Sunday, July 20, 2014

Downeast. Down home.

Downeast has never been my home but it is where my Mother's entire family is from.   A part of me wishes it had been my childhood home or that someday it will be part time.  Strangers all wave,  people go out of their way to accommodate you and are genuinely happy to see you.  We spent this past weekend there and I am so thankful for the fun we had.  We appreciate our family there that made it special.  It was fun to have both sides of Leavitt's family together, I hope we make that happen more for him.  We missed Nick so much.  We don't only miss his presence, we wish he could share in our memories.  I am so thankful he encourages us to have fun when he has to work.

So glad my Mom planned this for us and that Rachel, Josh & Russell made the trip.  I got to spend time with Russ being silly.  Mom & Russell got to see Bill & Brenda's horses.  Bill & Russell traded chocolate for hugs & high fives.  We made the most of every minute and Leavitt and I enjoyed a nap when we got home. 

Here are the highlights from our Downeast adventure...

A morning stroll with mom @ Uncle Basil's campground the Seaview.

Uncle Basil's trolley took us to the breakwater.

Cousin Janelle, Leavitt's Grammy & Leavitt... Life jackets are not fun.

Leavitt's Great Grandparents Joined us!

The pros. My cousin David & Will.

Bill did some work banding lobster claws under the supervision of Leavitt & Brenda!

My sister & her fam the Berry's.

Some worked... Others napped!


The captain, my cousin David teaching the Varney boys about fishing!

Leavitt with both sides of his downeast family.

After dinner stroller ride with my momma!

With my Grammy

Mommy & Leavitt love adventuring together but we miss the Daddy!!

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