Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Where you been?

We just moved home from a staycation at a local hotel while we had some work done at our house.  The idea sounded ok but the novelty wore off immediately after checking in… what can I say our family likes to vacation in style or be home, we really don't do the regular life at a hotel well.

Anyways, for those of you that have asked I haven't really given up the baby book blogging, I just haven't been sure where I wanted it to go after the first year letters to precious Leavitt.  So if you're one of the ones who read this sappy, sarcastic stuff I write about mom life then please don't give up on us and follow along as we navigate toddler antics, parenting firsts and wedding planning.  Thats right Leavitt's parents are getting hitched.

I gave this thing a face lift hoping it will excite me a little bit… and since I hate computers it made my face look weird on the picture and I have no idea why… so I am going to bug the geek squad guy about it while I fork over the $30 for a password reset for my brand spanking new laptop I can't use because we don't know what the password is.  Insert eye roll, finger pointing and annoyed people sharing busted old laptop.

Here is a little peek at the precious face that is keeping me busy and the reason I never want to forget these days.

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