Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth of July

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love the holidays.  Leavitt was born at the very end of last year so I opted to do holiday cards in lieu of traditional newborn, 3, 6, 9, 12 month pictures.  I hope people have enjoyed receiving them as much as I have loved doing them... however tiny prints did not have any Happy 4th of July cards so I am going to have to be creative, and late on these ones! I did however find time to round up an adorable Ralph Lauren (my man & baby favorite) and the "born in the USA" Freshly Picked mocs... I am obsessed with his outfit today.

The Fourth of July is a big deal to Nick.  It is a time when his family gathers together at camp, consume lobster and socialize with each other.  Growing up my fondest memories of the Fourth involved my whole family in Eastport, hanging out at my Uncle Basil's campground, watching fireworks and making our way downtown.  Last year we decided every other year would be camp and Eastport... and yet back to camp we go.  That actually is how Nick negotiates... I give him his way first and he leaves me with a promise... and yet the following year there is a reason he cant or wont follow through on this.  I don't mind this quirk he has, in fact I have grown to find these things endearing, comical and most importantly, predictable. Which plays up my quirk, the constant need for a plan.  I am always asking "whats the plan?" "have they got a plan yet?" I am only getting worse now that I have a baby.  I have this inner need to be able to predict what will happen next, be prepared and throw a little of my own flair into the day.... carve out that time to do something special with my babe.  Early on when we would do things our families it seemed I left get togethers with a sigh of relief.  I realized I wasn't getting that one-on-one time with Leavitt that I am so used to, other people holding him constantly left me feeling empty in the group and dying to get out of there.  Now I know what to expect.  So Leavitt and I cuddle a little more in the mornings, read a little more at night and sneak glances at each other while other people love on him.  I love how much others love him, and I hope he feels the love others have for him.

Our day today started slow.  Leavitt and I woke up first. I made a bottle and a cup of coffee then we snuggled up on the couch hiding under a blanket from the cold damp morning mist off the lake.  Normally I try to get a little more rest but today I know I won't get much momma time. One by one others are summonsed from their beds by the giggles and coos of the babe.  His Aunt Whittney reads him a story and his Nana gave him pot lids to play with.  Once our morning rituals are over he enjoyed a nap in his pram in the shade by the lake.  As the rest of the family started to trickle in we sat in a circle  eating and catching up.. but mostly talking about how big and cute Leavitt has gotten.

Leavitt has a new cousin (Nick's cousin Michael's baby girl Ali).  I love seeing a new baby it reminds me of those days when I moved from our bed to the big chair in our living room and changed only into clean pajamas.  Snuggling was my pastime and bottles and diapers were all of my chores.  During blizzards I drank coffee and never left the house.  I loved those days.  I love these ones too.  It was nice to have another "baby family" in the mix for a change.

Although today was busy, our schedule out of whack and the humidity giving me a bad hair day, I am glad we spent today at camp.  I love when Nick shares his traditions with Leavitt and I.  I enjoy seeing the Aunts, Grandparents, Great Grandparents and the rest of their family.  I especially enjoy watching them with Leavitt and I am getting better at finding those Mama moments.  What a blessing it is for them to be able to have each other all in one place.  I will always think of Eastport when I think of the Fourth but I am embracing the changing of the tides happening in our lives.  I saw how much work prior to today and all morning went into making today happen and it was certainly a labor of love.  I hope Nick & Leavitt were able to bank a few extra special memories.  I am always happy to get home, launch us back into our routine... and get some sleep.

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