all the baby stuff and was having flashbacks of how awesome that time is in a Mom and Dad's life and am so excited for our friends as they gear up for their own little guy!

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