Saturday, June 28, 2014

1/51 is everything.

My Baby Leavitt,
Happy half year birthday!!! We have spent half a year together, which turns out to be 1/51of my lifetime and all of yours.   I say that because I lived before you were mine.  I learned things, went places, formed relationships with others and broke them.   I never truly felt as alive in all that time as I do now.  They say a baby learns more in the first year of life than during any other time and I feel the pressure to make sure you are learning from me.  What amazes me is how much I am learning from you.  Life and love never seemed so precious or plenty in my life until you.  Your presence is profound.

Today will come and go without much if any recognition from you that today was special.  I hope we laughed a little louder, hugged a little longer and spent time doing the things you love most.  Right now you like books, your bouncer, Ferarri walker, a blanket when you sleep, kisses on your belly and a nice bath before bed.  A typical day for us starts when you're ready, anywhere between 4:30am and 6:00, you have a bottle in our bed and I let you harass your Dad until he wakes up (he has been getting to work on time more often thanks to you). We go downstairs I make a cup of coffee while you talk to the toys on your bouncer, I watch a little news and your Dad kisses us goodbye.  You take a morning nap between 9:00 & 10:00 and I get ready, make the beds and prepare us for the rest of the day.  We frequent Target, the grocery store & Starbucks... usually dropping your Dad, Grampy & Aunt off coffee.  Occasionally your Grammy Cindy & Aunt Rachel come over on their lunch break.  We listen to piano music when we are home alone (your interest in the TV has me hyper vigilant of your screen time although I do watch it from time to time while you are playing), We play some more until 5:00pm every night we start to wind down.  We read your favorite stories ("steam train dream train", "wherever you are my love will find you", "on the night you were born" & "Moose of course"), you take a bath, you get your little baby massage, put on your pjs and have your last bottle of the day.  At 7:00 I walk you up to bed, turn on the sleep sheep, put a blanket next to your cheek how you like and kiss your head.  For the most part you go right to sleep.  This routine is sacred to me.  Leavitt, you have no idea how you spoil me, I pray you never figure it out and use it against me.  You are the easiest baby.  I have traveled with you to Florida, Portland several times, Pembroke and Boston.  You love your little routine but are happy to go with the flow.  I hope you're demeanor wears off on me.  I could only wish to be as patient, kind, adaptable and funny as you are.

Two weeks ago you toppled over while playing with your toys, you were tired so you started to cry.  I scooped you up into my arms and you cried "mumma"... We were nose to nose you were holding my face. I held you so tight with absolute pride. It was so touching that you wanted me when you were sad. You said it with such clarity and certainty that I was lucky to have not melted into a puddle right there in the living room or started crying myself.

I feel beyond blessed to have been chosen as your Mommy.  These last 6 months are now my whole life.


**The photo of my precious babe was taken by Danielle Brady from Danielle Brady Photogtaphy. We had generation and family photos done last Sunday to mark Nick's first Father's day and Leavitt starting a new generation.  It was a beautiful day in Pembroke... More on that when the photos are back! 

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