Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Berry wedding

I am dizzy.  I feel like I have been spinning for the last week.  My sister got married on Friday, like any big event or holiday we look forward to for so long it comes and goes like a tidal wave.  The last week hit me quick and I am just now feeling the calm again and ready to reflect a little.

I spent the beginning of last week like most weeks except in between sweet pictures of my baby being sent were texts from my mom and sister "what are you wearing for the rehearsal dinner" "what shoes should I wear" "I am so excited" "what time is hair" "what time is dinner" "I really don't want to see them.... ugh fine I will suck it up" now I wont spill the juicy on who sent that last text or who they were talking about just know this is not our usual day to day chatter.

Thursday came and it was rehearsal dinner time.  We all met at Thistle a quaint little restaurant downtown.  My child, normally a saint on a schedule was pissed.  Not just kinda mad I mean inconsolable WTF get me out of here mad.  I felt horrible.  We love our routine.  At 6:00pm we like to take a bath, not have dinner in fancy restaurants with large groups of people.  OK maybe Nick and I enjoy dinner at fancy restaurants but Leavitt eats the same thing no matter where he is and clearly formula is best consumed at home.  Point noted.  We sweat our way through the first three courses, taking turns trying to sooth him, and each other.  We finally threw in the towel before dessert and took off early.  The waitress clearly felt for us and sent cheesecake home, which we enjoyed in our pjs on our bed while our child mocked us and refused to fall asleep... such is life.  Dinner was delicious and the company even better... I was only sorry we were so preoccupied with Leavitt we didn't socialize or soak up how special the night was.

The big day came.  I had originally planned to spend the night with Rachel and Mom with Leavitt at the hotel and hang with them all day.  I decided to hang low with Leavitt at home until it was hair time.  I wanted him to enjoy his day, I also wanted to enjoy myself.  After our hair Rachel and I got Starbucks and listened to music Rachel chose "to pump her up".  I asked her if she was nervous or super pumped and her response was "super pumped" insert fist pumping bride in my car.  I haven't been apart of too many weddings but I feel safe in saying that she was as eager as any bride could be.  I did my sister and Mom's make up we all finished getting ready and I was off to meet Nick in the lobby.  The majority of our family was waiting with him for the ceremony to start.

Russell ran down the aisle with a sign that said "daddy here comes mommy" in a little suit that made him look like a tiny man.  We were all so enchanted with Russell being held by his daddy the groom we did not notice the doors open until Russ hollered "Mama!!!" and pointed at the Bride.  What a perfect moment.  Their ceremony was personal and genuine.  The only fumble was when Russell ran full tilt into a wall in classic toddler fashion.  I loved how personal their ceremony felt, and was surprised it got me a little emotional.  I expected their wedding would confirm formally how I already see them as a family and committed couple in their everyday life... I did not expect it to get me a little misty.  I admire how much they love each other.  You could tell they were excited to see each other when she walked down the aisle.

At the reception I got several phone calls from my Dad who was sadly unable to attend due to his health.   The phone calls made me sad not just because he wasn't there but because I could tell how much not being there bothered him.  However my sweet nephew has some very strong traits of my Dad's especially on the dance floor.  We all enjoyed his moves and took turns being dragged out there by him.  I found my rhythm with several Bob Segar songs and made my man spin me around the dance floor to a classic love song.  Today I spotted a picture of my little fam on Nick's facebook and saw Rachel Berry liked it... who the heck is Rachel Berry? Oh yeah she's MARRIED!!

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