Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Generally I do not like to have my picture taken professionally.  I have a "good" side that I prefer to have my picture taken from.  I usually regret my outfit choices.  Let's be honest, you don't like having yours taken either, unless your name is Giselle or you are far too into yourself.  It can be awkward.  Now that I have a handsome little man though I am sure no one will even care what I wore or if my "good" side was captured, truthfully I don't really care either this time.  I decided to call a lovely girl name Danielle Brady from Danielle Brady Photography, and I am so glad that I did.  She was relaxed and easy to deal with.  Professional yet like an old friend.  Luckily for us she made us look great, had fabulous ideas and her work will be kicking around our family forever.  I might turn out to be someone that enjoys the process after all!

This whole thing came about as Nick's father's day present.  Ever since I have stopped punching the clock on a regular basis it has become increasingly hard to gift.  If my boyfriend wants something, he buys it.  The things he would ask me for are thoughtless.  Mancave decorations and gadgets are not exactly what I would consider thoughtful... nor do I care to splurge on something that I am not excited to give.  A first father's day after all is a pretty sentimental thing.  When Nick was born he was the first Varney grandchild and they did a four generation portrait of the guys.  Leavitt also is the first in his generation and a four generation of these guys was a must.  Let's not forget behind every guy is a Momma that made him so us ladies joined in for a few group pictures.  Nick and I also had family photos done for the first time since Leavitt was born.  

Pembroke is special to Bill and Brenda.  Bill's mother's family is from there, the Leavitt name originated from there and has been passed down for many generations.  Bill, Rick and Nick share it as a middle name and it was only fitting our little guy have it too.  I love that it comes from Pembroke.  My family on my Mother's side all come from there as well.  I am always excited to make the drive down the airline to see Bill and Brenda, even though they are not my grandparents being down there some how feels like I really am there with mine.  I hope Leavitt loves it down there the way I do.  I hope the salty air always clears his mind, that the drive feels like coming home in a way and has a sense of the simple humble roots both sides of his family share.  It only seemed fitting that their beautiful property be the backdrop for these pictures.  I was saddened to learn that not long after we had these done a terrible storm left them and their neighbors without power and many had damage to their trees and property.  Here are some of my absolute favorites but it was truly hard to choose! 

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